Cheng Qi Wang


Cheng Qi Wang

Cheng Qi Wang

The filth couldn’t get Cheng Qi (Chris) Wang but the Champagne kid (Adam Feely) could. Chinese hardman and serial assassin Wang was convicted of multiple  multi million dollar fraud and money laundering charges laid by the SFO in 2010.

Malcolm Duncan Mayer "the 50 million dollar swindler"

Malcolm Duncan Mayer “the 50 million dollar swindler”

His convictions in August of this year follow on from a particularly litigious year for the chinese underworld figure. The charges  laid by champagne guzzling hard arse Adam Feely ( then head of the SFO). Cheng alias (Chris Wang) was sent up the river to the big house for 2 years 9 months on the fraud charges on top of his sentence in the manslaughter slaying of Wu and Zhong.

Wang had enjoyed name suppression whilst facing murder charges over his knife killing of two “chinese underworld enforcers” and business associates who visited his mansion to evict him on behalf of his ex partner.

Wang pleaded self defence to the knifing of Zhuo (Micheal) Wu and Yishan (Tom) Zhong at his Stillwell Road house on the 14th January 2013.  Eventually being aquitted of murder and convicted of manslaughter.

Wang was a very close associate of property developer and mortgage fraudster Malcolm Duncan Ingerman Mayer. Mayer faces trial in October this year after his original trial was aborted by Judge Wade due to the judges and Mr Mayers failing health and concentration.

Mayer fessed up to his involvement in a 50 million dollar swindle involving Trustee Executors (LF now have in our possession, for safe keeping, video/audio footage of Mayer’s confession to this fraud [not seen by NZ authorities]) a mortgage company chaired by former National party prime minister and numb nuts Jim “the spud” Bolger.

Mayers conduct was exposed by justice campaigner Dermot Nottingham whose real estate associates stumbled upon a massive cache of forged documents and instruction kits manufactured by the malevolent Mayer and his associates to defraud lenders by hydraulicing and forging contracts.

Crown Prosecutor Ross Burns

Crown Prosecutor Ross Burns

Closely linked to this cabal of corporate rapists was Warren Arthur “in bankruptcy” Wilson who was appointed by Mayer to defraud creditors before being declared bankrupt himself…yawn…again.

Nottingham was introduced to Wang by Mayer and visited Wang at his Stillwell Road, Mt Albert property prior to the multiple slayings. Wu and Zhong attended a meeting at Mayers massive inner city Penthouse Apartment, “The nasties Nest”.  Both Wu and Zhong dressed in dark suits and wearing wrap around sunglasses panicked when introduced to Dermot Nottingham and refused to leave the apartments elevator…….hurriedly closing its doors amidst a flurry of chinese expletives.

That inner city apartment was subsequently purchased by crown solicitor and “the silver fox” Roscco the “Rascal” Burns of Meredith Connell. Burns employed the local “Old Bill” to evict Mayer and a hired heavy from the apartment weeks later, in fact on Christmas eve – now that’s just plain nasty Rossco.

Rumour and scuttlebutt has it that this and other naughty deeds have seen Burns given his marching orders from Meredith Connell.

Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta

Chris Wang was unavailable for comment as he’s in Prison, Ross Burns is not answering his phone at the office…Wu and Zhong – well they are dead and pushing up daisies…Malcolm Mayer is planning his defense and Adam Folley – well he is far to busy sipping Champagne on the slopes of the Cadronna ski field to field our calls. Warren Wilson can’t afford a phone and Dermot Nottingham, knowing that the SFO have to date been as useless as tits on a bull, doesn’t really give a fuck…so no comments from anyone.

Talking of no comments…rumour also has it that Deepak “Dimwit” Gupta the head of Trustee Executors was also absent without leave after being escorted from the premises at Trustee Executors corporate headquarters by American head office heavies who had just had enough of this clown.

Meanwhile the Naughty Nats have finally woken up and begun to appoint Australian nationals to the senior investigating bodies in New Zealand.

Aussie takes SFO’s top job

AAP September 11, 2013, 10:54AM

AFTER searching for more than a year, an Australian has been appointed head of the country’s fraud, bribery and corruption investigation unit.

Hobart-based Julie Read, who has spent the last 10 years with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, was announced as the new chief executive and director of the Serious Fraud Office on Wednesday.

She will move to New Zealand to take up the job next month.

State Services Commissioner and Head of State Services Iain Rennie says Ms Read has a track record, with more than 20 years’ experience as a litigator, including 10 years holding several senior executive roles.

“Ms Read is a senior public servant with significant experience at executive level managing work very similar to that of the Serious Fraud Office,” Mr Rennie said.

The 50-strong SFO, based in Auckland, is responsible for detecting, investigating and prosecuting serious and complex financial crime, bribery and corruption.

In July last year, Adam Feeley announced he was quitting as SFO chief executive to take up a job with Queenstown Lakes District Council. Simon McArley has been acting chief executive since then.


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