Did Gary Knowles cook this latest New Zealand police arrest warrant farce up?

Australian resident’s targeted with specious legal claims – Are New Zealand’s Halfwit Police Spin Doctors at it again?

Did Gary Knowles cook this latest New Zealand police arrest warrant farce up?

Did Gary Knowles cook this latest New Zealand police arrest warrant farce up, or was it his police legal section fuck-buddy, Ian McArthur?

This morning ex National party member of Parliament Tau Henare made his second court appearance on charges of having breached the name suppresion granted to his fellow Kiwi ex-politician, has-been rugby player and Central Otago resident Grahame Thorne.

The New Zealand mainstream media is playing down Henare’s appearance and has reported very little on the subject since Henare was charged earlier this month. A couple of small pieces appeared earlier today, we’ve decided on the New Zealand Herald’s tragic effort;

Former MP yet to delete online alleged suppression breach

A former National MP accused of breaching a high-profile name suppression order online says he will delete the offending online post – “if I can find it”.

The man appeared in Waitakere District Court today, two weeks after being charged, and asked for further time to instruct legal counsel.

But Judge John Bergseng said he had had ample opportunity and entered a not guilty plea.

It is alleged the former MP breached a suppression order in a social media post last month regarding the case of a well-known New Zealander who admitted to performing an indecent act after an incident in 2011.

NZME. News Service has chosen not to name the former MP because to do so may identify the well-known New Zealander.

Outside court the former MP said he was disappointed police prosecutors had not called him since his first appearance at the start of the month, as they had promised.

He confirmed he had not deleted the post but would do so if he could dig it out.

“It’s cool. If I get done for it, I expect the same treatment as the so-called victim,” he said.

Though he was quick to deny his actions were “a crusade”, he believed suppression laws should be reviewed.

“If you want change, you have to do whatever for little incremental changes.”

The man said that since he had been charged, the victim in the original case had emailed him in support of his actions.

“We’ve got this view that the victim doesn’t count and quite frankly I think we need to do a bit more to ensure the victim in any crime, big or small, is the focus of the justice system,” he said.

The former politician was still unsure whether he would defend the charge.

A warrant to arrest was issued by Christchurch District Court last week after a woman living in Australia allegedly breached the same suppression order.

The maximum penalties for breaching this type of court order are six months imprisonment or $100,000 fine for a body corporate.

Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11375525

The New Zealand police spin doctors have however been doing their utmost to employ their soviet era shit-slings in the vain hope that the use of more smoke and mirrors will go at least someway in curbing the growing public revolt against the clearly corrupt preferential treatment Grahame Thorne has received at the expense of his victim, central Otago woman Louise Hemsley.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 6.00.42 am

Greahame Thorne’s victim, Central Otago woman Louise Hemsley

In fact the Police spin doctors fired off their first shot on the 12th December, just 5 days ago, after charging Henare, with a media release clearly designed to intimidate anyone else who might have considered an online discussion on the subject of Thorne. The police’s specious attempt was in fact briefly alluded to nearing the end of the Herald article (obviously relying on the New Zealand Police press release below);

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.59.09 pm

We use the words “specious attempt” for very good reason. You see New Zealand police spin doctor Lisa-Marie Brooks seems to have been rather vague on the detail she offers up for public consumption.

Whilst we can all no doubt accurately deduce that the man who Lisa-Marie advises us all appeared in the Waitakere District Court was none other than Tau Henare, the question of who the person living in Australia, that police have supposedly charged, remains a complete mystery……and that may be just what it actually is, like so many mysteries, likely a fucking illusion, more police smoke and mirrors.

ex MP Tau Henare

Ex Kiw MP Tau Henare – “It’s cool. If I get done for it, I expect the same treatment as the so-called victim,”

It may not seem important, but it is in fact a very important question. Who is this mystery woman? LF suspects that if there has indeed been an “Australian resident” charged then it’s been done purely for effect.

Unless this unnamed woman committed the offending prior to leaving New Zealand then there is absolutely no prospect whatsoever of New Zealand police obtaining a conviction. Setting aside the New Zealand police force’s obvious fantasy of world domination, the countries jurisdiction and it’s domestic law end at the boarder.

