Left - Serial Police sex offender, pervert and  addict Sergeant Gorden Meyer of Christchurch New Zealand's thick blue line


Left - Serial Police sex offender, pervert and  addict Sergeant Gorden Meyer of Christchurch New Zealand's thick blue line

Right – Serial sex offender, pervert and addict Sergeant Gorden Meyer a member of New Zealand’s thick blue line – yet another of New Zealand’s now internationally infamous THICK AS PIG SHIT coppers. Jesus, Mary and Joseph even his Barrister (left foreground) looks decidedly uncomfortable being photographed with him.

An acting Sergeant in the Christchurch Police force has pleaded guilty to a raft of corruption and sexual criminal offending in the wake of the Roast Busters scandal. Gordon Stanley Meyer, a grey haired, grizzled, intimidating, beast of a policeman was accused of extorting sexual favours from young female drivers he pulled over late at night for serious driving offences. Meyer calculated that the seriousness of a drink drive conviction would enable his corrupt practice to suck-seed. Meyer had surmised his victims could hardly complain with their mouth full.

Acting Sergeant Meyer was so confident that the good old boys down at Christchurch Central Police station would cover for his criminal offending that in one case he openly made advances to a young woman whilst her young male companion, a passenger in the vehicle who would later become an invaluable witness, listened.

Sgt Meyer and the good old boys from Christchurch had successfully covered up previous sexual offending five years earlier. On those earlier occasions the Christchurch Police force had, according to one senior police spin doctor, spent 10 thousand hours successfully concealing evidence and attacking the credibility of the victims, filing away the offending with the standard NZ Police operational procedure of claiming, “not enough evidence”…other than the eye witness account of the young complainants and semen on the drivers seat of the Police cruiser. Sgt Meyer had successfully excused the semen stains by saying all coppers were wankers and he regulary tossed off during working hours, especially if there were no young female drivers to pull over….or pull them off in whilst he was doing the grave yard shifts – are readers getting the picture?.

One must inevitably conclude that like any accomplished psychopath acting Sergeant Gordon Stanley Meyer would have carefully assessed the age and likely credibility of the witnesses and victims before attempting to extort, for self gratification, fellatio (blow jobs) and a little breast grope, from these terrified young women. The two victims of Meyers conduct were just 18 and 23 a bit older than the New Zealand police normally pursue, but hey 13 year olds aren’t normally out late unless they’ve been drugged and stupefied and tucked up in bed being gang raped by Policeman’s sons and their associates, the likes of  Tristan Burrows and his “Roast Buster” mates.

The holy trinity of the New Zealand Police forces "rape culture" Schollum, Shipton and Rickard

The holy trinity of the New Zealand Police forces “rape culture” Schollum, Shipton and Rickard!!

Apparently there wasnot enough evidence in the case of those rapes as well…apart from, of course, the video taped testimony of the unfortunate victims and the bragging of constable Burrows son and his accomplices. LF thought it would be good to get constable Burrows comment on Sgt Meyer’s convictions.

Constable Burrows was however unavailable but his wife would have no doubt felt, as any responsible mother would, that if the boys were to be involved in the gang rape of under aged girls, especially when the female children are barely out of nappies, then these girls were obviously much safer in a police officers home rather than out on the streets of John Tamihere and Radio Live’s target audience demographic of Aucklands darkest suburbs, especially West Auckland. But then again in LF’s view Tamihere’s opinion is somewhat tainted by the fact that his convicted rapist sibling has spent years inside the New Zealand prison system, although we acknowledge that Tamahere has always maintained his innocence on the murder convictions  of two young Swedish back-packers back in 1989

Corrupt cop Dewar thwarted investigations and concealed police rapes for years until he was eventually caught - Oh dear those infamous police job sheets!!!

Corrupt cop Dewar thwarted investigations and concealed police rapes for years until he was eventually caught – Oh dear those infamous police job sheets!!!

But we digress; back to sworn NZ police officer and long standing Police association member Sgt Meyer. This Christchurch Police officer kindly offered his intoxicated young female victim and her male companion a ride home in the police cruiser before ordering the boy from the automobile and getting the young women to seductively pop out her breasts for his own edification and then ‘copped’ a feel….get it? Well of course you do.

The victim was clearly intimidated, if not petrified, by this Police Officer and the New Zealand Police forces sullied reputation that she didn’t feel she was safe in making a complaint until Meyer really began harassing and stalking her; demanding nothing less than oral, digital and unprotected penetrative sex.

Of course, we say again, Meyer must have had total confidence that his victims very real fear of the local polices would enable him to escape complaint or investigation. That and of course the fact that he must have known that historically he’d had the support of his police colleagues, all of which totally explains the audacity of his serial criminal sexual offending and corruption in the first place.

