Paul Shann

Another advanced member of internet hate site has been convicted of threatening ACC staff. Napier numb nuts Paul Shann 53 pleaded guilty to an offence under the telecommunications Act relating to a threat by him to take ACC staff hostage if they failed to release “imaginary” medical reports. This type of conduct is referred to amongst ACC fraud units as doing a “Thomas” after legendary convicted fraudster Alan Thomas who was convicted for the Takapuna Bomb plot against ACC staff.

Shann has a history of this type of criminal conduct having been in trouble in 2006 for threatening to pour petrol over himself and setting himself alight in an ACC office. Napier ACC management were concerned for the likely damage to the furniture and fittings and asked him to torch himself outside the building on the pavement, preferably somewhere else.

This mans motivation was the oldie but goodie “back pain syndrome” after he fell off a ladder and tripped on a cats fur ball, over ten years ago. Not satisfied with bludging off workers ACC contributions for seven years this looser went on a campaign of harassment and vexatious litigation that finally ended, in this latest criminal conviction. His vexatious litigation amounted to 30 reviews to DRSL and 17 District Court Appeals.

District Court Judge Tony Adeane had no choice but to accept this cowards guilty plea. A plea changed at the last moment when he realized he might actually end up in the big house for a few months.  Shann decided he preferred to stand behind his (criminal) convictions rather than fight the charge. So much for justice.

When challenged about his motivation this low rent numb nuts alleged he was not motivated by the money but by Justice itself. Proof is in the pudding Mr Shann and you didn’t have the brains or the balls. Judge Adeane however didn’t consider this looser to be much of a threat so convicted him and ordered him to come up for sentencing within 6 months, if he continued his conduct.

Mr Shann was less open about his current employment status but alleged he pleaded guilty so he could look after his elderly parents. We can only assume he is not gainfully employed. Sounds like a recurring theme for all these ACC forum fraudsters.


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