Rambo Cam, a machine gun toting hell raiser or genuinely concerned parent? Pigs arse, Slater wasn't concerned with the West Coasts rednecked argy bargy.

Whale Oil, AKA Cameron Slater, A Very Tall Story & The Need To Bag A Trophy.

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Rambo Cam, a machine gun toting hell raiser or genuinely concerned parent? Pigs arse, Slater wasn’t concerned with a few inbreed West Coasters and their rednecked argy bargy. Slaters publishing of the deceased’s mother Joe Halls humiliating telephone messages (below) evidences that much
What the problem? After all Slater himself has been referred to as a
Whats the problem? After all Cameron Slater himself has been referred to in worse terms and doesn’t appear to have taken umbrage – its one of the few comments Slater has left up.
A Big Slater fan Mark P Parry
A Big Slater fan Mark P Parry, and his very special friend, clearly Slater would be a big fan of Marks if only given half a chance to get close enough to show his compassionate side.

As LF goes to print the blog site www.whaleoil.com has just been restored, any one trying to get the site earlier this afternoon was confronted with an anti DDoS attack service provider CloudFlare page. One things for sure had it been a simple DDoS attack Slater would have had his site up and running again much sooner.

Its also in LF’s view highly unlikely that a small band of clowns from New Zealands West coast would have even thought to launch a sophisticated DDoS attack let alone have been technically capable. No this is a coincidence, and its a coincidence that just might have played into Cameron Slaters hands. Slater of course wrote his piece with the intention of taking the heat off police for their involvement in yet another high speed pursuit that has resulted in death. Slater has, up until this morning, been pumping out the rhetoric, the mantra being death threats, DDoS attack and the ferals are responsible.

However when interviewed by New Zealands Television 3, outside the Bushflat copshop it appears that Slater may have slipped in a little uncertainty, hoping that the journo, or failing, that the public, just might have missed it. As 3 News reporter, Jane Luscombe, pointed out, Slaters website was still down following the so called DDoS attack but that Slater:

“Is unsure that its connected to the Feral Headline”

Slater outside New Zealands Otahuhu police station.
Cameron Slater being door-stopped by TV3’s Jane Luscombe outside a suburban Auckland police station.

Horseshit Cameron Slater knows full well that its highly unlikely that the so called DDoS attack had anything whatsoever to do with his “Feral” headline. Slater has said far worse over the years and he has also come under attack on Facebook on previous occasions but this time Cameron has decided to make a meal of it, in fact he has exaggerated the number and nature of the comments he had received on his Facebook page and from what we saw he even appeared to be baiting those who had left nasty comments.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.42.23 pm

Whats interesting is the fact that Slater has suddenly decided to clean up his Facebook page, removing everything and taking the page timeline back to August 2013. There are many reasons why he might have done this, trolling being but one. Not only that, Slater’s removed the death threats, allegedly recently received, and also taken down every comment the page received dating back to its creation on the 24th April 2007. All the recent visitor is left with are a few pictures of Slater, his daughter Willow, their hunting exploits, and images of dead animals, variously strung up or in the back of farm vehicles.  There is however one exception, a lone image that remains testament to Slaters attack on Mr Matthew Blomfield and one of Blomfields media bitch’s, aka the TVNZ journalist John Hudson; a hunting trophy, albeit in a slightly different form, that has been left almost as if by design, a warning perhaps?

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

Dated the 27th May the aforesaid image is an attack on TVNZ’s John Hudson and was likely posted at the time Slater was exposing Matthew John Blomfield and his shonkey monkey spanking fraudulent actions around the Mangawhai Developments and Ruawai properties scams, two stories which LF have reported on. Now LF had suspected from day one that there was more to the so called DDoS attack than Slater had let on. We also formed the view that Slater, if what we suspect had in fact happened, may have used the West Coast “Feral’s” as little more than a smoke screen, granting him the opportunity for a much needed extended furlough, so as to undertake a little housekeeping. With that in mind, LF suspected that Slater would remove the comments on his Facebook page (which he subsequently did). Team LF spent a little time grabbing some of what has now disappeared from the Facebook page:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

