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New Zealand Herald stunt fails, but the fascist State rolls on

Warning: If you are a resident of New Zealand you may be inviting a police visit simply by reading this post.

At 4:50pm Kiwi local time, Friday the 1st of April 2016, the New Zealand Herald published the article below, interesting the article was not attributed to any one journalist:

Prominent New Zealander charged with indecent assault keeps name suppression

4:50 PM Friday Apr 1, 2016

A prominent New Zealander facing indecent assault charges will keep the name suppression protecting his identity until the end of his trial.

The trial is due to begin on Monday. The man has denied the charges against him.

There are heavy suppression orders over the case, meaning the man cannot be identified, nor can his alleged victims or their ages.

The man is facing 12 charges of indecent assault against two people including two representative charges.

The charges, which include allegations of touching the complainants on the breast, buttocks, groin and thigh, are punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment.


The timing of the release is an extraordinarily cynicle attempt to conceal the news from as many Kiwis as possible, a time when everyone was leaving work with their focus on the Friday evening ahead.

The article is of course already well over a week old, that is the New Zealand media, the Herald in this case, delayed any reporting of the event, Mike Sabin’s appearance in the Whangarei court on or about the 15th of March 2016.


This pair don’t need any introduction

In fact just a few days prior to the 15th John Key had paid a visit to Whangarei, and soon after local National party MP Dr Shane Reti started up the National party’s antiquated smoke generator and began dissing Wicked Campers.

LF Tip: When a New Zealand Herald article is not attributed to a staff journalist then one of two things has occurred- A. its been nicked from a foreign news source, or B. something seriously dodgy has been happening behind the veil.

The New Zealand Herald also got busy at that time, either by arrangement or by buying into the National party spin-doctors stratagem, they started reporting on Dr Reti’s smoke screen; they too trying their absolute hardest to keep the public focus on trashing the reputation of Australian based tourism operator Wicked Campers, aka Juicy Love Pty Limited (See bibliography below).

You know that something is up when National Party cockerel & political blogger Cameron Slater joins the scum bag choristers, humming the same tune, none can of course hold a note. Slater was crowing on about what he termed “Wicked’s vigilantism”…….Pot Kettle Black perhaps?

WICKED CAMPERS VIGILANTISM LEAVES ME UNHAPPY – Cameron Slater, Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 3:30pm

Admittedly it was very strange watching David Fisher and Cameron Slater back in the saddle again, riding shotgun for the National party, working a mob of extra white sheep like two wily one eyed old cattle dogs. Who ever said Nicky Hager was an idiot?

Wicked Campers feeling the heat – David Fisher, Sunday March 27, 2016

The diversionary tactic no doubt worked, at least in as much as it kept some Kiwi’s on social media busy and, as was the plan, looking the other way. It did not however fool the more educated cynic, which included anyone who had been disgusted enough by the National party’s covering-up of a political rort during the 2014 elections, to have been maintaining a high degree of vigilance.


Whangarei MP Shane Reti, the man responsible for kick-starting the New Zealand National party’s smoke generators

The New Zealand Herald and in particular Shayne Currie the papers editor should be ashamed of themselves, first for believing they were smarter than the average Kiwi, and secondly for playing a very dangerous game, the subversion of a democracy and its political and legal institutions.

This behavior could not have been entertained anywhere other than New Zealand. Had it happened in Australia the media would have been all over the politicians involved until they had the truth, even if that meant multiple court challenges; Australian history tells us this is the case. So how is it that the New Zealand Prime Minister can lie like a fucking flat fish and get away with it? That’s a question that all Kiwi’s should now be asking themselves.

Of course the old public interest test in New Zealand seems to be at odds with the same test that’s applied elsewhere.

Successive New Zealand Governments have serious form when it comes to burying Child sexual abuse. This is certainly not the first case that has been kept on the hush, eventually buried.

Then there is the attitude of Paula Bennett back in 2012 when Australian labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the Royal Commission into the Institutional response to Child Sexual abuse. Bennett then poo-pooing the notion that a New Zealand government should even consider following suit.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 00.27.54

Kiwi MP and all round political scrag Paula Bennett

Bennett at that time, attempting to justify the New Zealand governments systemic failures claimed:

“I think the fact that we have been addressing historical abuse cases in this country, we have been doing it faster than it’s ever been done, we’ve been fronting up to some of the liability around that and settling a number of cases,…….