So the reality probably is that the Christchurch Police spent “nine thousand hours” dragging their feet and intimidating witnesses …sorry investigating their creditability before ultimately, with out option, being forced to charge Meyer.

These corrupt coppers should now revisit the earlier complaints in earnest and charge him with those. We here at LF feel for the earlier complainants and their ill-treatment at the hands of a very corrupt NZ  police force and its highly paid apologists; the likes of the Police Associations Greg O’Connor.

Of course they kept this all schtum, very quite indeed, given the fact that the Roast Busters sexual scandal was exploding across the international media. Yet another sexual scandal the police had covered up for well over two years spinning lie after lie including the fact that there had been no complaints or statements taken or made to the NZ Police force. Police Commissioner Marshall misleading the government and public about the events involving the constable Burrows son….liar liar regulation blue semen stained painties on fire. Heads should fucking roll, starting with the super-sized egoist New Zealand Police Commissioner Peter Marshall

LF contacted the New Zealand Police Association’s spin machine specialist Sergeant Greg O’Connor for comment, Greg O, as he is affectionaly known by his corrupt membership, was unavailable but his office advised that Sgt Meyer was a long standing member of the New Zealand police force, with a lengthy and unblemished career and a highly valued member of the Police “brotherhood”.

Whilst O’Connor has been, somewhat conspicuously, absent in this case we can all assume that O’Connor’s standard response would have applied in this case:

most complaints made against the police are from “perennial complainers who complain about everything to everyone” – Gregory O’Connor (NZPA)

Greg O'Connor, NZ Police counsel for the defence of the indefensible.

Greg O’Connor, NZ Police counsel for the defence of the indefensible. A man thats well past his use by date perhaps?

The complainants, according to police and Greg O’Connor, where unreliable drunkards and criminals committing serious driving offences and it was obviously a matter of credibility.  Ahh hello “Greg O” you fucktard he pleaded guilty….cough splutter…Following the guilty plea Greg O confirmed that Meyer was amongst a rogue minority and the rest of his members were “disappointed, disturbed, and disgusted” that Meyer had pleaded guilty….wha de wha. Sorry appalled that he had committed the offending!

LF also sought comment from constable Hayden Bradly who had been charged with similar offending in July 2013, although he was acquitted before resigning, Constable Bradley was unfortunately unavailable for comment as he was far too busy stalking his next victim. LF decided to go straight to the top to our contact in the Deputy Commissioners office but we were unfortunately too late  as Clint Rikards had resigned as well after getting off the rape charges he had faced with fellow Police offices. We decided to take it up with commissioner of Police Howard Broad but he too had resigned after being nicked for his interest in fuck a chook videos and swinging.

Whanganui police officer Hayden Clifford Bradley, 30, also accused of sexual corruption earlier this year.

Whanganui New Zealand police officer Hayden Clifford Bradley, 30, also accused of sexual corruption earlier this year.

Disgusted we decided to go back down the chain and were referred to Superintendent of police and Central Districts commander Superintendent Russell Gibson but he wasn’t talking to the media either because of his recent gaff alleging 10 year old girls who were victims of child abuse were to blame for letting pedo’s fiddle with them…..we lost interest at that stage especially following the District Commanders offer to disclose his personal interest  in digital penetration .

We were later contacted by ex assistant commissioner of police Clint “ Clit licker” Rickard who said he could organise a police gang bang as soon as all his fellow police officers convicted of the rape of Louise Nicholas were paroled and he’d had his lucky charm, his old police uniform, cleaned. Apparently his dry cleaner had complained that the blood and semen stains were particularly difficult to remove….evidentially..sorry evidently.

New Zealand Police Commander Superintendent Russell Gibson likes to blame ten year old girls for being raped by an adult.

New Zealand Police Commander Superintendent Russell Gibson likes to blame ten year old girls for being raped by an adult.

We declined and then he referred us to detective Dewar who was convicted of defeating the course of justice in covering up the police gang rape of Ms Nicolls, he was unavailable for comment. LF were then referred on to ex Detective James “Baton Boy” Cunningham who was yet another cop accused of violating a civilian staffer with his police baton before doing a runner to England and then jumping bail to South Africa. We were asked to call him back at Monarch psychology in Greenlane Auckland…we phoned but were told he was busy sexually violating a vulnerable patient – yet another of New Zealand’s ACC’s rape victim’s over his desk and would call us back after a cigarette and emptying his nuts.

By this stage we had got the picture and phoned Greg O back but it was after lunch and he was well pissed by then….and did little more than bemoan his lot in life and how he’d been forced to look after his retarded child…we already new about that little ditty because his mate Paul Holmes had confessed all to a contact of LF’s as he repented on his death bed. Bugger it was all just to much.

