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Two corrupt slimy bastards and one bent uncle tom, Left to right, Kiwi PM John Key, convicted criminal John Banks and ex GCSB Director turned NZ GG Ubango Umpa Umpa

Two corrupt slimy bastards and one very bent uncle tom, left to right, Kiwi PM John Key, convicted criminal John Banks and ex spy agency GCSB director and stazi sympathiser, turned NZ GG, Jerry “Can-do-John” Mateparae

 John ‘teapot’ Key is at it again, making excuses for his close mates who commit serious criminal offences. Today it is the vertically challenged ‘bad apple’ John ’Big Bribe’ Banks and ex minister of Police and minister of a fucking lot more, local government, tourism, civil defence, small business, sport and associate minister of commerce and education. Banks has two awards, which he gets to keep his Companion of New Zealand criminality sorry ‘Companion of the New Zealand order of merit’ (2011) and QSM (2000).

This conduct by the criminally insane, morally bankrupt New Zealand National Party devalues all the remaining recipient’s of the Queens awards. Not a bad thing really if you were a lefty. Just how much of this corrupt behavior can New Zealander’s take before they chuck these fuckers out of power and track the remaining down and execute…sorry prosecute them.

Key has absolutely no respect for the New Zealand electorate and frankly it’s easy to understand why he’s managed to get away with it for so long, the average Kiwi punter is obviously a complete fucking plonker. Hell, if Key had his way Banksie would be getting another National party life-membership award for propping up his morally and electorally bankrupt government, using the cynical and morally bankrupt shit-for-brains voters of Epsom New Zealand.

Left to riaght, Doug Graham, Hugh Hamilton and John Banks. Will John Key want to collect a full set and let Hugh Hamilton keep his Gong?

Left to right, Doug Graham, Hugh Hamilton and John Banks. Will John Key want to collect the full set, the trilogy, and let Hugh Hamilton keep his ‘Gong’ too?

Readers will of course remember that just last month another National party recipient of a Queens award, Hugh Hamilton LLb was sent down on 14 charges of theft over the collapse of NZ finance firm Belgrave Finance Ltd. Hamilton, like Banks, was the Mayor of yet another New Zealand city. Before that Key had let the naughty Nat ex-minister, convicted fraudster, Doug Graham keep his collection glittering guilded lapel baubles despite his criminal conviction for fucking yet another large Kiwi finance company, taking millions of dollars of Kiwi battler retiree’s savings with it.

Banksie has been seen blubbing into his beer, apparently giving up the tea when he was found guilty. Another thing to abandon Banksie was his wife who has left the marital bed for colder climbs and an Apres ski lesson or two. Banksie just needs to grow up and get on with life as a convicted felon.

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  • We all know this corrupt National Govt is not going to want a ICAC , we can only hope that the NZ Public open their eyes and get rid of these muppets in September.

  • An URGENT message to all NZ MPs who are opposed to corruption:


    (In my considered opinion, if the Epsom by-election goes ahead, National will NOT win this 2014 General Election, because they are SO vulnerable on the issue of ‘corrupt corporate cronyism’ and there is SO much more to come …… )

    MPS who are opposed to corruption, should NOT support the upcoming vote (which needs 75% of MPs – 91 MPs) to prevent this Epsom by-election going ahead!

    If Labour MPs commit to NOT supporting the upcoming vote to stop this Epsom by-election, it won’t happen, because there simply won’t be the numbers to make up the 75%.

    There will be all manner of SPIN as to why this Epsom by-election should NOT go ahead, but it’s high time for a massive public exposure proving how NZ’s ‘perceived’ status as the ‘least corrupt country in the world’ does NOT match the corruption ‘REALITY’ check.

    Please make your voices heard – ASAP!
    10 June 2014


    “Why I support Graham McCready’s call for an Epsom by-election.”

    I, Penny Bright, ‘anti-corruption and anti-privatisation Public Watchdog’ support the call of private prosecutor Graham McCready, for MPs to support a by-election in Epsom, and NOT to provide this National Government with the numbers to make up the 91 MPs (75%) required to STOP this by-election.