LF suspects however that the New Zealand police have had the notoriously corrupt Christchurch legal section, headed up by the infamous Ian McArthur, whip up a criminal information, based on a variety of random material that police have likely obtained from someones “Facebook page”. Why else was the Christchurch Courts the origin of these alleged police charges and their so-called arrest warrant? The Thorne case was after all a matter for the Court at Dunedin, surely then, ipso facto, a matter for the Otago District Police Command.

In short, the bungling New Zealand police force have obviously trawled their way through thousands of “Facebook” posts, hand delivered by their mates at US secret squirrel sycophants Facebook central, then managed to locate some random woman who’s named Thorne, or posted links to an article doing so on her Facebook page, which also just happens to list her place of birth as New Zealand and of course her current location as Australia.

One of Ian McArthur’s corrupt little police legal bum-buddies has then obviously wrustled up a charge sheet and then nipped off down to the District Court at Christchurch where the all but useless document was filed.

Then during the morning’s 11:00am general business session, a halfwit police prosecutor stands and raises the issue of the charges with one of New Zealand’s notoriously inept District Court judge’s who’s either been none the wiser, or worse he was in on the scam, alleging that the “Australian resident” is at large and that they need an “urgent” arrest warrant so as to immediately apprehend her, yes a very likely scenario.

In fact given that the police actually do know her whereabouts one could also ask a few question’s around why it is that the police have not also made application to the Australian courts to commence extradition proceedings.

Of course the chances of an arrest, or for that matter extradition, actually occurring, beyond the realm of some Airport police officers mastabatory fantasies, is negligible, save some serious skullduggery on the part of Australian authorities, again completely unlikely; but then again that was not the purpose of the New Zealand police’s little exercise.

No, far from it. The real purpose was more likely to be overheard during a morning meeting over a vending machine coffee, or perhaps a conference call between senior police officers and their media spin doctors.

On this occasion lets assume that it was the young Lisa-Marie Brook’s, a young woman clearly more used to enabling journo’s to spin a few yarns around the cold wasteland’s of Antartica than she is dealing with the shit splattered cliff face of New Zealand police corruption.

Oh to have been a fly on the wall of that tiny little office at Christchurch central Police Station, the new building, the old one fell over during the earthquake.

The fact is that no one knows who this mystery woman is, in fact if the mystery woman even exists, and that is just what the police had intended. Their completely transparent game simply to dissuade ex-pat Kiwi’s living off-shore from fanning the flames of the Graham Thorne story any further by giving it more social media oxygen.

Lets look at this logically. Unless something dramatic has changed in the past month, such as New Zealand having suddenly joined the Commonwealth of Australia, which if it has we must have missed, referendum and all, then this so-called arrest warrant is a load of shit.

Sure, if the woman exists, the offence committed on New Zealand soil and the warrant has been issued, it may have an effect, should the mystery woman ever decide to re-enter New Zealand. But, and there is a very large but, it was always incumbent on the police to notify this mystery woman of the fact that she was a person of interest in their enquiries, to advise her of the fact that police wished to interview her, under statutory caution of course (See: Section 23, NZ Bill Of Rights Act 1990).

So have they notified the mystery woman? Have they even spoken to her? If not well then she could simple apply to have the so-called arrest warrant set aside, a relatively simple procedure, only in the event of course that she wishes to save any embarrassment should she suddenly loose her fucking mind or become a drug addled dribbling nut that had on the spur of the moment decided to re-commence her miserable existence in New Zealand….which is again extremely unlikely.

What does the New Zealand Crimes Act 1961 have to say about jurisdiction:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.29.58 pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.39.15 pm

Lets also take a look at the Criminal Procedure Act 2011, more specifically the only applicable part, Section 211:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.41.39 pm

Not a word in either statute documenting the recent extension to New Zealand’s amazing extraterritorial powers, excepting of course the provisions that have long existed in the Crimes Act, dealing with completely unrelated serious crime such as terrorism, people smuggling, organised criminal groups, such as drug runners, child prostitution and sexual exploitation.

It would be complete insanity to believe that New Zealand laws somehow applied to Australian’s, or Australian residents, New Zealand citizens or not, going about their business on Australian soil. The last we looked at the Australian constitution New Zealand was not a member State or Territory, nor is it ever likely to be, any such relationship having ended on the 1st July 1841, when New Zealand seceded from the British Colony of New South Wales.

