Inspector Kerry Watson was assaulted on the job

Senior Kiwi cop attacked for a second time – Pure chance, or is there more to this story than the public are being told?

Inspector Kerry Watson was assaulted on the job

Standing outside the Northern Wairoa Hotel in Dargaville, Inspector Kerry Watson, bashed on the job twice in a decade…what exactly was Kerry’s job late last Sunday night, and what did happen to the New Zealand Herald article that this photo was originally used in?

The New Zealand Herald is this morning reporting on yet another story of one of that countries thick blue line being attacked whilst on the job. Apparently Inspector Kerry Watson was on “patrol” when one of the country’s motorists decided he was going to put Watson in hospital, or at least on medical leave. As usual the new Zealand Herald has failed to provide any of the very interesting background detail behind Inspector Kerry Watson’s rise through police ranks, which we will of course come to soon enough. The New Zealand Heralds Morgan Tait opined:

Man faces charges including aggravated assault after senior policeman pulls over motorist for no lights.

5:00 AM Tuesday Dec 23, 2014

A senior Auckland policeman is recovering from facial injuries after an alleged attack by a man he pulled over at the weekend – and it is not the first time he has been assaulted on the job.

Metro Auckland shift commander Inspector Kerry Watson was repeatedly punched in the face and head after he stopped a vehicle being driven with no headlights in Mangere on Sunday.

Counties Manukau Police spokeswoman Kimberley Matthews said Inspector Watson was patrolling the South Auckland suburb on Sunday night when he saw the car.

“He used lights and sirens in an attempt to pull the vehicle over,” she said. “When the vehicle stopped less than 100m away, Inspector Watson was allegedly threatened and attacked by the driver who was the only person in the vehicle.”

Mrs Matthews said a police dog unit was called to the scene and helped Inspector Watson arrest a 45-year-old man, who will appear in Manukau District Court tomorrow charged with aggravated assault, driving while disqualified, escaping custody, threatening behaviour and refusing a request for a blood sample.

Inspector Watson was treated by medical staff and is recovering at home, where he and his family were being supported by police. He does not wish to speak about the ordeal.

In 2001, Mr Watson and a colleague were attacked by up to 15 people outside a Dargaville pub when they were called to break up a fight. He was punched to the ground so hard that he partially lost consciousness, while his colleague was dragged down the street and kicked in the pelvis.

The latest attack came just two days after Napier policeman constable Adam Blummont was run down by a driver fleeing a drink-drive checkpoint.

The Police Association has condemned the serious attacks, saying they are on the rise and the Government needs to do more to protect officers.

Waitemata Police District Commander Superintendent Bill Searle said: “The welfare of our staff is important to us and we are working to support all police staff following this incident. Police should not be subject to any kind of physical violence while in the role of protecting the community.”

Police Association president Senior Sergeant Greg O’Connor also condemned the attack.

“Yet another weekend has gone by with two serious assaults on police officers,” he said.

“Members of the public need to remember while they’re at the beach enjoying Christmas there will be police officers out there facing these risks and getting seriously assaulted in bigger numbers.”

Overall, assaults on police officers were down, but serious assaults had risen 30 per cent since 2009, he said.

“There is a belief among certain parts of society that if you plant the boot and race away from police that are trying to stop you they won’t pursue you.”

Something needed to be done at the highest level to further protect staff.

What happened
*Sunday: Auckland shift commander Inspector Kerry Watson repeatedly punched allegedly by a man he pulled over for driving with no headlights in Mangere.
*Tomorrow: 45-year-old to appear in the Manukau District Court charged with aggravated assault, driving while disqualified, escaping custody, threatening behaviour and refusing a request for a blood sample.


Whilst Tait does touch on an earlier assault this particular officer suffered a few years back whilst he was serving in Dargaville she seems to have left a shitload of information out of the story.

Perhaps her readers might have been interested in the fact that whilst this particular Inspector was arresting and helping to incarcerate his fellow citizens for a variety of criminal offending both he and his then female police fuck-buddy, Constable Sharyn Sain Tumataroa (aka Sharyn Tumataroa-Sain; aka Sharyn Sain; aka Sharyn Tumataroa), seem themselves to have been engaging in the very same criminal offending.

