‘FRAUDONAIRE EXTRAORDINAIRE’? Did Slater’s mob really think they’d get away with trying to pull the wool?

Earlier this morning (New Zealand time) Kiwi Blog Whale Oil ran a story penned by journalist Stephen Cook entitled – ANMOL SETH: ‘FRAUDONAIRE EXTRAORDINAIRE’

In this article there was absolutely no mention of who had in reality been largely responsible for investigating shonky Indian, Seth Anmol.

In fact Slater’s online associate and moderator “Pete” even went so far as to falsely lead W/O readers and commenters to believe that it had been their own investigative journalist, aka Stephen Cook that was solely responsible.

Having a real bullshit artist on the job may help spin the story, but we think the IRD are more interested in hard evidence than they are bullshit Pete.

That claim by “Pete” is however not only disingenuous, it’s completely false. Now we don’t mind Cameron Slater using material from the LF’s investigations into Matthew John Blomfield, after all that’s why we’ve been investigating the bloke, but we do think that credit should given where credit is due.

The truth is that neither Cameron Slater, nor his paid journo Mr Stephen Cook, had anything whatsoever to do with locating Seth Anmol, or investigating and proving the connection to Matthew Blomfield, Graeme Hare, and the other dodgy dealers involved in the Blomfield business and IRD frauds.

Seth Anmol

Team LF had in fact started investigating the role of Anmol last year when two of LF’s researcher’s, working on the “Otamatata Hotel” fraud, discovered a series of NZ Company office records and transactions that linked various parties including Anmol, back to Blomfield and his associates.

That detailed information was then supplied to one of Blomfield’s victims, under the strict understanding that Slater not be given the details, as it did not materially affect the Blomfield v Slater defamation case, and we were continuing to pursue our investigation into Anmol.

Team LF had been monitoring Anmol in the hope of catching him red handed, in the act so to speak. We had managed, for example to prove that the Rolls Royce, ANMOL2″ (see video below), that Anmol had been using to con his victims was in fact wholly financed by a Kiwi bank, that Seth Anmol did not, at that time, own the vehicle. The monthly repayments were huge.

Matthew Blomfield

LF now understands that Slater was then fed the detailed information and so knowing what had occurred between Blomfield, “the Auckland Businessman”, Graeme Hare and Anmol, has then, only quite recently in fact, arranged for Stephen Cook to interview the so-called “Auckland businessmen”. This again was only made possible because of team LF’s endeavor’s.

Now we don’t mind Slater using LF’s work, we don’t even mind the fact that he did so without consulting us or seeking our permission or approval, after all he is a desperate man. We do however draw the line at Slater and Cook taking the credit for finding Anmol and the hundreds of hours of research and investigative work that team LF have put into the investigation of the Anmol/(redacted) case over the past 12 months.

For either Slater, Stephen Cook or Slater’s flunkey “Pete” to now claim that their work resulted in the exposing of Seth Anmol is not only false, its disingenuous, in fact it’s nothing short of complete and utter bullshit. But no doubt the IRD in particular are aware of that reality.

Anmol advertises online as a kiwi lawyer, or barrister to be precise.

In the near future LF will be publishing our own findings on the Anmol/(redacted) case, findings that are based on far more extensive documentation and research than anything Slater had been handed. Slater and Cook may have material that (redacted) has now provided, but it appears they are also now relying on a complaint made to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and a series of affidavits obtained from the “Auckland Businessman” a misnomer if ever there was one.

Auckland lawyer Graeme Hare

One just hopes that LF’s findings don’t in anyway discredit the “Auckland Businessman” that LF was responsible for unearthing in the first place, the man who Cameron Slater at the 11th hour has now seemingly hitched his “Get Matt” wagon too.

No doubt Slater simply wanted to make sure that he could fuck Matthew Blomfield so hard that he would never be able to stand up at all, let alone in Court again. That obvious desperation however does not excuse Slater’s own dishonesty in failing to credit Lauda Finem for the investigation, which of course in the first instance, provided the name’s and the all important preliminary evidence of the likely criminal offending, evidence that Cook probably used to get his interview.

