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The Tale Of A Kiwi Mayoral Sofa & The Creepy Crawlies Lurking Within

John Speaking........Lauda who?

Hi, John Palino…….Eh!…..Lauda who?…….no no Len’s getting nervous……Take-away what?….Rice diet?….I Didn’t call Chuang a choge!……Slater infestation?……transplanted what?…….Septic Tank?…..Im not corrupt!………fuck you too……..Bye!…….Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

By recent mainstream (and everything in between) media accounts Len Brown a good “god fearing Christian” has now somewhat strangely mastered the ancient eastern political arts of the “Kama sofa” and “good sex” (thats Len’s take on it).  So much so that he can now apparently manage a Rum or two before a cum on the run and all in the average two minutes he has available between Mayoral engagements – “its a 24/7 job” said Len.

Brown is obviously proud of his sexual prowess, gloating that he blasted his weak watery baby batter over the belly of council employee; the now Notoriously horny chow and political call girl Bevan “bad bang” Chuang.

Ken has admitted tossing off in the Auckland City “mayoral chair”. The old wanker was choking the chook or is that spanking the monkey whilst chatting to choge no hoper Bevan “bang me up the bum” Chuang during wanking hours.  We here at LF know it’s an awful lot to swallow….but apparently not a lot for left wing councils rabid pernicious fornicator Brown or his malicious and delicious rice diet Chinese takeaway.

Len would loose a load or two every day to the extent that Chuang thought he had a sexual problem. If only he knew it would be her – Chuang the undiagnosed sexually transmitted disease that would fuck good old bible bashing Lens career.

Right campaigner Penny Bright photographed next to Lens masterbatorium has vowed to have the Town Hall sanitised and refurbished - starting with the "big chair"

Rights campaigner Penny Bright photographed next to Lens masterbatorium – “Don’t you worry Auckland I’ll clean this fucking Chinese brothel up in no time” – Penny has vowed to have the Town Hall completely sanitised top to bottom – starting with the “big chair” if she’s elected next time.

“Len isn’t the most attractive man in the world but his power just made me swoon, whats more dripping wet” said the chuckling Chuang, I was changing undies hourly especially after he told me he was pulling his pud in the can before cumming to work. Len would also splatter the underside of the mayoral mahogany as he breathed all over the red phone. Who would want to be Mayor now after Len has fucked everything in the council office.

The stains on the furniture are nothing compared to the stain his conduct will leave on the top job at the Auckland City Council.

Meanwhile the low life National spin Doctor fat monkey spanking Cameron Slater has been slammed himself for putting his wee weaner in the puss of a women other than his wife. Camerons dad, spin doctor for would be bad looser TV tosser American “would be Mayor”  John Palino. Palino has a taste for exotic dishes that are served with rice especially  young Chinese cunt, having recently himself put on lay-buy a takeaway Asian bride.

Slater senoir, seed of the sporn that produced Slater Junior. A National party supporter and past president - he must surely be ashamed of the fact that his son is a looser and so despised to boot!

Slater senoir, seed of the sporn that produced Slater Junior and close Palino associate. A National party supporter and past president – he must surely be ashamed of the fact that his son is a looser and so despised to boot!

Although thats as close as the similarities go given that the obviously gutless Palino, unlike Brown, hasn’t had the balls to front the media over the political sex scandal he and his swamp dwelling toddies “the Slaters” released into the media.

New Zealand has no use for this septic tank yob introducing American duplicity and muck raking into the antipodean political process…..who are we kidding the naughty Nats amongst other political partieshave been at it for years….this particular septic tank was just another imported crazy crass exponent of the art along with his Italian/ South African mate, political fucktard Luigi Wewege.

It’s all so lurid and mucky and we’re all left wondering why? Meanwhile the villain of the piece Cameron Slater aka Whaleoil is busy lubing up his great heaving writhing maggot like bulk in preparedness to slip back under the slimy rock from whence he came.

Its very strange indeed that no ones bothered to ask why its so damp down there under that rock Slater – let alone phone an exterminator – We don’t like Len’s politics either Slater but we now actually despise you and your political stunts even more mate – pot kettle black and any cunt will do, only need to look in the mirror to be reminded of what a cunt looks like Slater?

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  • Hi Sarah,

    Part three is coming, cross our hearts and hope to die; we promise – have we ever disappointed before? lol

    We’ve had a few very interesting developments inspired by Liz Curry, an as yet un-named website, its members and two new very naive if not stupid lawyers; One a Kiwi import and under arm spin bowler by the name of Deepal Kumar (no doubt hankering to get to Australia), who’s been attempting to cheat the NZ system – coaxed on by her Kiwi मालिक David Rooke……more about that fiasco soon – a few in-depth posts with photos and the profiles of the new players stay tuned!

  • hahahahaha….I think that you people are a fantastic change to the boring duplicitous media. When are you doing Part 3 of the Currie Conspiracy. I have put the first 2 currie conspiracy blogs on my sisters American facebook page, and she says it has gone ballistic so she is spreading the word. I may have a story on a Nat Polly. I will email you late next week.

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