…….I think the fact that we have been addressing historical abuse cases in this country, we have been doing it faster than it’s ever been done, we’ve been fronting up to some of the liability around that and settling a number of cases,”


Of course as was to be predicted the Minister Paula Bennett and her government were just going through the motions; keeping up appearances, so to speak, undoubtedly for the international communities consumption – heaven forbid the UN child protection agencies should find out before Helen Clark managed to get another run on the board, this time as UN secretary General.

The reality is that the plans Bennett referred to were set in place by a government hell-bent on concealing the extent of both historic and contemporary child abuse in New Zealand.

Most New Zealanders are unlikely to be aware that there was an online petition circulating which called on the New Zealand government to address their failures in the area of historic institutional Child sexual abuse.

A second partition is now also underway calling on the New Zealand government to make its Confidential Listening and Assistance Service Findings Publicly Available, a report which the New Zealand government is obviously keeping a closely guarded secret; governments only keep things secret when they are frighteningly damning.

As the petitions organizers state:

Our Pasts Buried, Our Histories Forgotten: The New Zealand Government and the Hidden Institutional Child Abuse Inquiry

In July of 2015, a journalist from the Dominion Post, Stacey Kirk, released Official Information Act (OIA) material, surrounding the historic claims and the then newly announced Fast Track scheme for resolving claims of historic abuse against the State. These documents showed that the New Zealand National Government identified the potential for a public inquiry into institutional child abuse as a risk with the potential for them to lose control of a process they had worked hard to tightly contain.

Among the risks the documents specified were: “loss of confidence and trust in the process of resolving claims of abuse; the potential of a renewed call for a public enquiry into historic claims; claimants looking to the courts for resolution… or an alternative process being called for either by the courts or through public opinion and pressure”.

None of this was too surprising! It was, after all, the Government of NZ who was largely responsible for child abuse that had occurred historically in institutional care. It was also that Government that had the power to approve or deny a public inquiry that would undoubtedly expose historic systemic failings, along with a litany of cover-ups’. It was also the Government that would ultimately be responsible, politically and financially for these failings. Not too surprisingly, much like the Catholic Church has done in Australia and elsewhere, the OIA clearly demonstrated the Government’s (the guilty party’s) intent to contain the facts of historic child abuse in its institutions.

Anyone interested in signing the petition, and we would encourage readers to do so, can use the url featured below:

Another truth is that little old New Zealand, whether it’s inhabitants like to believe it or not, is in exactly the same league as the Vatican, the Catholic Church, when it comes to the States failure to address both historic and the country’s more contemporary problem with child abuse in general.

The country’s mainstream media are not to escape criticism either. The child abuse problem is one which New Zealand’s leading media outlets have done little more than pay lip service too. Every day there are reports on the front page of Kiwi Newspaper and television news bulletins, but not one MSM player has produced or run a prolonged campaign forcing the government to front up to this issue, historic and contemporary.

Despite the aforementioned petitions, the media have failed to cover the issue’s online community content in any detail, this despite their fascination with stalking Facebook and twitter; one very good question therefore would be WHY?

Of course the men and women behind these media outlets seem more intent on running damage control and spin. In fact, more often then not, only whenever New Zealand cops any flack, or looks likely to, in the international media.

Not only that, the media also have a very bad habit of playing mother to the country’s 4 million inhabitants, soothing the collective Kiwi ego with article’s constantly reminding the good citizens of New Zealand just how lucky they all are; massaging away the country’s collective insecurity with constant reminders of their world beating achievements; even when those achievements, now days, appear to be little more than the playing of violent sports such as Rugby Union.

LF Tip: When a significant news item appears on the front page of the New Zealand Herald’s online edition, only to suddenly disappear, become unsearchable, then reappear among the items available in a Herald syndicated provincial media outlet offering such as the ODT, then something seriously dodgy is going on behind the scenes.

