Gutless whistleblower Peter Dunne MP


Gutless whistleblower Peter Dunne MP

No oil painting? Gutless wonder and whistleblower Peter Dunne MP

Well the evidence is now out it was Peter Dunne who released the confidential GCSB report in a misguided attempt to get into the pants of ex NEWS OF THE WORLD slapper Andrea Vance.

Dunne in an ongoing flirt session discussing what he perceives as one of his better features his hair, and his ego released the report to this low rent little reporter who engaged Dunne to encourage him to release the report. What Dunne has done is lie to the Prime minister, mislead cabinet, mislead the electorate and commit a criminal offence in disclosing confidential government reports. Aided and abetted by Vance as a party to the offending under Section 61 of the Crimes Act 1961.

There has been a police complaint but the Police will again predictably conceal the offending to protect the offenders, NZ government and gain some political credit to be used at a later date. Defeating the course of Justice? You think!

Ex News of the World Journo turned Fairfax hack Andrea Vance

Ex News of the World Journo turned Fairfax hack Andrea Vance

Whats more upsetting is this broad (women) is not the prettiest thing in the world or even the News of the World. Some how you never mind as much if they are hotties. Paul Thompson editor in chief and peddler of porn and lies at Fairly fucked Fairfax was defending the criminal conduct of his star journalist Vance. Not surprising given Thompson and Fairfax’s unsavoury lack of interest in the maintenance of law and journalistic integrity. Ohh ……go home! When has there ever been such a reality.

Fairfax are a low rent bunch of criminally retarded reporters that specialize in sensationalism, prostitution advertising shyte sheets, lies and more lies. Thompson is a low rent liar from New Zealand’s deep south who’s contribution to the financial woes of Fairfax should see him moved on in due course. He is a diabolically duplicitous, disingenuous dipshit.

Back to the other player in this mess, Dunne. We loved his admission that he didn’t get where he was by not considering the interests of New Zealand and Peter Dunne not necessarily in that order….. One thing is for certain Dunne is dependent on his rorting of the parliamentary system for his income. He won’t be falling on his sword any time soon. The naughty Nats after being aware of the deception of Dunne have allowed him to keep his ill gotten gains and illegitimate extra 100k a year (party leader scam payment) to ensure he doesn’t resign from parliament and endanger their tragic morally bankrupt government.

One has to say the Key government will go down in history as the most overtly corrupt government in New Zealand’s history. That is with the rider that they have been exposed. Corruption in New Zealand is endemic and has always been so. It’s just that the spin doctors have lost touch with their spin and the current electoral system promotes squabbling and back stabbing.

Paul Thompson and his evil empire are also desperate to remain relevant in this changing media environment. So desperate that he promotes overt criminal offending by his staff. Go Paul! Anyone hear that Media Works is in receivership. Not a surprise given its flagships are having trouble attracting advertising. ZB attracts only advertising marketed towards ripping off the greedy greys and the red necks. Trouble is that demographic have been short of cash over the last few years with the collapse of all or most of the finance companies they invested their greedy grey dollars in….some headed by convicted fraudsters and ex government ministers. Bugger!

Winston Peters has been giving John Key a sound thrashing exposing him as a constant liar…..go Winston.

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