The funny thing about this, had Slater genuinely only been concerned with the “Feral’s” attacking him, why then run the risk of upsetting his followers by removing every comment since 2007? Well again LF suspects that this decision may have hinged on little more than Mr Slaters inherent laziness; in that it was so much easier to delete or conceal the whole kit and caboodle, rather than resort to the laborious task of isolating and removing only that which may have been considered offensive or defamatory. Therein hides a further clue as to what may have occurred with this so called DDoS attack and the “prolonged” three day absence of Slaters website, www.whaleoil.com.

LF believes that the attack on Slaters website was not the massive DDoS attack claimed, but rather something far more sinister and that Cameron Slater, arguably, may be using a complete coincidence, in the “Feral headline” issue, as a somewhat convenient smoke screen for his real agenda. After all the death threats were always going to get the attention of the main stream media. That in turn, once a formal complaint had been made to police, would force the police to prioritise any investigation into the threats, and more importantly, at least for Slater, the origins of the hack on his website, yes thats right readers, the hacking of Slaters website, database and all.

Now hypothetically speaking who would possibly be interested in hacking into the database of Cameron Slaters whale oil website. What could possibly be of interest to a foreign hacker? The answers to those two hypothetical questions could be numerous but they are somewhat predicated, LF believes on other events that have recently engulfed Slater in a domain other than the internet.

We know for a fact that Slaters whale oil Facebook page has had absolutely every comment, and or interaction, with his readers removed, going all the way back to 2007. We are, however, as yet, unable to determine what has happened and or been removed in and around the Whale oil website as the site is still down. As aforesaid the fact that the site remained down, after 3 days, is in itself highly suspicious.

The alleged attack was reported by a number of online sources, on Tuesday the 28th January, claiming that the site had been down since 8;00am Tuesday. The New Zealand Herald ran an online piece the same day confirming the reports. Slater himself, however had been busy tweeting; advising followers that the site had been under attack since 9:33 pm (NZDST) the evening before (27th January) and then again at 6:55 am on the Tuesday morning he tweeted that the attack had its origins in the Sub-Continent (India):

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Why would anyone in India be annoyed by a single derogatory word, such as “Feral”, that Mr Slater had published the day before? The fact is they wouldn’t have given a flying fuck about anything Slater had published relating to a few Bogan West Coast Kiwi’s, in fact they’d be more likely to agree with Slater given all the bad press New Zealand and Australia have received recently at the hands of the Indian media.

If however we dismiss the term DDoS attack, a term that Slater had used to describe the attack, then the subcontinental (India) origin of the attack might actually begin to make a little more sense; we’ll explain later in the post. Slater and the media have changed their accounts a little with each day that’s passed, with the allegation at one point being that the attack had come from within New Zealand; however, if that claim is to be believed then it was certainly not a DDoS attack. There were other indicators that have led LF to conclude it unlikely that a DDoS attack had in fact been the issue. One of those indicators was also picked up on by one of Slaters own twitter followers, which Slater failed to acknowledge:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

What’s also strange, at least to LF, is the fact that dear old Cameron has blocked us as twitter followers. Very strange indeed given that LF, whilst not an admirer of Slaters views, had been supporting him in the challenge he was facing with Matthew Blomfield and the issue of who and what is considered media. Now this is where we take our readers back to LFs suspicion that Slaters whale oil site had not been under a DDoS attack, rather we believe it more likely that Slater had become aware that his site had been compromised, perhaps at first believing it to be a DDoS attack, but then established that it was more likely a hacker, attempting to obtain unauthorised access, which would be a more plausible explanation for Slaters Sub Contintent tweet.

So why India? Just why would a lone hacker in India be interested in bringing Slaters site down or hacking it for that matter? We’ll of course the obvious answer is that they wouldn’t ordinarily be interested. However, if the hacker, perhaps an Indian national and IT specialist, had been paid to break into Slaters site then that would perhaps make more sense.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.39.24 pm
Jimmy Watson, yet another of the Kiwi West Coast Slater haters that was foolish enough to swallow Slaters toxic bait.