Constable Sharyn Sain Tumataroa

Constable Sharyn Sain Tumataroa

In fact so annoyed by this clear police hypocrisy someone went to extraordinary lengths back in March 2007 to prove it by recording a telephone conversation with the Inspector not long after he had put in his application for a transfer from Auckland’s infamous Manukau police district to Dargaville.

It seems that even Greg O’Connor does not know, or does not want the public knowing about the allegations of drug use, misfeasance and corruption that have been levelled against this particular cop and a few of his Manukau Counties mates, on more than one occasion, in the past.

In the recording below our intrepid caller, himself obviously an ex cop, and clearly with a bone to pick, manages to get Inspector Kerry Watson to admit his police officer girlfriends recreational use of Ganja.

Ex Senior Sergeant Dean Munden?: I sort of, actually I was a bit suss there, I sort of thought what the fuck is a girl like that doing in the police if she’s smoking bloody drugs.

Inspector Kerry Watson: You wont mention it to anyone else though will you?

At the end of the tape Inspector Watson offers the caller his police email address and contact telephone number for both work and home.

Email –

Telephone – o9 4390345

Of course all of this information is freely available on the web, an old blog that appears to have been more active between December 2004 and October 2008. In large part the blog focuses on the Counties Manukau police area command where Watson had been stationed before being transferred to Dargaville and then aparently back to Auckland.

Detective Inspector Steve Rutherford

Detective Inspector Steve Rutherford

It appears that the blog may have been established and published by an ex cop, one Senior Sergeant Dean Collin Munden, who in 2001 sued the New Zealand police, seeking $500,000 compensation for breach of contract and statutory duty under the State Sector Act. Munden’s case following that of Detective senior sergeant Dayle Candy, also formerly stationed at Counties Manukau, who had sued police, an action brought as a result of the alleged behaviour of Counties Manukau crime manager Detective Inspector Steve Rutherford.

The blog in question can be found at

Whether it’s is Munden writing the blog or not is not that important, what is clear however is that the author is most certainly an ex police officer who has a lot of inside information at his disposal, including details surrounding the case of Senior Sergeant Mark Creedy who was allegedly set up by senior Counties Manukau cops, eventually taking his case all the way to appeal before eventually prevailing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 10.57.38 am

Police pressured into ‘inaccurate’ statements

Brett Stonyer, a former police constable, told the Herald on Sunday he was promised his “stripes” – promotion to sergeant – if he signed a statement against Mr Creedy.

When he expressed concern that the statement was not a fair account of what happened, he was pressured to sign. “I was too concerned about my career to see the wood from the trees.”

Mr Stonyer, who is now a customer relations manager for an international bank, denied that he had gone as far as lying in his statement but said “you can lean the evidence to strengthen your case”.

He claimed he was told to “push the boundaries of telling lies under oath and I wouldn’t do it”…….

….But what he did do was sign a statement that was misleading. “It was worded in such a way that implied a major sexual come-on, when in fact it was just mucking around.

“I tried to say to them that this was not right, that the whole place does it. But they told me to sign it.”

The resulting statement, which Mr Stonyer now says was inaccurate and exaggerated, effectively helped to end Mr Creedy’s career.

The statement incident followed an informal complaint by Mr Stonyer to his supervisor, about the level of violence used by police when apprehending offenders, and harassment of a young female constable which had got out of hand.

Yesterday Mr Stonyer said he despised the way the police had behaved and dealt with both the Creedy case and his own. Mr Stonyer eventually left the police in 2002 after he felt he could no longer do his job safely.

He alleges he was assaulted by a sergeant and other police for being a “snitch” and that staff would not work with him because they knew he would not be given backup in dangerous situations. Mr Stonyer has since taken his own personal grievance against the police and has settled out of court.