Now as Australians we get a lot of flack from some of New Zealand’s one eyed irrational idiots, who it seems, spend all of their available spare time trolling the internet, telling foreigners to mind their own business, or asking for the evidence, even when they are swimming in it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.23.40

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.22.42

Now Wayne Campbell is just one of the many online Kiwi accounts that ask seriously stupid questions, although we are not really that convinced that Wayne even exists, we rather prefer the idea that he’s a complete construct; born of the imagination of one of the hundreds of Kiwi online political and police operatives active on Twitter and Facebook.

What these individuals don’t seem to realize however, is that, not only is their trolling not working, but that as Australians, the issue of New Zealand’s systemic concealment of child abuse can, does and has had an impact on Australian society.

Many of New Zealand s historic child abuse victim’s, now adults, live in Australia and have been for decades having fled the demons New Zealand holds. The Australian government, our welfare organizations and agencies also work hard to support many of these victims.

What is far more insidious however is that many Kiwi child abusers have been free to migrate to Australia, completely unchallenged. Many have in fact had their crimes concealed by New Zealand’s courts, using the now infamous name suppression’s. Many more have entered simply because the New Zealand police and or border control authorities have demonstrated considerable incompetence, repeatedly failing to keep accurate records or notify Australian customs.

This fact was evidenced recently when Australia made only minor alterations to its migration laws. Among those swept up in the resulting dragnet, undertaken to collect and deport undesirable Kiwis, were a significant number of convicted child abusers, individuals that the New Zealand government and politicians of all political persuasions clearly did not want to have to accept any responsibility for, the country’s Prime Minister John Key included.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key at a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott at Government House, Auckland, New Zealand, Saturday, February 28, 2015. (AAP IMAGE/SNPA, Ross Setford) NO ARCHIVING

A poor boy who saved New Zealand or a bogun in disguise? John Key likes to blame Australia for as much as possible, then he’ll take a trip to Canberra & return claiming victory. The truth however is that his voice is two octaves higher for good reason, he’s been given a good kicking. The Kiwi media doesn’t like to focus on that & strangely they haven’t yet figured out that the two small lumps that appear under Key’s chin after these trips to Canberra are actually his testicles.

Its no wonder then that Australian bloggers such as LF and Derryn Hinch feel completely comfortable, and within their rights, pointing out the obvious, so that our intellectually impaired neighbors get half a chance to recognize just how screwed up their so called democracy is.

A Kiwi Conspiracy by Derryn Hinch – Friday, 27 March 2015

IF YOU THINK POLITICS in Australia gets crazy around election time just have a look at what is happening across the ditch right now.

While we are immersed in the NSW state elections tomorrow, they  are having a by-election for the seat of Northland in New Zealand.

Continue reading…….

The shroud of political corruption moves to the High Court – Lauda Finem – 22 April 2015

By the looks of it the Mike Sabin sexual assault case took yet another turn two days ago when it was transferred from an undisclosed District Court to New Zealand’s High Court. The location of the new Court has also been concealed from the public.

Continue reading……

Now its New Zealand Prime Minister John Key that also features large in the case of Mike Sabin.

John Key visits Whanagrei just days before Mike Sabin's last court appearance

NZ PM John Key visited Whanagrei just days before Mike Sabin’s last court appearance.

It is more than clear that senior National Party officials knew that Sabin was under investigation at the time that this particular New Zealand political party endorsed and paid for Mr Sabin to run for election in the seat of Northland. For that reality to now be denied is frankly just beyond belief. Sabin himself, an ex police officer, would also have known of the peril of lying to National Party HQ, not to mention the criminal ramifications of doing so.

So what has gone on? It seems to us that there must have been a confidence that the allegations could and would be handled. We also believe, in the circumstances, that political pressure was likely placed on Whangarei police to make the problem go away.

We suspect that it was at this point, given an existing public focus on police corruption in Whangarei district, that the decision was taken to transfer the file to the police’s own political handlers, a special division of police “minders” and PR specialists housed within the West Auckland, Waitakere, Police area command; where it was seemingly decided that the offending could not simply be made to disappear.

Obviously, charges were then obviously laid and the matter transferred back to the Whangarei district for trial.

But does it end there; with transparent and just open justice prevailing?

If the secrecy around this matter is anything to go by, we seriously doubt it.

In our opinion, based on considerable experience of just how corrupt the New Zealand legal system can be, in the wrong hands, that the trial will likely be rigged.