But then one is confronted with another question; who would want to pay an Indian web specialist, an individual with the knowledge required, to obtain unlawful access to Slaters website. So lets assume for one minute that it was not a DDos attack and that it was simply someone attempting to gain access to the websites database. Then lets take a look at the classic components of any crime – means, motive, and opportunity.

Means – who would have had the technical expertise to commit the crime, and or in the alternative, the knowledge and ability to source the expertise and skills required?

Motive – who stood to gain by obtaining unauthorised access to Cameron Slaters website and its all important database, including his posts, correspondence via the comments section, emails via the websites dedicated email address etc?

Opportunity – Beyond it being a totally random attack, who is likely to have known when the site would likely be unsupervised, so as to facilitate an optimum time for the hacking without attracting attention?

Means is LF’s first port of call. As aforesaid, Slater in his second tweet on the morning of the 28th, at 6:55 am (NZDST) notes that the purported attack had originated from the subcontinent, a fact that would not have been available to him had it been a DDoS attack.

Selina Pattinson another member of the West Coast Chapter of the Slater Haters, perhaps someone could design a patch they could all wear. It appears that Salina enjoys a little cock occasionally and feels the need to share her particular fetish with Slater

Selina Pattinson, another enthusiastic member of the West Coasts Chapter of Slater Hater Inc, perhaps someone could design a patch they could all wear. It appears that Salina, a good Catholic girl, enjoys the occasional cock smoking session and felt the need to share her addiction with Slater, another mistake perhaps?

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Then, given that it was unlikely that Slaters piece the day before would have offended anyone living on the subcontinent, why then did Slater decide to tweet: “Seems some ppl from the subcontinent aren’t happy after our post yesterday”. How is it that Slater had concluded that a piece he would later claimed to be the Feral story, and had posted the day before was the cause of an alleged DDoS attack?

No it just does not stack up. The simple fact is that Slater would not have known, had events unfolded as he has alleged, who was responsible or with any certainty the country of origin. When one steps back and looks rationally at what has been tweeted, posted on Facebook by Slater, his followers, and those he purports to have pissed off, one is left with no evidence whatsoever that any of what has been claimed actually occurred as variously reported by Slater and the mainstream media actually occurred and had anything to do with his post the previous day.

Then compounding our suspicions we have Slaters sudden and inexplicable sensitivity to a few alleged threats that had been posted on Facebook, which he later, in our opinion, exaggerated. Its LF’s view that Slaters sudden concern is completely uncharacteristic of the man and his past reactions and behaviour in similar circumstances, then of course there is the issue of exaggeration, both by Slater and the main stream media.

Had Slater held genuine concern it is highly unlikely that he and a handful of his supporters would have been posting comments eluding to the arsenal of firearms Slater had at his disposal, knowing that such behaviour would likely insight more retaliatory comments, perhaps therein lies a clue:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Jennifer Hoby – Oh wow mate just did it didn’t you…..there goes your gun license!! As you may or may not be aware of us Feral New Zealanders do not in any way shape or form use guns for self defence. Even threats of the such result in the loss of license. Silly silly boy

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

For readers who are not familiar with New Zealands gun, laws Jennifer Hoby is right, Slater has indeed run the risk of loosing his license, especially given his self admitted history of psychological issues, maladies such as depression. The terms, Beretta, Tikka, T3 and .308 are all referencing a particular firearm, that by all accounts, those posting, are taking delight in inferring, is at Slaters disposal, in the highly unlikely event that someone sought to call on Slater with the intention of carrying out their threat. Certainly at least one reader realised what Slater and his mates were up to and decided to call them on it by posting a screen grab with a little commentary, just for posterity:

Rudz Murasame – The first Kiwi to be charged with inciting a riot, upon himself, Cameron Slater.

