National Party karaoke: John Key looks on as his toad belts out "puff the magic dragon"


National Party karaoke: John Key looks on as his toad belts out "puff the magic dragon"

National Party karaoke: PM John Key looks on as his toad, Aaron Gilmore belts out his own rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “SORRY”

Former NZ prime minister John Key……..whoops are we getting a little ahead of ourselves. Current prime minister of the shaky Isles John ”I see nothing!” Key has advised media sources that he is not the police, to avoid taking responsibility for the conduct of National Party junior fucktard Aaron “you don’t know who I am” Gilmore.

Key also commented that Gilmore was “quiet a bright guy underneath all this” and without speaking to anyone involved “I believe he didn’t use the prime ministers office improperly”. Key also commented vacuously “I believe he has been helping some of the victims of the Christchurch earthquakes”.

Maori Television CEO Davie spent three months in the big-house

Maori Television CEO John Davie spent three months in the big-house for embellishing his CV

We feel obliged to remind the prime “fucktard” minister that this arrogant self possessed little tosser Gilmore lives in Wellington. Which according to this same Prime minister is “dying”……all the residents heading across the Tasman for jobs in the Australian civil service.

So just how is this tosser Gilmore helping the residents of Christchurch….oh thats right he’s throwing them out of their rented accommodation. He’s threatening them with eviction and dismissal from their jobs if they don’t do what he says. Because they don’t know who he is! He’s a mate of the man in the big chair, he comes from the same town as John Key.

By quite bright is John Key in fact referring to the material in Gilmore’s fraudulent CV. So where’s the complaint to the NZ police concerning that fraud. Other CV fraudsters have been prosecuted such as the previous head of Maori TV, John Davie, and the previous head of the immigration dept, Mary Ann Thompson. John Key is clearly not the NZ police.

Immigration head honcho Mary Anne, well she narrowly escaped a gaol term

Immigration head honcho Mary Anne Thompson, well she narrowly escaped a gaol term for the same offending as Gilmore

NZ’s dodgy prime fucktard prefers the standard national cover up quote “I see nothing I know nothing!” Being fair to John Key, given the level of nepotism and criminal conduct in the National party government you wouldn’t want to rock the boat. Ex minister of Justice Doug Graham and his criminal convictions a prime example of Nationals “criminal element”.

Meanwhile ex national minister and current token Act MP for Epsom John “show me the money” Banks is facing court again for his historical criminal conduct, yawn!

Back to the prime minister, he prefers willfull blindness to facing up to this arrogant little tosser Gillmore and acting with authority and drop kicking him into political oblivion. Fat chance of that happening

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  • Robbie Muldoon says:

    Don’t be complete wankers and fucktards. The National Party and Government of NZ is well aware of your blog comments about its MP’s and Cabinet Ministers. Various agencies have been charged with facilitating your demise from the Internet. You are lucky that we have free speech coalition partners in ACT. I have email correspondence which states

    “Thank you for your correspondence to the Prime Minister’s Office drawing attention to a website mentioning the Prime Minister. New Zealand is proud to be a nation where people are free to speak their minds, even if we disagree with their perspective, or the way they go about this. I hope this goes some way to addressing your concerns. Thank you for taking the time to write to the Prime Minister.”

    • Oh dear “Robby”, are you aware that you may have just committed an offence under New Zealand law? Falsely claiming to hold a parliamentary email address “”; tsk tsk.

      Now you be sure to say G’day to all of your fellow nutters at As for your delightful letter to your beloved PM John Key you should not have bothered.

      The National, labour, and Green parties are all subscribers to; where do you think the Greens got the low down on the GCSB – no Robbie we’re not kidding and there are quite a number of New Zealand’s private investigation fraternity that have subscribed as well.

      What’s even more hilarious is the fact that you’re apparently so deluded that you really believe that our readers give a shit about what you do – excluding, that is, the Accident Compensation fraud you and your forum buddies have committed over the years.

      In fact on that note we’ve got an up coming piece on yet two more members/fraudsters who have been caught red handed skimming the Accident Compensation Corporations ERC coffers. By the way, in case you hadn’t thought of it, spamming our comments section with drivel that has quite obviously been written by a dribbling intellectually retarded nut-job is never a smart move.

      Why not do something positive with your life Robbie and go back to school, year 3 seems like a good place for you to start 😉

  • Byron Grubers says:

    fuck me have you read the txts this ‘fucktard” GILMORE sent to the lawyer he called the waiter a “fucktard” how offensive can you get. Little John Key caught yet again trying to protect his national party “dickhead” mates. Key should go as well. But as Johnny Key says best to wait for the election. This government is making David Langes 84 labour government look straight. Anyone no whether that “Fucktard” Roger Douglas “a dollar for me, a dollar for my mates” is still alive. Can’t wait to read the obituaries of his demise. The only sad thing for Gilmore is that he to wanted to be PM like Johnny Boy, a Johnny Key clone bites the dust.
    Bad news for the nats as he was the new blood coming through the ranks. Lets hope labour, if it gets in isn’t a repeat of 84 or the gutless conduct of the, our first lesbian leader. Thats “real” female prime minister not nipple tits telly tubby Jenny Shitley. Why havn’t you done a story on her involvement in “Mainzeal”. Theres also a lot of serious shit going down this side of the Tasman…..dodgy union officials and corrupt labour pollies. Keep the stories coming LF.


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