    In my considered opinion, any public monies spent on this Epsom by-election, will NOT be a ‘waste of money’ – but an investment in the fight against corruption in New Zealand ‘perceived to be the least corrupt country in the world’.

    The general election will focus on many issues, but a by-election in Epsom will help keep a huge public spotlight specifically on corrupt practices such as electoral fraud – which have apparently been ‘common practice’.

    How many other internationally-recognised corrupt practices are common practice in New Zealand?

    Here are a couple of examples of corrupt practice that most New Zealanders have never even heard of, but are endemic here, in my considered opinion:

    Ever heard of ‘State capture’?

    Where vested interests get their way at ‘policy’ level – before legislation is passed which serves their interests.

    ‘State capture’ obtains when a small number of firms (or such entities as the military) is able to shape the rules of the game to its advantage through massive illicit, and non-transparent provision of private benefits to officials and politicians. Examples of such behaviour include the ability to control legislative votes, to obtain favourable executive decrees and court decisions. A relatively new concept, the main proponents being World Bank researchers, it echoes that of ‘crony capitalism’ and covers cases where high-level corruption is pervasive. (See military-industrial complex; clientelism.)

    Read more:

    (That’s how the NZ Business Round Table (BRT) used to do it – by focusing on ‘policy’, pretending that their greedy self-interest was somehow in the ‘national interest’, and pushing for legislation from which they profited.
    The BRT mantra that ‘public was bad – private was good’ helped to frame the ‘Rogernomics’ legislation which allowed the commercialisation, corporatisation and privatisation of public assets, a number of which (or shares of which) ended up in the hands of BRT members.)
    Where can you check for ‘State capture?
    Read the ‘Regulatory Impact Statements / Regulatory Impact Reports and find out with whom the policy analysts have been ‘consulting’ and treating as ‘independent third-parties – when they actually have and are vested interests ….

    How about ‘post-separation employment?

    The ‘revolving door’ between public office and employment in the private sector.
    Post-separation employment
    Post-separation employment is the situation where a public official leaves the public sector and obtains employment in the private sector.
    The principle underlying the management of post-separation employment is the need to ensure that public sector decisions are made only on their merits and not compromised by extraneous considerations or personal interests.
    The Department of Premier and Cabinet Personnel Handbook refers to this issue in Section 8-12:
    Employees should not use their position to obtain opportunities for future employment. They should not allow themselves or their work to be influenced by plans for, or offers of, employment outside the department.

    There should be a mandatory ‘quarantine period’ of 18 months to 2 years, between leaving Ministerial or senior public service positions and taking up a job in the private sector where you can be seen to be using your previous contacts and influence to ‘feather your own nest’.

    Want to get up to speed with a comparison of anti-corruption legislative frameworks between Australia, NZ, UK, Canada and USA and compare it with that of New Zealand?

    Please be reminded that New Zealand has STILL yet to ratify the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

    Minister of Justice Judith Collins’ ‘Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Legislation’ Bill, the passage of which is required before NZ can ratify UNCAC has yet to surface on the Parliamentary Order Paper.
    International treaty examination of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption
    Report of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee

    This 50th Parliament has 5 sitting weeks left …
    New Zealand desperately needs a genuinely Independent Commission Against Corruption – like the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)


    The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was established by the NSW Government in 1989 in response to growing community concern about the integrity of public administration in NSW.

    The ICAC’s principal functions are set out in the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988. In summary, they are:

    to investigate and expose corrupt conduct in the NSW public sector

    to actively prevent corruption through advice and assistance, and

    to educate the NSW community and public sector about corruption and its effects.

    The jurisdiction of the ICAC extends to all NSW public sector agencies (except the NSW Police Force) and employees, including government departments, local councils, members of Parliament, ministers, the judiciary and the governor. The ICAC’s jurisdiction also extends to those performing public official functions.

    Penny Bright

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