Now back to this mornings Herald article. Just who was the mystery man that allegedly assaulted Inspector Kerry Watson? An arrest has been made so why has the alleged offenders name been withheld, either by police or the Herald’s journo?

Why exactly is it that a very senior police officer, the police Northern District’s communications manager, was allegedly on traffic duty in the first place?

Come on people, the police spin doctors must be at it again. They expect us all to believe that Kerry Watson, a very senior police officer, an Inspector no less, was out “patrolling” a South Auckland suburb late on a Sunday night, get real:

“Counties Manukau Police spokeswoman Kimberley Matthews said Inspector Watson was patrolling the South Auckland suburb on Sunday night when he saw the car.

“He used lights and sirens in an attempt to pull the vehicle over,” she said. “When the vehicle stopped less than 100m away, Inspector Watson was allegedly threatened and attacked by the driver who was the only person in the vehicle.”

Mrs Matthews said a police dog unit was called to the scene and helped Inspector Watson arrest a 45-year-old man, who will appear in Manukau District Court tomorrow charged with aggravated assault, driving while disqualified, escaping custody, threatening behaviour and refusing a request for a blood sample.”


As for Watson himself well he’s apparently now at home recovering, in fact reading between the lines the police spin doctors have actually warned the journo off contacting poor old Kerry, there was no quote from Watson whatsoever, just the journo’s one line “He does not wish to speak about the ordeal.”…..Why is that exactly?

Surely, it would have been an ideal opportunity for the police northern communications manager to grab a headline or two, the human interest angle perhaps? At least it might have gone someway in supporting that crap that both Greg O’Connor and Bill Searle are now peddling. Or perhaps Bill Searle and his Counties Manukau police hierarchy really didn’t want to many potentially embarrassing questions being asked of Inspector Watson, the senior management cop who for some strange reason prefers to cruise the streets of South Auckland late on a Sunday night and not spend time with the wife and kids! Or was it that Watson had been stalking a nemesis, following him home from his local watering hole, it’s an oldie but a goodie, a strategy that bent cops all over Australasia have been known to use. There we go starting nasty rumours again, but it is of course a possibility, especially given the absence of any real information from either the Herald or the police. It could very well have been anyone that the police had decided to harass, anyone who had shown police up as either corrupt or incompetent. More often than not its this sort of behaviour that’s behind police assaults on police, especially given the age of the alleged assailant.

Whatever the true circumstances, there is something about this particular New Zealand Herald story that just does not feel right. In fact it just feels decidedly fucking lumpy. The first thing that stands out is that the story was written by Morgan Tait, the Heralds “consumer affairs columnist”, not exactly a good fit we would have thought.

Then there’s the fact that the corrupt Inspector Kerry Watson is obviously despised by a number of ex cops, some of them having arguably been straight cops who Watson seems to have assisted in getting rid of. One or more of them having also clearly caused Watson and his fellow corrupt Counties Manukau police management a few serious public relations headaches over the years.

There’s also the fact that those same ex cops in all likelihood number among the authors who have gone on to publish the details of Inspector Watson’s behaviour online, in various blog posts, including This is where Munden’s involvement in the blog or not might just be important. According to the New Zealand Companies Office Munden, unlike many of the others, still appears to live in his old police stomping ground of Manukau……..Kingsclere Place, Goodwood Heights, Wiri, 2105 to be precise;

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 12.54.58 pm

Whilst the material presented on the “three simians”  blog is far from complete, and arguably perhaps a little incoherent, one is however able to piece together a fairly good picture of who, why, where, and how.

It is of course none the less still historic content. LF have known of the blogs existence since it was first established but had it not been for todays NZ Herald coverage of the alleged assault on Inspector Kerry Watson we would probably not have paid it too much attention beyond that which we brought to the attention of our readers sometime ago.

But last Sunday nights events, the fact that police have arrested the alleged perpetrator responsible for assaulting a senior cop, that the perpetrator has undoubtedly, two days after the fact, been brought before the courts, and yet, the identity of the so-called 45 year old male driver remains a mystery, despite absolutely no evidence being presented by the Herald that would even remotely suggest name suppression had been sought or in fact granted.

