www.laudafinem.org is about to change a little, but don’t worry we haven’t disappeared


Lauda Finem is undergoing a little refurbishment

Whilst we’re hardly BHP, the big Australian, Lauda Finem is nevertheless growing. In fact so has our readership. Reflecting this growth the team decided it was good time to do a spot of construction, we are about to upgrade www.laudafinem.org, initiating a few changes to how the site looks and feels, oh and a few behind the scenes technical changes.

Starting tomorrow morning 0900hrs (CEDST) Sunday 22rd August 2015 the laudafinem.com website may not be available for all readers to access. Should you experience any difficulty in accessing the site, it will remain available at http://laudafinem.wordpress.com. The new look www.laudafinem.org site should be up and running by next weekend, 0900hrs (CEDST) Saturday 29th August. Any links and bookmarks will have returned to normal by this time.

We sincerely hope that our many regular readers and supporters are not to inconvenienced by this down time. When the new site is up and running we will advise readers via the LF twitter feed @Laudafinem and the Lauda Finem Facebook page (Note: Facebook unavailable in New Zealand owing to local police censorship)

Again Thankyou for you support and understanding as we undergo this change.

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