Arrogance personified: super-sized egoist NZ Police Commissioner Peter Marshall a man devoid of scruples ordered bloggers be threatened with arrest and imprisonment and then when realising the police had been thumped, and only then, ordered police spin doctors to gear change and shift the publics focus.

Over paid arrogance personified: A super-sized egoist, NZ Police Commissioner Peter Marshall a man obviously completely devoid of scruples. The man that ordered bloggers be threatened with arrest and imprisonment and then after realising that police had been publicly thumped, and only then, ordered police spin doctors to gear change and shift media focus.

The mainstream media, their rapist police mates and police association president and drunkard Greg O’Connor incoherently mumbling down the phone to the sound of vomiting. Enough was fucking enough…we went to the top and called Police apologist and liar Commissioner Marshall but he was far to preoccupied with lying, denying and swindling the Minister of Police Anne “ the tosser” Tolly.

New Zealand is a great place to visit but don’t leave the airport or get off the plane unless they force you to do so……Flying Aerolineas Argentinas? Next stop Chile or perhaps Buenos Aires – could well be a much safer option?

Marshalls "Boy" fronts the media with the latest smoke screen New Zealand's Police spin doctors have come up with - designed to conceal the reality of a very sick and dysfunctional police force.

Commissioner Peter Marshall’s “Boy”, Assistant Commissioner Grant Nicholls, fronts the media with yet another modified version of the smoke screens New Zealand’s Police spin doctors are now infamous for – spin thats lapped up by complicit Kiwi journos – by design an egregious attempt to conceal the reality of a very sick and dysfunctional police force that is well and truly out of control.


Does a so-called “rape culture” really exist in New Zealand? In LF’s view the answer is yes it certainly does. But it’s not as wide spread as New Zealands mainstream media would have Kiwi’s believe – it exists only within a very small and exclusive minority group – New Zealand’s Police force!

As one ex cop who declined to be named allegedly stated:

“The earlier investigation was a “cock-up”……that was the opportunity to get rid of Meyer”

“Cock up”? We here at LF very much doubt it. The Christchurch constabulary has been corrupt for decades and this particular group of corrupt cops have in the past never hung their own out to dry. The only fathomable reason that they would have suddenly started doing it now is because someones now heard the bell toll….

Just how quick was Assistant Commissioner Grant Nicholls able to come up with a figure of 9000 hours spent investigating Meyers crimes, published literally within minutes of Acting Sergeant Meyer’s very unusual guilty plea……Pull the other one this is New Zealand Police spin doctored crap at its absolute best.

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  • Samantha Hays says:

    This was one of your best posts yet. It shows the New Zealand Police force to be inherently corrupt and that corruption is clearly supported by New Zealand politicians who have done absolutely nothing of any meaning for the last 50 years. Resolution of this systemic rape culture of the cop force needs revolutionary nor evolutionary thinking. By the way I love the bad ass humour as it acts like an antiseptic spray, otherwise the facts would make you puke.


    • Sam
      Great comment. The corruption within the New Police has gone on at many levels for decades. If you are not one of the boys then they will hang the offender out to dry, but if you are then they will attempt to cover the offending up. I saw it on many levels in my 22 years.

      The Shipton/Shollum/Rickard affair was just a huge coverup for so long. Even though they were found not guilty, knowing how that group operated and statements made by Rickard, I am of the opinion that they did commit the offence but certain facts were never allowed to be entered in evidence, especially about Rickard’s undercover work. That would shock everyone.

      Christchurch has had a number of sexual offenders covered up. You only have to look at a certain Detective Sergeant who worked in the CIB office before he went back to Dunedin and his activities with the brothels and prostitutes. None of the bosses would take him on because he had to much on them. He got away with it for years and most probably still does, even though he is not in the job.

      Then we had the beat cop who used to get blowies from the street boys in back alleys. All the bosses knew about that and it went on for years, until he resigned.

      Rapes of Policewomen went uninvestigated and the women ended up by leaving, another episode in Christchurch when a certain ex undercover officer was still working there. It all just goes on.

      Some of the actual investigators who appear on TV espousing the investigative response that the Police go to in such matters are not very clean themselves. They have pretty grubby records behind them. They may not be criminal but morally they have a lot to answer for.

      This is just another example of the Police investigating themselves where a completely independent body should do it and the Police should be compelled to co-operate, but the big ‘GO’ with the boys having to answer questions.

      An example is the amount of time after a Police shooting before the Police Officer is interviewed. They are shuffled off for a couple of days to get over their trauma. While on leave they get numerous visits from the association and senior officers so that they can get their stories right and in line with other witnesses, then they either make a statement with a solicitor present or present a prepared one. Any other member of the public in the same position is just bundled into a Police car and interviewed straight away.

      Two shootings in Christchurch, which should have resulted in the Police Officers being charged, went that way and nothing was found against the officers.. It just goes on and always will.


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