This case will, we suspect, be very interesting….that’s if it ever gets to see the light of day, with the much needed media attention it clearly deserves.

Is Bill Searle overseeing another of his coverups?

Is Bill Searle overseeing another of his cover-ups? It certainly feels like it, even if he’s not responsible.

As for the historic “threesimians” material, what with the many police complaints, the civil law suits and the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) [now the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA)] investigations that seem to have gone nowhere, it’s all yet again more evidence of the culture of cover-up and spin that’s become entrenched behaviour within New Zealand’s ‘Thick Blue Line‘.

As fellow anti police corruption website also noted a while back:

You won’t mention it, will you?

May 14, 2014

More sex, drugs and secrets in the New Zealand Police.

This is very old information …. but I again found myself drawn to it.
In a taped telephone recording Inspector Kerry Watson, from Police communications can be heard saying, “you wont mention it to anyone else though, will you? in regards to a female officer (his girlfriend) smoking illegal substances.
The recording gives evidence that WATSON was witness to and aware of an officer using an illegal substance and he didn’t want the man he was talking to tell anyone. He then obviously becomes aware the call maybe recorded and tried to back track after already claiming the same female officer used to smoke it by the packet full when she was in the navy……
This makes you wonder if he was smoking as well??
and just encase there was any doubt Watson was the second voice, at the end he kindly provides his phone number and email address.


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  • kia ora Lauda Finem & congrats for your ongoing satire of ‘our finest.’

    The old saying ‘what goes around comes around springs to mind re the ‘good Inspector’.

    The case involving drugs you refer to, had way more sinister undertones than an off duty cop smoking cannabis. It was actually a targeted police campaign by elements of the then corrupt administration of the Counties-Manukau Police, to sideline the then senior sergeant’s employment dispute.

    The former senior sergeant was constructively dismissed after highlighting the dire health & safety issues surrounding the lack of portable police radios for frontline police staff. Unfortunately this corrupt administration had left an almighty paper trail that sealed their fate for the subsequent pending civil action against the police department.

    So, some of these Counties-Manukau cowboy desperados set about destroying evidence, manufacturing evidence & embarking on a concerted campaign to set the senior sergeant up, preferably by orchestrating his arrest. This was a conspiracy designed to undermine his credibility & stomp out any threat he posed to that corrupt organization.

    These two dumb arses ‘Dumb & Dumber’ – Watson & Sain Tumataroa, failed miserably & the senior sergeant saw their pitiful conspiratorial efforts a mile off, recording the phone conversation ( one of many ) with Watson, & releasing the recorded evidence of the drug taking police constable, on the internet as an mp3 for download.

    The senior sergeant’s Civil action was eventually ceased after the police dragged the Court process out for several years, courtesy of the ‘Clown Law Office.’ stonewalling, & the former senior sergeant was not in a position financially, to continue the fight.

    What followed was a concerted effort by the police & their cronies, to force the brokering of a confidentiality-silencing agreement & bring to a halt, a separate Tribunal process against one of the police’s other subaltern dogs.

    The former senior sergeant told the police to shove their confidentiality ‘agreement’ up their arse & after some ‘horse trading’ paid a pittance of costs to the police as the applicant withdrawing their civil action. The former senior sergeant retains all his rights to speak out against the corrupt dealings of some of the then ranks of the Counties-Manukau Police.

    At a subsequent Tribunal hearing, one of the police’s other subaltern dogs in the pack, ( not Watson or Sain-Tumataraoa but another dog ) was found guilty as proven & was censured, placed under supervision & hit with a substantial monetary penalty.

    Well, amazing that the police would plumb to such depths in order to extract themselves from a mere very sticky employment dispute.

    Fabrication of Evidence, Perverting the Course of Justice, Perjury, Carrying out an unauthorized & unsanctioned set up operation involving illegal drugs…

    ….wow, no wonder Arthur Alan Thomas & David Bain never had a chance.

    Trust the police..yeah Right!

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