“gravy train life time pass holder Ian “who” Fletcher with a name and intellectual presence not worth remembering, much like so many National Party Pollies appointed by the inherently forgetful John Key.

Inspector General of Intelligence and Security senile? An LF investigation answers the question in the affirmative.

Inspector General Paul Neazor

Inspector General Paul Neazor

The Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Paul Neazor couldn’t recall the name of the man he is charged to watch on a daily basis.

If it had not been recorded, it would not be credible.  But it was recorded and the recording discloses that Paul Neazor is not fit for the role he has held since 8 June 2004.  Neazor turns 80 on 21 November 2013.  When appointed by Helen Clarke to the IG post Neazor was 71 years old.

In an unbelievable conversation between New Zealand Justice Campaigner Dermot Nottingham, and spymaster overseer Paul Neazor, Neazor, when asked by Nottingham who the man he was charged with overseeing was, could not remember Fletchers name.

Nottingham had decided to seek clarification from Neazor as to how Nottingham could clarify whether Nottingham had been subjected to the same illegal behavior as Kim Dotcom.

During the conversation Neazor had strong opinions about the accuracy of the media coverage of the GCSB’s tapping of Dotcoms communications and was of the mind that one New Zealander that thought he had been a subject of interest was in fact a nobody that thought he should be in the honours list.

Don’t get us wrong the recording of Neazor shows him to be refreshingly frank and down to earth, if out of touch with the concerns that New Zealanders have that their private lives are being infringed by politically appointed spy bosses.

Neazor showed classic signs of senility in the following discourse;

Dermot Nottingham:Who’s the director of the GCSB at the moment?”

Paul Neazor:Um Ian Um…..[long pause] .. maybe Ian, I know his name…..I know him…Ian….[pause] half a minute, I will tell you in a minute [very long pause – paper shuffling to get name]…Ian Fletcher”  

LF accept’s that age related memory loss could result in not remembering say a counsins name, or even a grandchild’s name.  But even if this was the case, that Neazors memory loss was as a result of his age rather than the onset of Alhzeimers, Neazor should no longer remain as the overseer of our spymaster Ian Fletcher.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 2.42.39 PM

New Zealands top crook spook, Ian Fletcher. John Key remembered the name as he had Fletcher appointed to the gravy train job because of their boyhood friendship at Burnside High – no issue of compromise here – YEAH RIGHT. Now the fucking IG cant remember this crook spooks name. Fuck can this get any more bizarre.

However Neazors memory loss, according to LF researchers [medically qualified] indicates that Neazor suffers from the onset of senility.  They do not base this only on the conversation Neazor had with Nottingham, but other recent footage of Neazor.  One senior researcher reported the following when LF asked for an opinion;

“These days 79 is not that old for an increasing number of wealthy westerners.  Mr Neazor has done well being employed 14 years past the normal retirement age of 65 years.  However given my observations of Mr Neazor when being interviewed by the media, and when talking to a person in his role as the New Zealand’s Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, I can clearly identify clear signs of the on set of senility, of which the memory loss is the most obvious.

To put this in context, I ask XXXXX to imagine if Mr Neazor had been asked the same question by a member of parliament during a select committee process and had behaved in the same manner before the glare of the media.  It would have been hugely embarrassing for Mr Neazor, and those that he was addressing.  Such inexplicable behavior, [but for illness], would have been immediately brought to the attention of the Prime Minister and the caucus leading to Neazors expedient exit from office………”

Justice campaigner Dermot Nottingham was the first to break the GCSB breaching of protocol in 2006 when he covertly filmed an ex telco executive admitting that the GCSB assisted the Police to spy on communications between law abiding New Zealanders, and on many occasion actually changed records of phone calls in order to convict innocent New Zealanders. It was not not reported by the New Zealand media until 2009  when Ian Wishart, eventually ran a piece in his investigate magazine

Nottingham was recently successful in having further documentation, that was hidden by the Police and the Crown, released, and the release of that information proved vital in a Christchurch businessman’s trial where a jury acquitted the man.

Nottingham is a controversial figure given his various high profile justice campaigns spanning two decades, and we agree that if anyone were to be targeted by the GCSB it would be Nottingham given his successes against many powerful government agencies and/or influential persons.

Nottingham privately prosecuted Doug Graham alleging that Graham was dishonestly acting to stop the prosecution of criminal car dealers, and this forced the hand of the Solicitor General to order that the SFO director charge the dealers involved, and the dealers were convicted.  Nottingham seemed to know that Sir Doug Graham was as dishonest as the day was long way before the rest of New Zealand found out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 2.42.25 PM

Prisoner fraudster and imposter Douglas Arthur Montrose Graham – cried like a baby when refusing to admit that he acted like a common criminal when defrauding thousands of New Zealanders of hundreds of millions of dollars – even the Montrose name is a fraud – alleging that he was somehow related to William Graham Earle of Montrose 1464-1513 who died honourably at the battle of Flodden

Should not Nottingham be entitled to know whether or not he has been illegally spied on, and why would the Inspector General not be of the mind to make the Director of the GCSB hand over that information, and have it released?

Well LF has the answer to that question.  Mr Neazor cannot even remember the name of the man that he should be overseeing so as to ask the question. [Paul Neazor Inspector General Transcript pdf]

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