New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush, Why is it that unlike other police forces with a history of corruption the Kiwis refuse to acknowledge the evil within?

Has Police Commissioner Mike Bush’s personality disorder progressed; from garden variety idiot to exceptionally dangerous psychopath?

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush, Why is it that unlike other police forces with a history of corruption the Kiwis refuse to acknowledge the evil within?

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush – Why is it that unlike other police forces with a history of corruption the Kiwis just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the evil within? On this point alone Mike Bush would have to have been, and continues to be, the most unsuitable candidate for the job, and yet he was handed the job on a platter – why?

Back in January LF questioned police commissioner Mike Bush’s intellectual prowess and the integrity of the New Zealand mainstream media when Bush was permitted to hijack the New Zealand Herald, a major daily, purely for police propaganda purposes. In fact at the time it was not so much his intellectual prowess that was in question, more Bush’s state of mind, his mental health. Yesterday however commissioner Bush was permitted to go much further, for the high jump so to speak. With this his latest effort Bush proved beyond any doubt that he is not just a complete tool but an extremely dangerous one, exactly the same type of tool that inhabited Adolf Hitlers Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi) political machine in the early 1930’s. In fact Bush, like many of Hitlers close associates, seems to lack any respect for the academics of this world, oh and the serious research that’s being conducted into police, in this case in New Zealand by Dr Bryce Edwards a specialist in this field. Bush also has three other very dangerous aspects to his personality, a distinct lack empathy, little if any humility and a delusional grasp on reality.

Just how deluded can a police commissioner be? New Zealand’s Mike Bush answers the question. (Lauda Finem 03/01/2015)

There is of course another dangerous precedent in history when it comes to the public vilification of academics, their studies, research and the results. That’s right, it was those damn Nazi’s again. Of course the Nazi’s took it one step further by imprisoning or murdering Germany’s academics or anyone that disagreed with their manifesto and then spending a night or two burning every book they could lay their hands on.  Of course today it would be the internet that would undoubtedly be the target of budding national socialists, and of course any blogger that dared oppose those neo Nazi’s that would be at risk of burning – which of course, strangely enough, are currently the medium, for conveying knowledge and opinion, that Mike Bush and his police force have sort and obtained the obscene powers they needed to control – at least in New Zealand. In fact Kiwi Blogger Martyn Bradbury has personal experience of the extreme lengths the New Zealand police are prepared to go to when shutting down any form of public descent or political protest surrounding their own behaviour.

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Would New Zealand police Commissioner Mike Bush feel right at home in this crowd? After all this mob also held the belief that they were just “defending the defenders” – Just like Bush, and his wannabe paramilitary police service, most of this lot weren’t real soldiers either!

Bush, or whoever actually wrote the latest article published in his name, proves to be far removed from the academic world of facts and empirical evidence, which is actually not that unusual for a Kiwi cops – look at their record in criminal investigation. In what was obviously intended to be a response to Dr Edwards extremely well researched articles Bush falls well short, the result little more than a hodgepodge of crap, spin and horse-shit, bordering on the amateur, but nevertheless however bad, its still a completely transparent police propaganda puff piece.

We’ll let our readers however decide for themselves, Police National Headquarters spin-doctors, aka Mike Bush, opines:

Police Commissioner Mike Bush: In defence of New Zealand’s defenders

By Police Commissioner Mike Bush

I challenge Dr Bryce Edwards to get out from behind his desk and see first-hand the outstanding work 12,000 New Zealand Police staff do every day.

I have no doubt this would give him a better-informed picture of modern policing, rather than re-visiting a selective handful of high-profile issues dating back over the past 50 years.

Space does not allow me to respond point-by-point to his assertions, nor am I in a position to re-litigate the historic cases.

I can, however, say he grossly misrepresents New Zealand Police, particularly our victim-focused frontline staff who work tirelessly every day to prevent crime and deal with the worst behaviour in our communities.

Police staff make difficult decisions every day while displaying courage and resilience.

On behalf of the communities they serve, they deal with situations which, thankfully, most of the public don’t have to experience.

Every year police respond to 1.94 million phone calls for advice or assistance and about 772,000 emergency calls.

I am proud to say the overwhelming majority of these are dealt with in line with our core values of professionalism and empathy.

This is why New Zealand Police has levels of trust and confidence that are the envy of most equivalent overseas jurisdictions.

This is so important to us that we continually measure public perceptions of police using the independent research company Gravitas.

The overall result for last year showed “high” or “very high” trust and confidence at 78 per cent, from a sample of 9260 members of the public.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Recent reports from the State Services Commission and the independent research company UMR ranked police highly on public perceptions.

The police force was the second highest Government institution in which the public had “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence”, according to UMR.

As Commissioner I am not complacent about these numbers. We can only achieve the best outcomes for communities – that they be safe and feel safe – if we have the consent of the public.

This is why our overall vision is to have the trust and confidence of all.

We must earn that trust every day, and be continually focused on achieving it.

Trust is also built on owning and being accountable for our mistakes. We don’t claim to get it right every time and our staff are only human. We apologise and work hard to put things right when we get it wrong.

Police is rightly one of the most scrutinised of any Government agency, be it from the courts, Government, media, the public or other agencies, especially the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

I reject outright any suggestion that police is “thumbing its nose” at the IPCA. The authority is vital in helping us learn from our mistakes and continuously improve.

I must also challenge two other points Edwards raised.

Does he really think that a 100 per cent resolution rate for murder is just a “box-ticking” way for police to “prove themselves”?

I’d say it is something the public should rightly expect.

And are 23,000 incoming social media contacts from the public every week just a product of “slick marketing” as he seems to think?

In my view, our 40-odd Facebook pages are vital tools for engaging with local communities to prevent and solve crime.

Edwards may be one of the minority who just don’t like police. I have no issue with that and we have broad shoulders when it comes to criticism.

But I take issue when he undermines and misleads about the good work of modern police staff.

I will leave the final word to a young constable who contacted me directly after reading the article.

He represents the New Zealand Police of today, not 50 years ago.

“As a cop who is 2-years in, I’m learning to tolerate negative and inaccurate media reporting. But this article is the worst I’ve read since joining.

“It just bugs me that my colleagues and I bust our guts to catch criminals and help victims, yet all we get is negative publicity. Having said that I’m still loving the job.”

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  • reason says:

    `As far as I’m aware the drug squad was the first unit to train its members to perjure themselves in court via the ‘simulated smoking’ scam that they played on judges and jury s.

    The drug squads were also the means the police got granted more and more powers which they abused to the full.

    It’s how they got the public used to goons in uniforms kicking in doors ……. something I always thought the old soldiers from WWII went to war to protect us from.

    Clint Rickards, Mike Sabin and Greg oCONner were all drug squad cops.

    The cops love abusing power and this is clearly shown by their continual support for criminalizing the users of Cannabis.

    NZ police 2015: Roastbusting is not a crime …………… but smoking a joint is.

  • Bush – the most senior patched member of NZ’s only legal gang of thugs.

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