Of course the slippery Mr Ian McArthur at Christchurch’s infamously inept and corrupt Canterbury district command may very well have tinkered with the police informations, claiming for example that this mystery woman had set up her Facebook page whilst resident in New Zealand, or that she had conspired with others, but that’s certainly not going to fly. If that, or anything along similar lines ever got up, New Zealand’s Courts would become a bigger laughing-stock than they already are.

The fact is that police, again if the mystery woman even exists, have likely corresponded with her and she has very politely told them to fuck-off, or perhaps even suggested that the police officer on the other end of the telephone try on a lubricated horse cock for size. That certainly appears a more likely scenario given the “claimed” existence of the all important arrest warrant. A warrant that, if a discussion around the application of “horse cocks” did in fact take place, is likely worth less than the cheap A4 it’s printed on.

If this “Australian resident” published the material in Australia then she has committed absolutely no offence, no laws have been broken. After all, Derryn Hinch, another Australian citizen and “resident”, published the exact same material on 15th July and again on the 16th, 2014. Has there been a warrant issued for Hinch’s arrest in New Zealand? No of course there hasn’t.

Mr Hinch has in fact only just returned from New Zealand where he has been touring the country, obviously as the guest of Tourism New Zealand, an attempt to sell the the South Pacfic shit-hole to his die-hard Australian fans.

Hinch was not arrested either entering or leaving New Zealand, why? Well other than the fact that the Kiwi’s had obviously paid Hinch aka “The Human Healine” a shit-load of cash to push their rain soaked rock, its simple enough; because no fucking offences had been committed.

Of course the New Zealand police do not want their adoring public knowing that their so-call charges and the alleged arrest warrant were simply a media strategy hastily slapped together, then published, for no other purpose than a rather crude attempt to intimidate the thousands of expat Kiwi’s who are just as outraged as Hinch and team LF.

This mystery woman, again if she even exists, likely has no intention of ever gracing New Zealand with her presence, of course she would not be alone in that particular decision; thousands of expat New Zealander’s no doubt feel exactly the same way, they too undoubtedly have that sinking feeling, a deeply disturbing crawling skin sensation, when ever they are given reason to contemplate the land of the long white shroud.

Well over half a million New Zealander’s are now permanent Australian residents, a large percentage of that number Australian Citizens, and a sizeable chunk of them have absolutely no intention, despite the horse shit propaganda thats often printed in the New Zealand media, of ever again stepping foot on New Zealand soil.

So who amongst these “desperate to return” expat Kiwi’s drew the short straw that Lisa-Marie Brooke pulled out of her arse, or was it pulled from Garry Knowles colostomy bag?

We’re not all fucking idiots! Although, having said that, it seems almost obvious that New Zealand police spin doctors, the like’s of Lisa-Marie Brooke and her corrupt masters, may well be groaning under the weight of their own deluded schema; and to think the New Zealand mainstream media fell for it….hook line and fucking sinker!

Or is it yet again another glowing example of the New Zealand media and the country’s journo’s being complicit in police attempts to knowingly mislead the public?

We’ll leave readers to decide that one of themselves.

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  • Well done LF about this ex MP, and the Polices pathetic attempt to allege that a New Zealander living under the rule of law of another nation comes across a piece of information, and publishes it free of breach in that other country, somehow in law, breaches an idiot judges decision to grant name suppression to a scumbag like this ex all black. I cannot mention this losers name as the Police might use a helicopter, Police attack dogs, and armed to the teeth coppers, to raid my suburban dwelling terrifying my wife and children in order that law and order is upheld. What this is about is that the Courts and the Cops are fully aware that they are being seen and treated as idiots, and they are not welcome in the homes of most New Zealanders. Change needs to come, and it needs to be drastic change which forces Judges and cops to be accountable just like every other New Zealander is, – oh accept for those that have friends in power like this loser did. As for Mac’s comment – well, a reference in an Australian Act of circa 1900, is hardly relevant today given the matters that you adroitly pointed out. That is why LF is the very best read about.

