Solicitor General and police use fabricated evidential test to avoid prosecuting prison officers

To think that it was only yesterday that police commissioner Mike Bush was advising his fellow New Zealander’s of how the country’s police force had made significant “behind the scenes” changes in the way it did business in 2014 – that the leopard had changed it’s spots. Looking at the evidence contained in this excellent article by Roger Brooking it’s more likely been a case of the old dog having learnt a few new tricks.

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  • Why are you surprised by Heron’s conduct? Heron considers it acceptable for his Deputy Solicitor-General to use their statutory powers to Stay criminal prosecutions in which they are name co-defendants.

    • Hi John,

      What on earth made you think that we were surprised?

      Nothing at all surprises team LF when it comes to the New Zealand police or its fucked-up slowly collapsing judicial system.

      • You used the words “more likely a case of…”, instead of ‘it is plainly obvious’ a case of the old dog having learnt a few new tricks from a corrupt Official, Solicitor-General, Michael Heron.

      • NZ’s white wash police and justice system.Complete BS but how do we change it ?

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