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No Christmas lunch with the Queen this year for accused serial sex offender Rolf Harris as UK police charge the old reprobate with 3 more historical sex offences…  bugger us sideways Rolf, you were doing so well. A few more years and you would have died quietly in your overstuffed satin bed and a history of serious sexual offences would have died with you. But fortunately for the victims you have been outed , you and your overactive libido. Thirteen child molestation offences including one last year of making an objectionable picture. The old filth obviously got hold of filthy old Rolfs computer ‘hard’ drive.

One of our contributors had a granny who left the shores of Australia in the mid fifties and ended up flating down the hall from Rolf Harris in Earls Court London. A very young and amorous Rolf couldn’t keep his didgeridoo in his pants and spent his evenings rorting the penny electricity meters and doing unnatural things with his wobble board.

Police are still investigating where Harris got his inspiration for his blockbuster hit ‘two little boys had two enormous vascularly rich toys.’ Times have moved on and the wooden toys have been replaced by silicon….no longer ‘hung like horses’ but more your ‘black mambo’….ahh memories! Reminds us here at LF of that other Harris Hit ‘Jake the peg with his extra leg’. A song and a physical  abnormality that Harris was allways very proud of. Harris was recently overheard in a studio shitter saying…. To someones 14 year old daughter ‘have a look at my extra leg girlfriend….no it is real, suck on it and see.’

As the young girl gagged on Harris’s turgid tockler, the old Lothario launched into his jewish version of Jake the Peg… da ledda lum. The one made famous on the Liberace show. Harris was also internationally known for his ability to paint anatomically correct cartoons on a wall with a full sized house paint brush… between shagging young girls up against the shitter wall.

Well its Christmas and it just won’t be the same without Rolf on our screens wobbling his board and salivating over his didgeridoo. I seriously amazes us here at LF how many of these recent serious criminals have a totally clean history….not so much as a parking fine…..and a lot of them members of the establishment or just good old boys and girls. Goes to show that the real crim’s think they are above the law. A lot of them rolling out the previous unblemished histories to deflect attention. Well Rolf you have had the best the world can offer, no abused under privilged aborigines in your past Mr Harris! We here at LF just hope you live long enough to go down! Maybe you could paint another picture of the Queen but a bit more racy…..come on Rolf you would love to give her one…you know you would.

Prison might not have satin sheets, but there will be endless didgeridoo’s to blow on!

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  • Strange says:

    The scenario described by Tonya Lee in her May 2013 TV interview above is strangely similar to the abuse that Jimmy Savile’s grand-niece described in an interview in October 2012 ( sits on his lap, wears a skirt, legs straddling his legs, feels something underneath, is groped, other people are in the room, they don’t notice, goes to toilet. In both cases, there is then a description of further abuse/alleged abuse. While the interview with Savile’s victim explained that she, a 12-year-old at the time, was sitting in that unusual way because Savile had positioned her like that, Tonya Lee does not explain why a 14-year-old supposedly invited onto a stranger’s lap should 1. accept the invitation and 2. sit with her legs on either side of his. Unless there is someone else who claims to have been abused as a 14-year-old in May 1986, her allegations are the basis for one quarter of the charges (

    • Hi Strange,

      Its people like you who use bullshit email addresses and proxy servers and for the most part don’t actually know what they are talking about that are largely responsible for the worst injustices. These same people give the Westminster system a bad name. We note that you are however a Kiwi “Strange”, we also note that New Zealand has one of the most fucked up versions of the British justice system on the planet. Perhaps thats why the judge has moved to have Kiwi’s and anyone with a Kiwi connection banned from serving on the jury. Of course he, the judge, then threw in the Australians, just to defeat any attempt by the New Zealand media to label the judge “racist”; clearly the judge’s associate has obvously done his or her research.

      The poor old University of Canterbury dean of law Chris Gallavin is a bit like you “Strange” he hasn’t yet cottoned on to the fact that the rest of world is aware of just how fucked up Kiwi courts, its jurors, its public and the country’s media are……..complete fucking idiots:

      Of course the article above is a good example of the crap that comes out of New Zealand, the product of a little country with a massive inferiority complex.

      Thank god the British jury will get to hear a whole lot more than your couch potato expertise, an irrelevant youtube video clip of a highly edited media interview with an unrelated party involving an unrelated police investigation and of course the gossip that people like YOU always seem to base their deranged theories on, one can always pick em, normally the nut-jobs don’t ever get around to making an accusation, much preferring innuendo instead……

      Perhaps Justice Sweeny hit the nail on the head when he reportedly stated:

      “Justice Sweeney warned the pool of jurors not to research the case on the internet, but to try the case based on evidence given in court throughout the trial”

  • Sorry to keep going on about my stance on the subject of the media and the position they take on cases, here is a very good example of the media contaminating the public perception and the person is acquitted the hysteria that follows.
    I know a wee bit about this case as I have done some research with the author of the article about the computer(s) side of the trial, the bad analysis of the data by the prosecution and the Police, the misrepresentation of the facts and what the media presented in their mediums.
    I am still and for this very reason against any publicity before a trial and then their should be a balanced portrayal of the facts by that media. This of course does not happen. You only have to look at the comments section of this article to see the public perception and what they have read and seen in the media before and during the trial.