Louis Hoby – 200 rds (rounds) loaded??? Now thats not just cleaning day!

Hardly the language of an intimidated man, who is now claiming to have been genuinely concerned for his welfare, and that of his family. In fact, prima facie, it appears that Slater and his mates are bragging, intent on adding fuel to the fire….now why would that be? Suffice to say Slater, probably for good reason, late yesterday removed the whole kit and caboodle from his Facebook page…..again why? We’ll of course get to our theory soon enough. As aforesaid earlier yesterday evening Slater just happen to be “caught on camera” outside a police station by Kiwi TV3’s journo Jane Luscombe.

Despite appearances Slater is a very savvy operator, so this doorstop was no accident. Slater had obviously called the TV3 news room beforehand ensuring that someone would show up for a self serving Slater to both evidence his attendance at the police station, and of course spin the issue of cyber bullying and the purported death threats. Although somewhat strangely TV3 noted a threat that had allegedly been received by Slater, to rape his Daughter, although it would appear that they had not done their homework;

Click to enlarge
Cameron Slater ensured he redacted his daughters name and the additional comments that provided context before publishing the screen grab – click to enlarge

To be fair though, context is everything and Slater had removed the inflammatory comments his daughter Willow, Slaters adolescent spawn, a girl with her own very definite opinions, and like her dad, a big mouth, had herself posted. Fair enough Slaters entitled to attract ridicule and vitriol but to allow, even encourage, his daughters involvement is just begging for trouble. To then turn around a spin the story, pointing the finger of blame at everyone else, is utter hypocrisy. In fact, somewhat cynically in our view, TV3 even managed to do a something similar.

Their reporter managed to con, and then drag in the mother of the boy killed in the accident, Joe Hall (the mother of the deceased youth that Slater had called Feral in his article), in front of the camera to, sadly, do little more than prove Slaters point, that Mrs Hall, if no one else, was a feral foul mouthed racist bush pig; allowing the poor woman to achieve little more than humiliate herself on national television – the Journalist knew the risks, but did she warn Mrs Hall to moderate her appeal? We somehow doubt it, it doesn’t make for good old fashion voyeuristic gutter TV viewing.

Of Course Hall had on national television, and on Slater answering machine, used far more inflammatory language that Slater (listen to audio provided below). TV3 also managed to corner the local Mayor Mr Tony Kokshoorn (pronounced cock sure) and filmed him in front of a miners mural, a scene no doubt deliberately and cynically trigger a subconscious reminder of the Pike River mine disaster.

Then to top it all off they grabbed  a bloke off Greymouth’s main street, some poor bastard that did little more than provide yet more evidence supporting Slaters sledge, that West Coasters were all Feral.

Click to enlarge

LF have managed to grab the messages left on Slaters answer phone for our readers listening pleasure, below. WARNING: LF advises that sensitive Caucasian, Pacific Island, Moari and Mixed Race peoples are warned this audio contains langauge, opinion and incoherant ranting that some listeners may find troubling and or offensive, listener discretion is advised. LOL

Read More: Mother denies threats to blogger

All seems to be going to plan for Mr Slater. All in a days work really, for the wily national Party Toady who’s made a career out of controversy, but are New Zealanders, including Judd Hall’s “grieving” bad arse mother, being given the whole truth and nothing but the truth, by Slater or the main stream media for that matter? LF is of the opinion that New Zealanders are, as per usual, being force feed a diet of horse shit and yet more horse shit, both by a shrewd and manipulative Cameron Slater and the, any story to fill a hole, no matter how crass, mainstream media.

Left to Right: Greymouth local , Mother of the deceased boy and the towns Mayor , who like a halfwit has bought into the fiasco.
Left to Right: Greymouth local Tracy Mann , Jo Hall, mother of the deceased youth Judd Hall and the towns Mayor Tony Kokshoorn, all pawns in an orchestrated cloak and dagger subplot; all of them complete halfwits for having trusted the media and buying into a circus thats concealed the truth.