  • My support goes out to Tau Henare.
    The powers that be may wallow around in their delusional ideas of grandeur and self importance, but i for one with feet firmly grounded say: it is preposterous to think that a pending sentence imposed on Tau for breaking a court suppression order will surpass that handed down to the douche bag/ molester(er) he exposed!! That this slime ball who unfettered, surreptitiously went about stalking womenfolk whilst husbands were at work going about their normal lawful business gets off scot-free is outrageous! He is a criminal who had criminal intent to commit a crime! Duh! The judiciary ruling is not only capricious but sets a dangerous precedent for the future of us all, the ordinary everyday tax paying public of this country. Yet they, that part of Government that is deemed to administer justice (as described by every dictionary in Christendom) does instead put the welfare of the innocuous, the innocent and unwary in jeopardy by protecting this scumbag for reasons we the public are not privy to and no reason given forthwith.. though you don’t have to be a genius to work that one out anyway.
    Its about time NZers got up and angry, demanded their right to know who these persons are, these ratbags who we the unwitting, through no fault of our own welcome into our homes oblivious to the dangers our loved ones are being placed in.
    As for Tau? Well, a famous Russian/American novelist Ayn Rand once said “There is no way to rule an ‘innocent man’. The only power any Government has is the power to crack down on criminals, that if there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking the law!! How true. Sir Winston Churchill himself stated that “if you have 10,000 regulations you destroy all respect for the law.
    Well our judicial system certainly seems to be at odds with distinguishing between a couple of regulations namely the difference between what is right and what is not! which in itself is an irony, certainly a conundrum even possibly an oxymoron but most definitely a travesty of all the basic fundamental principles relating to the nurturing of good civilized behavior and more importantly respect for one another.

  • Mac Maclean says:

    Actually according to the Australian constitution, NZ is a part of the Australian Commonwealth

    • No New Zealand is not a member State or Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia, nor has it ever been.

      New Zealand was in fact a part of the the Colony of New South Wales until July 1st 1841, when New Zealand was declared a Colony in its own right.

      As a result of that historical relationship New Zealand, along with Fiji, were invited to be party to the forming of an Australasian Commonwealth. New Zealand had representatives at three of the meetings, between 1883-1891 and was a party, as was Fiji, to the early negotiations (prior to federation in 1901, when Edmond Barton (1849 -1920) became the first Prime Minister of Australa), the first such meeting was held at the Tenterfield school of Arts on the NSW/Queensland border on 24th October 1889 convened by the father of Federation NSW premier Sir Henry Parkes (1815 -1896). New Zealand however ultimately declined the invitation during the latter stages of the negotiations following the Sydney conference of 1890.

      The then New Zealand premier Harry Atkinson, and his government indicated that the Colony of New Zealand was not interested in joining an Australian Commonwealth, but that he would like to see provision left should a future government wish to join at some point (that is the provision, and it is only a provision, that you have noted in the preamble of the Constitution; your link supplied).

      As a result there remains a somewhat limited opportunity for New Zealand to apply for membership should it wish to do so. Such an application however would require a referendum, put to the people of Australia – hence our reference to having “missed the referendum”.

      Thus, New Zealand is not and never has been a member of the Commonwealth of Australia, now more commonly referred to simply as AUSTRALIA. The provision for it to join the Commonwealth is not taken particularly seriously (some would also argue that its not common knowledge) and in no way effects or imparts any preferential status on New Zealand as a country or its citizens. Under Australian law New Zealand is most definately considered a foreign jurisdiction who’s laws hold absolutely no sway in Australia. We suspect that any such attempt to make application using the provision may in this day and age be treated with suspicion by some Australians and would likely result in a constitutional challenge.

      Our argument stands!

      Subsequent agreemants such as the CER trade agreement, ratified in 1983 and the more recent 2012 Australia and New Zealand Jurisdiction and Judgments Scheme, which relates to Commonwealth civil law are simply treaties and can at a moments notice be altered or revoked, as was seen when Australian Prime Minister the Hon John Howard removed entitlements for New Zealander’s (for absentee’s and new arrivals) under the Special Category visa (SCV), effective 26th February 2001.

      Successive Commonwealth governments have since come under growing domestic pressure to further reduce the free flow of New Zealander’s into Australia, especially given the Commonwealths commitments elsewhere.

      • Mac Maclean says:

        Thanks for the explanation! As a Kiwi in Aussie I am seeing firsthand and the issues around revoking of treaties (SCV).

      • Sorry to hear about your problems Mac, we suspect you may be one of many, but unfortunately you only have the New Zealand government to blame for Howard’s decision. Successive New Zealand governments have rellied on the Australian tax payer to carry the burden of their own failing state, it simply could not continue as it was without the New Zealand government chipping in and lifting its game on at least two fronts: Welfare payments and immigration laws, the latter, even with the changes, still posing a serious national security problem for Australia to this day –

        See: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11375893

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