If a jury trial, quite possibly by loading the jury with local members of the public, who are all predisposed to ensuring a not guilty verdict is delivered. It will of course not be, to our certain knowledge, the first time in New Zealand legal history that this has in fact been allowed to occur.

Now anywhere else in the Western world rightly concerned citizens would not simply remain silent; and certainly not a halfway decent or responsible national media.

The citizens would in all likelihood be marching in the streets, there would be extremely vocal protests and news reports, decrying the attempted subversion of their democracy and system of justice; but not in New Zealand it seems.

Has New Zealand become little more than another failed fascist Pacific State? Albeit, one, that has done a reasonable job, largely thanks to a corrupt media, of concealing it.

It certainly seems that way to us!


Note: Since LF published our story – Why are National party MP’s and Shayne Currie blowing smoke – on 29th March 2016, the New Zealand National Party has attempted to spin a justification for their use of the very strange attack on an Australian Company, Wicked Campers, to conceal a their own criminal offending.:

Why the National Party is taking on Wicked Campers over its offensive designs – – 30th March, 2016

….However, Edwards says there is a risk that the exhortations of National MPs could backfire.

It’s currently unclear whether there are any legal powers to stop Wicked Campers from displaying their slogans, while the domestic campaign against the company could go over the head of overseas tourists likely to make up a large part of its business.

“What we might normally see is negative publicity could simply give that infamous edge to the company that they’re after,” Edwards says.

It’s something Bennett is aware of: she says she “thought long and hard” before going public, but decided the chance to take the most offensive Wicked designs taken off New Zealand roads was worth the risk.




New Zealand Herald Wicked Campers Distraction Series (14 items)


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  • Jason Brown says:

    LF, interesting that the petition linked above only got a few hundred signatures. Lack of promotion? Media attention? What did organisers do wrong?

  • Jimbob, You seem to have struggled to find just one case where you claim an Australian has allegedly caused grief in New Zealand, in that search you have gone back twelve months to a report on a case that is actually 2 years old.

    That however is not the real issue that should concern your fellow readers. You make a song and dance about the “Australians” whilst citing an article, which you’ve linked with a url. There’s just one problem however with that article Jimbob, Edward Livingstone, the killer, was not an Australian.

    Livingstone, like so many others who are now headed your way, is a New Zealander; born and breed.

    Just like thousands of other Kiwis Livingstone got into trouble with the law in Australia and was subsequently imprisoned for his offending and returned to New Zealand upon his release.

    The fact that he was not picked up on when he returned was the fault of New Zealand Authorities. Your government had refused to negotiate an information sharing regime with Australian Federal and state Authorities, citing privacy concerns for well over a decade, forced into capitulating recently when we Australians upped the anti by amending our own laws.

    If we were reading your comment, as a knowledgeable observer, we would be far more concerned with your apparent ignorance of the facts, even when they are spelled out in the Queens English in an article YOU had selected and deemed fit for purpose.

    We on the other hand could provide links to at least three cases a week where New Zealand citizens have caused murder and mayhem in Australia; Gang culture etc. We won’t bother however as the statistics published in Kiwi media are evidence enough, most who are well informed don’t require the additional information.

    Your arrogance Jimbob needs no pointing out as its as obvious as the balls on a short haired dog; as is your extraordinary ignorance.

    Now given the huge holes in your comment we are also given to wonder what your true agenda is? Perhaps we should ask how much the National party of New Zealand pays you to troll websites such as LF; seeding the web with misinformation?

  • Jimbob says:

    Lauda Finem, you seem to take great joy (with your American spelling – which is probably fair as, Aus has been gradually becoming a mini-US for some years now) in pointing out cases of NZ abusers being able to escape with complete anonymity to Oz and then (possibly) committing the same crimes there. What you neglect to mention is the number of Australian citizens who have come to NZ, without our police even being informed, and then committed equally heinous crimes afterwards. Case in point:

    Works both ways chap. Don’t let your Aussie arrogance show through and start saying all the wierdos come from this side of the ditch.

    • Jason Brown says:

      “Aussie arrogance” ay mate?