Just some of the crap that Anmol has posted online, all designed to reel-in his gullible Indian victims (Click to enlarge)

No doubt Blomfield’s victim had also looked at the exposure Slater’s “Whale Oil” could bring to his own case, after all the Whale Oil readership is enormous, but that is in our view very short-sighted. What’s more it has now created a far greater risk.

The real risk we here at LF see dwells in both Blomfield’s victim and Slater’s own dishonesty, the fact that future victims of this type of well-organized criminal could now foolishly believe that they will be able to rely on Slater to get to the bottom of it all.

That would be a huge mistake indeed. In fact, Slater’s strategies and behaviour almost fucked those that had used him in 2012 in their effort to expose Blomfield and his frauds. Slater’s strategy failed miserably then and it also resulted in Blomfield’s abuse of process and attempts to obtain their names, as Slater’s sources, in tactical legal manoeuvre in which Blomfield almost succeeded.

Oh and taxation accountants as well ? Yeah Right!

Cameron Slater may well now eventually be able to succeed in having Matthew Blomfield’s defamation case thrown out of Court for the abuse of process that it is. But that reality has had nothing whatsoever to do with anything Cameron Slater has done or achieved. In fact far from it, it’s very much been the work of others, including LF

Slater’s own laziness, inability to investigate and lack of attention to detail has been largely responsible for the Blomfield defamation affair dragging on for as long as it has, it also put his sources at serious risk of becoming Blomfields victims for a second time.

So be warned, if you have in fact been targeted by criminals like Anmol, Hare and Blomfield, fraudsters and charlatan’s, or are the victim of a blackmail attempt, or know someone that has been, there are two groups in New Zealand that won’t be in a position to assist, despite all the spin and bluster; the New Zealand Police and Cameron Slater’s Whale Oil mob.

We do have one last question however……….Is there any business that Seth Anmol doesn’t do, control or at least pretend to own?

Source; Anmol.Group You just have to laugh at this clown, but hey, he appears to have been successful at ripping off Indians. Perhaps Rose Wall had smelt something fishy in the curry after all?

Apparently, looking at Anmol’s online presence all it takes to make it in the world of fake billionaire’s is complete and utter gall, a few Photoshop business cards, oh and a Rolls Royce on tick, which you then lend to the occasional visiting “Bollywood” celebrity, and of course government agencies, such as the SFO and OA’s Office which are seemingly incapable of doing their jobs.

Perhaps Graeme Hare’s wife, Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Rose Wall was right if she reckoned that you “couldn’t trust Indian’s”? Racist or realist? Who’s to say?

That’s the problem with New Zealanders, those who live there at least, they do tend to deal a lot in “generalisations”, some even believing the “generalisation” that New Zealand is completely free of “corruption”…..go figure!!


(additional material will be made available soon)

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  • If you go to Anmol Seths LinkedIn page he even states he has an LLB! The guy is a fucking genius …….. of fraud.

  • I believe that Pete has given you guys credit, well, as much as he legally could.

  • the lawyers name – Graham Hare keeps popping up. Surely he must be being debarred with all this carry on? that said the Law Society is known for covering the arses of their own.

  • Neutral says:

    I think from the little I know Anmol is neither involved now or was ever before with Slater or Blomfield. I think we are chasing ill-conceived concepts.

    This guy has neither pushed or forced his products or services to anyone till date from any of the articles I can see, it is a mere concept of perception what makes Apple worth $1,500 or Samsung inferior.

    Well neither make you forcefully their products, so it is in the eye of perception one sees $0 other sees $10, as simple as that.

    Again only my two cents on this point of view.

    • Neutral says:

      Also given the story about other characters seems to stem so deep we have just overall misconnected the dots as the article says (given they have followed Anmol for so long and could not attach anything).

      Could it not be a simple case of a person being in the wrong place at the wrong time altogether, and when he/she realised the characters were not whom they seemed to be at first inception he has simply side-stepped quietly?!

      Point to noted/considered may lord!

    • “I think the little i know Anmol” interesting observation of ones self. Fits perfectly with the article posted this morning at WOBH where Anmol says he is mentally ill, and does not even know what he is doing.