Jesus Mary and Joseph, even the New Zealand Heralds so called investigative journalist, David Fisher, had bought into what looks to us to have been a simple ruse designed by Slater to force the police to use their resources to identify the individual/s responsible for the attempt to hack into his database, an investigation that under normal circumstances might not have rated very highly on the police list of priorities:

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

Cyber bullying, social media death threats and of course the media interest will no doubt ensure that Cameron Slaters complaint goes straight to the top of the police cyber crime units pile. Dotcom also weighed in early on in the piece, with some idiotic rumour later circulating that he had in fact launched the attacks:

Click to enlarge
Why Dotcom decided to jump on the bandwagon we’re not sure, but he did, and within hours some Kiwi halfwits had started to link him to the attack ….go figure – click to enlarge

This morning Slater had the NBR run an update on their ongoing story of the last three days, with the promise that he’d keep them updated:

Whaleoil stranding, day three: After meeting with police, Slater preps new server for site’s return

UPDATE / Jan 30: Whaleoil is offline for a third day.

Founder Cameron Slater says a new web server is being setup However, there is no estimated time for his site to come back online. This is no ordinary server propagation as an unidentified and apparently well-resourced cyber attacker continues to circle, and various parties involved in the relaunch proceed (or don’t) with nervous caution. Slater is keeping the identity of the web host involved in the latest manoeuvres under wraps. He tells NBR he spent three hours with police Wednesday afternoon, outlining and filing a complaint over death threats to himself and rape threats to his daughter, delivered by text and social media.  He had previously forwarded police (and NBR) the phone number from which a threatening txt was delivered.  NBR phoned the number; it belonged to someone who said he knew Greymouth man Judd Hall, a passenger in a fatal drink-drive car crash Friday night. A post by Mr Slater described the West Coaster as feral. The man, who did not wish to be named, said he was furious over the way Whaleoil had covered the incident. There was no apparent link with the DoS assault on Slater’s website. Slater is expected to update NBR further late this morning.

Source: http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/cam-slater-complains-police-dos-attack-takes-his-whaleoil-blog-offline-ck-151110

In the NBR’s “ongoing” story Slater changes his mind daily, he’s all over the shop as has been the case with the many versions he’s been promulgating in the media. Slater just can’t seem to make up his mind what it is that he’s supposed to be doing. Although one commentor, who the NBR saw fit to feature probably hits the nail on the head better than most:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 8.43.38 am Damn right Slater has a pretty good idea of who is behind it. LF suspects that Mr Cameron Slater is of the belief that Matthew Blomfield was behind the attempt to hack his website. The difficult to prove part is almost certainly right, unless that is  the police cyber crime unit, and their extensive resources, ability to obtain warrants and otherwise unavailable information, can be dragged into the action with the irresistible lure of death threats, cyber bullying and an overly eager and interested mainstream media knocking at the door. Now lets return to those three criminal fundamentals – Means, Motive and Opportunity.

Is this the face of a hacker, Matthew Blomfield
Is this the face of Slaters mystery hacker, Matthew Blomfield

It seems to LF that Mattthew Blomfield might just fit the profile of the hacker. After all he certainly has lashings of motive, a definite hatred of Slater, what with an upcoming court hearing which he looks set to lose. With that thought in mind its not to much of a stretch to conclude that Blomfield would undoubtedly like to get his hands on a little intelligence to improve his odds.

Intelligence such as Slaters so-called defamatory, now archived, articles and of course the information contained on the all important, illusive, falsely alleged, stolen hard drive, the emails and the all important name of Cameron Slater’s source. Blomfield’s candidacy is also pretty good odds when it comes to considering “Means” – After all he’s been around advertising/marketing agencies and web developers for years.

Blomfield’s also had extensive access to the media and various other IT professionals whilst working with Cinderella and other agencies, such as web developers, so he would undoubtedly know how effortless it is to outsource work to Indian IT professionals with specialist websites such as the India based www.freelancer.in providing a ready source of subcontinent based specialists – its also much cheaper, and under normal circumstance the client can be billed the domestic rate for a website resulting in much larger profits.

