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ACC fraudster Evonne Grace Puru

Convicted ACC fraudster Evonne Grace Puru

Evonne Puru serial convicted criminal ACC fraudster is at it again trying to obtain money from people on the Internet. This internet troll, liar and fabricator spent years ripping off the tax payers and the hard working people of New Zealand, falsely alleging she had a bad back. She and her family turned up in Australia almost ten  years back, settling on the Gold Coast of Queensland on the run from ACC private investigators. Now normally LF would not post this story out of respect for Mrs Puru’s family and friends but it seems her friends are still at it defaming and making false allegations. That’s if you could call the anonymous contributors to internet hate site friends. These Trolls have spent years harassing and stalking and are now whining because they have been outed by LF cohort David Butler.  LF’s Australian volunteers (its a time zone thing) regularly watch from the sidelines at the self emulation of this now closed insular site. We are still there however, the false moniker gambit is often played by both sides. We are there watching their every move. In fact LF is about to move into an extensive email drop campaign warning medico’s both in Australia and New Zealand of this website and the key players involved.

Real or fake we'll let readers decide but there is a long and very strong history of serious fraud when it comes to members.

Real or fake we’ll let readers decide but there is a long and very strong history of serious fraud when it comes to members.

Lauda Finem’s interest in this women has been maintained on the back of her continued involvement with cyber stalking troll hate site A site invented and maintained by the Messrs Wislang and Thomas and their sycophantic criminal lackey’s . Dedicated readers of Lauda Finem will remember Alan Thomas, largely for his convictions over the $238,000 ACC fraud and his conviction for the planned bombing of the ACC offices in Takapuna Auckland, New Zealand. Thomas’s business partner at the time disgraced former doctor and failed hair transplant specialist Miles Wislang was suspected of involvement in these nefarious schemes but obviously the investigating authorities could not find enough evidence to put Wislang away.

Evonne Grace, the Fundrazr page, what happened to her real name? Evonne Grace Puru. Again we ask the question, is this a fraudulent scam?

Evonne Grace, the Fundrazr page, what happened to her real name? Evonne Grace Puru. Again we ask the question, is this a another of Evonnes fraudulent scams?

Miles Wislang was Alan Thomas’s close friend and business partner, in fact he was the only witness, other than the Chinese emigre girl-friend, to turn up and give evidence at Alan Thomas’s criminal trial . The dodgy ex Dr Wislang was not believed and Alan Thomas was subsequently convicted and jailed.

The  is a site full of internet Trolls and fraudsters who continually post absolute crap on the internet, attacking not only the Accident Compensation Commission (ACC), but ACC staff, medical and investigative professionals and in the case of Marakita Mehmet, her ex husband, an Australian Doctor who once he sobered up left her and New Zealand for a happy and successful marriage and career here in Australia. An exit that scarred Mehmet so much she has devoted her life and key board skills to cyber stalking and surviving on a Kiwi unemployment benefit at the taxpayers expense.

TVNZ Fair Go's Simon Mercep, a flopped television presenter now reduced to radio to make a crust.

TVNZ Fair Go’s Simon Mercep, a flopped television presenter now reduced to radio to make a crust.

This coven of criminally insane cyber stalkers living in their cold old 1960’s weatherboard shit palaces spend their lives, what little is left of them, banging away on their obsolete ex government issue key boards raging, spewing vitriol and threats into cyberspace . Those threats Lauda Finem regularly screen grabs for future use and to keep us all chuckling. The Wislang’s have developed the site to the extent that it automatically removes the Wislang name and replaces it with XXXXXX….no one but the inhabitants of the site are stupid enought not to see the inferences available to the casual investigator by that conduct.

As for Mrs Puru’s requests for cash, Lauda Finem is assuming that Mrs Puru is not telling the truth this time. as it is the case that she has difficulty telling the truth on any occasion. Readers will remember the scam she pulled with TVNZ’s fair go program almost a decade ago alleging all sorts of shyte about her medical conditions and disabilities. That and of course the stage managed feigned cripple walk to the letter box in so much pain that she had given up lifting slabs of four X for the roof closing parties of her latest new construction project. Simon Mercep who was all about ‘bad’ TV travelled to the Gold Coast to promote the continued fraud and take advantage of Puru’s malevolence to get the story. LF interpolates here to note that Puru never issued proceedings or took any action to substantiate her false allegations, surprising that. For Simon Mercep and TVNZ it was all about ratings.

If it is a scam this sort of behaviour is also typical of the men behind, the wislangs and of course their close friend and business partner, the infamous Takapuna bomber, Alan Gordon Thomas

19 victims and $895.oo easy money if it is a scam. This sort of fraudulant behaviour is also typical of the men behind, the Wislangs and of course their close friend and business partner, the now infamous Takapuna bomber, Alan Gordon Thomas

Well readers apparently Puru has changed her name, dropping her surname “Puru”, it’s apparently now just Evonne Grace and she’s dying to come home to New Zealand and she wants mugs visiting her fundrazr, blog and Facebook pages to pay for it. Evonne is alleging she has spent her life saving unfortunate disadvantaged third worlders from Thailand….on her disability payments from the Accident Compensation Corporation….yeah right.

Anyway Lauda Finem warns anyone thinking of making any donations to this women to think twice. We have tweeted Kevin Milne, the intellectually impaired, half a brain carpet salesman who previously fronted the TVNZ fair go program…and asked him to make a donation. Milne has refused categorically alleging that he worked hard flogging dodgy carpet and needed every penny. To be fair to Milne is now genuinely retarded…well medically retarded rather than intellectually retarded as he was with a whole brain……yes readers, Milne has now got a genuine medical certificate confirming he has half a brain.

Fair Go's Kevin Milne, now reduced to flogging carpet for a crust, with the disadvantage of having a face like a half sucked fucking Mango

Fair Go’s Kevin Milne, now reduced to dribbling and flogging carpet to feed the troops

Before the doctors removed the good half of Milne’s brain ,  Kevin Milne spent years spewing shit and inventing orchestrated attacks on people and corporates…remember readers, he was  the man with a face like a sack full of arseholes, who spent his time on air lying and spinning falsehoods to such and extent that the creator of the Show Dr Brian Edwards ended up vomiting into his Latte and ridiculing what he called the “power-drunk bullies” running the program in his online blog.

Milne infamous for his acne scarred face and a bad lisp, spent his later years squatting on the TVNZ  fair Go couch next to Simon the “moron’ Mercep and the fat chick that no one remembered the name of. Ahh…. glory days.  Who was the fat chick anyway?

Mercep is now a radio star…agh not. Milne now spends his days dribbling over a warehouse full of imported synthetic cut price carpet and Evonne Puru aka ACCforum moniker “Kiwiwine” has retired from the forum.

Now on the off chance that Puru does have terminal cancer…Lauda Finem wishes her and her family all the best and let bygones be bygones. Cancer is a hideous and indiscriminate disease, a terrible way to die. To the members of the internet troll and defamation site ACCforum, lets all raise a glass to Evonne Grace Puru aka “Kiwiwine”. Jesus for a second there we may have been channeling Kevin fucking Milne


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