      Anytime you think “Aussie arrogance” try asking yourself is it, instead, a case of “Kiwi complacency”, which I also suffered from for far too long. Baaaaa.

      Or read this again:

      “The diversionary tactic no doubt worked, at least in as much as it kept some Kiwi’s on social media busy and, as was the plan, looking the other way.”

      Is that what you’re doing here JimBob? “Look! Over there! Their fiddlers, not ours!!”

      As a half and half Kiwi-Ozi, I am growing rather suspicious of all the Aussie bashing that goes on here in New Zealand. Dīvide et īmpera, the oldest trick in the book.

  • David says:

    LF can you explain why ‘name suppression’ and restricted reportage via the mainstream media or via social media is applied so regularly in NZ in cases going to open court hearing? The recent case of Jeremy Hamish Kerr described as the “60-year old Auckland businessman” pleaded guilty to being the1080 letter blackmailer – his name and his businesses had name suppression for nearly 6 months. Thank you.

  • LF have been advised that Mike Sabin has made an appearance in court today (4th April, 2016) which is of course a further indication that the New Zealand Herald may have been publishing furphy’s to throw citizen observers off

    • It was mentioned on the radio that is started with massages and then got a little bit more.

      Is he the prominent National party member on wife beating charges last year.

    • Deja Vu says:

      Yes ‘S’ appeared in High Court in Whangarei 4th April a detail omitted by Rob Kidd in his sparse piece in the NZ Herald. His report did include the fact that that defence counsel Fairley urged jurors to focus on inconsistencies and accounts of witnesses that may have changed over time. Nice one. The alleged offending was reported around August 2014 and so took place before then. The chief witnesses are children. Delay proceedings for a lengthy period of about 18 months. Give the witnesses plenty of time to forget details. In addition move the hearing to Whangarei where ‘S’ was born and brought up and possibly known personally by one or more good old boy jurors. The judge will of course remind those jurors that the standard of proof is ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. And in case the jurors get it wrong have the Crown begin proceedings with a statement in mitigation for the defendant that the offending was brief, opportunistic and sneaky [and therefore by implication, totally out of character and ‘S’ is not really a kiddy fiddler ]. Bets on the verdict anyone?

      • Greg. says:

        Its easier to dismiss one childs account, but not two. its interesting how the details are trickling out.
        Did his other relationships involve women with pubescent girls?

  • SimonM says:

    I’m a New Zealand resident and the NZ police are welcome to visit me any time for reading this post. I’d welcome the opportunity to ask them when they informed National Party government ministers that this “prominent New Zealander” was being investigated under the “no-surprises” policy.

  • Name supressed (but sounds like 'Aristotle' says:

    Rather than marching through the streets the good citizens of New Zealand might prefer to attend the High Court in Whangarei, court No.5, at 10.00am, on the morning of Monday 4th April 2016 to see and hear the commencement of case No. CR12015-088-312, the Crown (B H Dickey, A M McClintock) versus ‘S’ (represented by A B Fairley) on charges of (1) Indecent Assault on a Female under the age of 12 years (4 counts) and (2) Indecent Assault on a Female between the ages of 12 and 16 years (8 counts) before the Chief High Court Judge the Hon. Geoffrey John Venning and a jury. Get there early in case the good judge (appointed on 1st June 2015) locks the front doors. At the end of proceedings I am sure the good citizens will be wiser but none the better informed.

  • natalie says:

    Judged by some of the comments on social media last night, many are not fooled by the ‘prominent NZer’ euphemism. This is a crucial case for NZ’s democracy. If, as seems likely, National knew about the allegations before the last election, the whole election result should be overturned as corrupt.

  • A bigger irony is that a NZ high court judge is in Britain covering up, opps investigating their own elite child sex offending.
    This is why i argue that the Queen is a useless head of state for NZ she cant remove the PM or MPs and government website keep mentioning some constitution that protects us, its all lies.

    We can only hope that the latest oil bribery scandal opens up the use of NZ shell companies for illegal movement of money, ,and by criminal gangs and terrorists, all completely ignored by the National party.
    Or even helped by them if they follow the trial of National party donations,
    our Prime Ministers favorite and only charity.

    Sabin barely got into the police force after domestic violence allegations.
    I expect partner number 5 will be wary.

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