    Just one mans opinion.

  • Rayi shankar says:

    Interesting post. I looked at the ‘Jake the peg’ song on ‘U-tube’ not only cultural cringe but embarrassing and seriously odd. I’m guessing that the 3 legged gag had the same innuendo back then as it does now. I also agree that Rolf will already have the benefit of his public persona and the victims, if they are victims, will have to go a long way to overcome the public prejudices favouring randy old Rolf Harris.

  • Both very good comments, our experiment has worked after all. We’re pleased to see a couple of functioning brains commenting at last. One point though, the alleged offending was committed in the United Kingdom, thats where Harris has been indicted, and therefore the trial, if one is eventually held, will be in the UK.

    A Current Affair (ACA) is Sydney based (Nationally broadcast on occasion) and the story (above) ran in Australia only (excluding individuals who post web versions).

    The other overarching factor to bear in mind is that Harris is a “much loved, highly credible celebrity”, has been for decades, hence the knighthood and the invitation and “media spin” when he painted the queens portrait etc. With that in mind we suspect that Rolf already has any likely jury determinations weighted heavily in his favour, despite the police investigation into Jimmy Savile and his offending.

    • I do understand that. What I am really trying to get across here is the fact that any media attention, be it locally or internationally could hinder any future court case. The media attention that was around during the trials such as Scott Watson for instance basically meant he would never get a fair trial. While the Police (Rob Pope) and the crown can take most of the blame for that, the media must have realised that they were being used by the Police (Rob Pope) Scott was basically convicted before he even got to court by what the Police released and had the media running around for them. As I said, I know what went on as I worked on the investigation for the first six weeks and was there from the start when the team from Christchurch arrived.

      I know the Police need a medium to obtain certain information, but when it is basically a character assassination, then I think the media should stand back and take a good look at what they are being told.

      The Police never mentioned to the media that Olivia was more than likely seen in Picton on 6 Jan. What did the Police do about that. Absolutely nothing because it related to the ketch. Oh of course the ketch did not exist. They had made their minds up as soon as Scott came in their sites.

      Irrespective of Harris more than likely being tried in the UK, you can bet your life he would be extradited after he completed his sentence in the UK. That is presuming he is found guilty.

      • You have our complete agreement Mike, on all counts; the process of a fair trial has been eroded over the past 20-25 years as the courts, a handful of media savvy Lawyers, the mainstream media, politicians and the police have sought to use the 24 hr media cycle to their own advantage, which of course now has nothing to do with obtaining justice, particularly so in the small legal microcosm that is the “New Zealand justice system”!

  • David Jessop says:

    But Mike, the right of the journalist, and the media is to also try and find other evidence that could corroborate such offending by Harris, and obviously this has worked. In the end it is more likely that the Courts will interfere in a fair trial, and not the media. Think of Lundy and Bain, and maybe others such as Scott Watson. Their convictions had nothing to do with the media, but it was the Courts and the Police that fucked those trials. It was the media and a number of good individuals that corrected balance. Rolf Harris hopes that his reputation will get him through. Remember Dr Morgan Fahey and how the media aired a covert recording of his pathetic admission to a girl that he had raped when she was pregnant and being examined by him. As a result more victims cmd to light. The media plays an important part in outing criminals, and don’t tell me that the BBC didn’t know about Rolfs habit of fucking very young girls in the toilets. I understand where you are coming from, but the Courts very really get it right in cases where there is real doubt. With Rolf, I assume that at least one of the 20 or so are telling the truth.
    A modern jury will want to get it right, no matter what the media has said, and especially so in the UK with all of the shit that has recently gone down with Murdoch’s criminality. Life is a balancing act, and I believe that Rolf got out of hand in an environment that was present in the BBC at the time.

  • I have just sat and watched the interview of Tonya Lee. While I feel a huge amount of sympathy for Tonya and any of the other children that Harris has offended against, I find it increasingly more difficult that a reputable news agency, such as A Current Affair, would even consider airing this interview.
    I have no sympathy for Harris and feel that he should rot in hell for what he is being accused of doing. Again I am not degrading the effect that this has had on Tonya and others, but what the media has to remember is that Harris is deemed to be innocent until proven guilty. This is a presumption in law and is the backbone of the English law system.
    Some will say that he doesn’t deserve such a right but the case has not even gone to court, so how in hell and that is were he should be if convicted, will he ever get a fair trial. It is like the media of today do not care about fairness and the rial system. What would happen if, an application was made to the court that Harris could not get a fair trial, because of the media coverage and the charges were dismissed. That could very well happen in the future.
    It is about time that the media from around the world start to think about fairness and their ability to influence before they decide to publish or air such interviews or articles. And again some may say Harris doesn’t deserve to be treated fairly, well then you might as well just go out and throw him in jail with trial. What would the media say to Tonya Lee if the charges were dismissed because of the interview being aired. Off course it would not be their fault, they were just giving the public what they want.
    This sort of thing happened during a very recent trial. The media released information relating to matters that were suppressed and if that had occurred while the trial was still being heard, then most likely the matter would have been aborted. Luckily the jury was out and had no access to the media.
    The media needs to take more care and be a little more responsible instead of trying to hit the headlines all the time. I think it is call ‘Sensationalism’.

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