One good example of Blomfield’s proclivity for outsourcing is the piece that appeared in the Standard which Blomfield, on the face of it, appears to have written, when in reality he undoubtedly had an associate, an advertising copywriter, write for him.

Last but by no means least we come to the “Opportunity” factor, which in this case is largely predetermined by the aforementioned Motive and Means, again Blomfield appears to fit the profile – Matthew Blomfield is certainly not of the risk averse personality type. After all he’s got a lot to loose, and its not just Blomfield personally now, over the past 7 years he’s involved quite a few professionals in his scams; The Inland Revenue Department, Mortgage brokers, accountants, Barristers, solicitors and at least one official assignee.

Having said that, LF is certainly not ruling out any number of other individuals that Slater could now call enemies, the only thing we’ve ruled out is the bullshit DDoS attack. Had there been a DDoS attack Slater would have been in a position to publicly verify the fact by now, but he has declined to discuss the issue in any real depth, preferring to employ bluster, hot air and the all important well placed rhetoric and innuendo, to the extent that he’s also now, with no plausible strategic advantage, that LF have been able to identify, concealing his plans for his purported new service provider……..the all important question then; does one actually exist?:

Founder Cameron Slater says a new web server is being setup However, there is no estimated time for his site to come back online. This is no ordinary server propagation as an unidentified and apparently well-resourced cyber attacker continues to circle, and various parties involved in the relaunch proceed (or don’t) with nervous caution. Slater is keeping the identity of the web host involved in the latest manoeuvres under wrap

Source: http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/cam-slater-complains-police-dos-attack-takes-his-whaleoil-blog-offline-ck-151110

But on the other hand Slater seems more than happy to shift focus to the Slater haters that attacked his Facebook presence and publicise his plans for the New Zealand Police involvement when he purports that the culprits responsible for the alleged DDoS were located in a foreign jurisdiction, aka India:

He tells NBR he spent three hours with police Wednesday afternoon…..

Source: http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/cam-slater-complains-police-dos-attack-takes-his-whaleoil-blog-offline-ck-151110

Slater, LF believes, has pulled the website himself after what we suspect may have been an attempt to unlawfully gain access on the evening of the 27th January 2014. LF further believes that Slater is currently using the opportune down time to tighten security and do a little much needed housekeeping, perhaps on the advice of legal advisors, before putting the site back up. This would of course better explain the inordinately long delay.

Ex Journo, television host, spin doctor and recently qualified lawyer Linda Clark of Chapman Tri
Ex Journo, television host, spin doctor and recently qualified lawyer Linda Clark – now at Chapman Tripp – Linda is apparently the Liaison between the “Pro Bono” white knight litigation team who are purportedly assisting Cameron Slater in his defamation tort scrap with Matthew Blomfield (and the concealed interested parties lurking behind Blomfields legal action).

So Cameron Slater expects punters to believe that it took three hours to make a simple complaint and police statement? It seems to us that that time frame is a little over the top, frankly quite extraordinary really.

In addition, given the fact that the purported rape threat was not aimed at Slater himself, but rather was a response to his daughters own posting behaviour, LF are wondering why Slaters little gun toting apple of his eye, Willow, did not accompany dad to the cop shop, to complete her own formal police statement.

Either which way, you can bet your bottom dollar, that Slater during his meeting with police was far more more interested and focused on getting a result in identifying the hacker, than he was with a few bullshit heavily exaggerated threatening Facebook posts – after all Slater and Co had themselves done their utmost to insight the banjo toting Facebook mob to riot.

Again, somewhat ironically, its Slaters own behaviour, the unusual secrecy, in and around the affair that has contributed heavily to LF’s suspicion that its Matthew Blomfield that Slater has in his crosshairs, so to speak. Slaters behaviour, the fact that Blomfield is undoubtedly a worthy candidate, and probably now well aware that Slater is no longer fighting the defamation tort without legal counsel. LF have recently received reliable intel from one of our Wellington based assets that has led us to believe that the rules of Blomfield’s little game are about to change.

