“I never dreamt in my wildest dreams that at the age of 70 I would have a criminal conviction”


We here at LF have been waiting with great expectations for the result of the appeals by the former Justice Ministers Jefferies and Graham and there cabal of corporate rapists. The decision is out and dodgy Doug has been done again.

Having read the decision and facts of this case LF can’t believe the court has given any credit for the conduct of any of these crims, to mitigate the appropriate sentences these clowns deserve. In the case of Sir Doug ‘ greedy’ Graham he’s a career criminal well used to the vicissitudes of corruption and fraudulent behavior. It is as clear as day that they had deliberately enticed the greedy greys into investing their dirty dollars into his grossly insolvent Lombard Finance. They have wriggled like worms to try an extract themselves from the ramifications of their criminal conduct, appealed lied and sobbed like girlies….according to the National business review that is.

That particular tabloid sent around their resident sychophantic spin doctor to interview the criminal Sir ‘Greedy’ Graham at his tiny Remuera mansion. LF would love to know how many criminals get a visit from their friendly NBR reporter who waxes lyrical about Sir Grahams new digs being tiny compared to his previous Drury estate. Then has the gaul to record that Sir Doug shed a tear at his new status of convicted criminal. Having a blub and apologizing to his kids. We here at LF think Sir Doug is all about Sir Doug no remorse for flogging 130 odd million off the poor investors. In this vein Sir Doug alleged he had lost his retirement fund in the collapse it turns out the headline was an absolute fraud and Dougie lost a paltry 17k…for fucks sake how much more of this shyte do the average kiwi have to take before waking up to the national parties conduct and moralities, let alone the shit that appears on the pages of the NBR

No apologies, no confessions, no restitution, no Doug Graham just spent the money on a gaggle of lawyers and an appeal. This conduct should have seen this maevolient criminal doing serious jail time. No chance of that happening at worst these clowns will be spending a few months restricted to their palatial homes and making coffee for some local oldies.

Dodgy Doug the consummate pipe smoking uncle Tom and his labor looser mate Jeffries have been put out of their misery by Justice Randerson and co. “Rando” to us here at LF. We were gobsmacked when Rando nailed these tossers as “Rando” is well known for his dodgy dealings on behalf of the men in grey suits. The only thing that we at LF can think of is Dougs blood lines weren’t quite white enough, a fact he had been living under the dellusion didn’t matter in modern New Zealand.

Seems Doug Graham is yesterdays man and Jeffries, why he has allways been a looser labor pollie from the confused and morally bankrupt “lange labor government that spawned the likes of ACT. Lange a fat fucktard who ultimately betrayed his constituent’s, wife and morality for a dollar or two and a grope with his PA in a parliamentary office….and an oversized coffin.

We have a story or two on “Rando” but that’s for another day. As to “convicts” Graham and Jeffries we here at LF had the last laugh, ha ha ha lol. Doug a convicted fraudster in your 70’s…the knighthood will hopefully go and you will go down in New Zealand history as the first knight convicted and stripped of his knighthood. Lets not forget the frauds were not for peanuts… “no siree numbnuts” no laughter in the parliamentary chamber, we prefer our laughter out loud and in public.

Dougie dearest you are definitely a scum bag with a history that we here at LF will revel in long after you are gone. On that note who read the article about Dougie wailing like the gutless bastard he really is, with his ‘I should have dropped dead speech…well Doug maybe you should have, but not before the CRN’s were set in stone. Give our regards to little Mike Reed QC for his criminal fraudulent brown paper bag drop 15 years ago. Rather than blubbing Dougie relish your criminal convictions and lack of credibility and man up. By the way lets be clear, this was not just one conviction, Doug was convicted on four criminal counts was he not?

Pity “John boy Key” had to cut you loose….he just had to much on with the Kim Dot com and recalcitrant drunken list MP’s scandals. Whats Annabel Young up to now Doug.

We do have to thank the men and women from the FMA (financial Markets Authority) you guys are great and make the SFO look like the seriously flawed office and absolute fucktards they are. Keep going guys no prisoners!

Do the names Jenny Shipley and Mainzeal Construction mean anything to you guys. There is a career to be made in convicting old nipple tits. Some dubious people abandoned that Shipley a week before Mainzeal collapsed…..come on wake up and smell the coffee.

As to the National Parties criminal ‘Jobs for the boys and girls’ who tow the line. Cameron slater and Mr Lusk are back in the NZ news again as more insiders leak documents from this bloated beast. Trouble is labor has traditionally been as bad or worse with its conduct in power.

FYI Doug, the people who have a spare 29k to invest in Ponzi schemes like Lombard are your parties own constituent’s.

"National party crime"

“National party crim’s in the dock”

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