Malcolm Duncan Mayer "the 50 million dollar swindler"

Breaking: 50 Million Dollar Swindler Malcolm Duncan Mayer Convicted

Malcolm Duncan Mayer, the $50m swindler, gets early Chrissie present

Malcolm Duncan Mayer, the $50m swindler, gets early Chrissie present

Malcolm Duncan Ingerman Mayer went to Court at 9am today expecting to hear a verdict that would prove he, and his cohort Warren Arthur Wilson, were not guilty of $50m of frauds perpetrated against Trustees Executors Limited.

However the Court found Mr Mayer guilty on all 26 Counts of fraud and using documents.  According to gossip, the SFO’s next target is bankrupt sociopath Warren Arthur Wilson [retiree] of no known fixed abode.

Malcolm Mayers shonky liquidator; Warren Arthur Wilson

Malcolm Mayers shonky liquidator; Warren Arthur Wilson

If the most recent sentencing terms are implemented by the Court Mr Mayer should be in prison for a very, very, long time.  Should Wilson be charged and convicted LF, expect the Court to throw away the key as that guy is a menace to society.

LF will update our readership as to the sentencing of Mayer scheduled to take place on 23rd February.  LF reckon he will get 6-7 years.  We wish both Malcolm and Warren a very merry Christmas as the New Year is going to be fucking terrible.  Remember Malcolm there is likely one good thing about prison given your physical size, and demeanor – that being that you will never be short of sex.  If you want to know more about prison Malcolm you can ring the Corrections help-line 0800 LOCK U UP.

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  • Travelling boy says:

    Sentencing is 18 feb guys and girls. Well according to media sources. Check and correct if wrong.

  • David Jessop says:

    I, as a family man, believe that LF represents modern family sentiments and values which re reinforced over family time over christmas. Thanks for bringing us the news the likes of Mr Mayer getting done like a baked dinner, and that retard Warren Arthur Wilson will be likely joining him in a cosy little cell where they can howl at night after being pack raped in the showers hehehehehehehehe

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