In fact one is almost tempted to call this recent development a game changer. LF have been made aware that Cameron Slater has been approached with an offer of Pro Bono legal representation and that he has subsequently accepted. The offer was purportedly made by one of the larger players in New Zealand legal circles, law firm Chapman Tripp and their litigation team. Whats more it appears that ex television personality, Journo and recently qualified lawyer Linda Clarke may have facilitated the offer.

Of course, needless to say, this litigation and Blackie DCJs errant decision fall neatly within the arena of what one might loosely refer to as “public interest”. Whether or not Blomfield was behind the attack of course remains to be seen. LF’s argument, and honestly held opinion, is in part circumstantial, but anyone confronted with a similar set of circumstantial evidence would be an idiot to dismiss the possibility of Blomfield’s involvement out of hand, especially given Blomfield’s extensive history of duplicity, fraud, skulduggery and of course perjury.

Slater too could, arguably, be forgiven, in the event that he has felt it necessary, on this occasion, to use the excuse of cyber bullying and death threats to bring pressure to bare on the police to investigate the attacks. Again, more especially given Blomfield’s suspected unhealthy relationship with at least one police officer who was responsible for investigating Blomfields clearly false complaint.

After all it might have been that Slaters complaint went the way of many others, that is to say, filed under T for trash, never to see the light of day, had he not employed the tactic and the media. We’ll leave readers to reflect on the right to free speech and the PC naysayers who would see it curtailed, only ever with their own personal agenda in mind of course:

“It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

Source: I saw hate in a graveyard, para 15 — Stephen Fry, The Guardian (UK), 5 June 2005

What ever the truth it will eventually float to the surface of the cesspit that is New Zealand, and as it slowly rises, LF looks forward to keeping our readers abreast of this little game of cloak and dagger as it unfolds.

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  • Does it make any difference if whaleoil was paid to dish this dirt on MB by the guise of ‘advertising’
    Surely a ‘hired gun’ should not have the same rights as a journo?

    • Hi Bono, it seems that the IP address you have used has been reported as being a source of some pretty serious spam, but thats the risk you take when signing up for a proxy IP, then of course the email address 123@xtra.net.nz which is also fake, as is evidenced with LF’s research, condensed for readers in the screen grabs below:

      With our readers now aware that you are likely to be Matthew Blomfield or someone closely associated with him we’ll now respond to your comment.

      To the best of LF’s knowledge there was no advertising on the http://www.whaleoil.com website that could in anyway be attributable to Slaters series of Blomfield stories. There certainly was no advertising that in anyway related to the accusations Slater levelled at Blomfield; nor was there any advertising that could in anyway be connected to the “whistle-blower” or any one associated or likely associated businesses.

      Of course it was Matthew Blomfield himself that first raised the “advertising” furphey, whilst standing before District Court Judge Charles Blackie and then again with his media mate, and arse licker, Bevan Hurley. Your use of the terms “hired Gun” and “MB” is also interesting. Obviously you have not had the benefit of a university education “Bono” otherwise it would have dawned on you before now that “writing styles” are very easily isolated, identified and attributed to a particular author, or a written work that has influenced the author. So with the aforementioned in mind “Bono” why not fuck off and try bullshitting someone less competent than LF – after all you’ve so far managed to bullshit no one here. Next time mate use a real email address and stay away from proxi IP addresses you fucking amateur.

      • Bus Driver says:

        better he sticks to making sure his brothers asshole is not completely useless after his many months in a jail cell for bashing his misses and kids. Oh wait assholes are useful…

  • Bus Driver says:

    So if it was Blomfield it just goes to show the lengths he needs to go to to stop any of his lies , fraud & deceit coming out. Interesting you mention an Official Assignee here – one assumes you mean Anthony Pulllan who managed Blomfields bankruptcy – the man who never investigated anything given to him to assist creditors with money recovery despite many many emailed information. Just another corrupt / paid off Blomfield stooge

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