  • The dork i personally know has and does not care to associate with either
    People find unbelievable as hard work pays
    Google was laughed out of Yahoo
    So was facebook but billionaires or millionaires are just successful leaders which I can he is pretty ambitious

    If anything you should be in good books to take you places as the same “dork” has entangled and come out from Matt Blomfield’s grasp & WO grasps

    I know these claims are farce a person who can afford such possessions is likely to have hundreds of transactions and this is a smear on chosen 4-5people seriously wich businessman doesn’t have few people either not being right fit or envious

    • Also well research and investingation as there are alot of miscontrued facts in WO blog which where the only few real facts are actually really posted here.

      I humbly respect you

      Ps i have spoken to few barristers… Unknown are the times where a bully goes in such bolsterous tone to make “allegations” without repocussions so salute your attempts to clean up the society

    • Hi Anmol, aka “Sumit” and “Neutral”, you probably did not realise it but using different (bogus) email addresses does not conceal your true identity or in anyway prevent Lauda Finem knowing that you are posting from the same IP address. If you would like to put your side of the story Anmol then do so honestly, feel free to write to us here at Lauda Finem using the contact button top right of every LF page.

      • Pete's Ghost says:

        Perhaps Anmol could pop over to the blog that Kiwi bozo Pete George runs and post a few comments, using fake identities seems to be a habit on that blog.

        What cracked me up, on Pete’s latest post, was a commenter using the moniker “jasper”. Anyway, it seems to me that Jaspa might just have an interest in the investigations you guys have done, could it be that Matthew Blomfield is “jasper”, check it out; http://yournz.org/2015/08/31/lauda-findem/#comment-52087

  • Uncle Bully says:

    Good work Team LF. It’s hardly surprising that no mention of LF by commentors is tolerated at WO.

  • Anmol Seth says he owns 35 Hotels in NZ – can anyone tell me the names?

  • I have been thru the images posted on this dorks twitter and FB page – all open to see, and they all divert to pint rest, you tube, and screen grabs – he seems to in particular like the famous Togolese Soccer player – using images of his private jet and various Rollers. I am also picked the watch pics are screen grabs and he wears cheap “knock offs” . He also now likes to dress like the Togolese Footballer as he used to be a fat indian prior to having a stomach staple. This guy is a prize GRIPPER if ever i spotted one. And he would most likely be Blomfield idol.

  • Meanwhile poor old Pete George still hasn’t figured it all out, it might help Pete if he actually did his homework – http://yournz.org/2015/08/26/lauda-finem-versus-whale-oil-bust-up-or-sham/

    Thats the problem when you find yourself in a strange neighbourhood late at night, you can get even more lost. Lets hope Pete doesn’t get mugged while he’s trying to get his bearings.

  • Slater has done another peice on Anmol – http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2015/08/anmol-seth-exposing-his-dodgy-deals/

    Anmol is quoted by Cook as saying – “If I recollect there were a small group who have tried to harass me earlier too”

    That “small group” were investigators from team LF back in June 2014. How time flies

  • James Growley says:

    Is this subject AKA Arun Lal Seth, late of Fiji?

    • No, not that we are aware of. That individual appears to live at 57, Seabrook Ave, New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand and another of the same name at an address in West Auckland, 12 Castaing Crescent, Te Atatu South, Auckland, 0610 , New Zealand.

      They may well however be related but Seth is a common Indian name, as is Anmol.

      For more information see NZ Companies office listings: https://www.business.govt.nz/companies
      SETH, Arun Lal
      ARUN SETH ELECTRICAL LIMITED (2531868) – Director
      SETH, Arun Lal
      GET FIJI FRESH VEGE & FRUITS COMPANY LIMITED (4339358) (Struck off) – Director & Shareholder
      SETH, Arun Lal
      ARUN SETH ELECTRICAL LIMITED (2531868) – Shareholder
      SETH, Arun Lal
      MISSION HOPE NZ LIMITED (5389289) – Director & Shareholder

      There is also a High Court of Fiji judgement in that name: http://www.judiciary.gov.fj/Judgments/3-High%20Court/3-March/Seth-v-Seth-%5B2015%5D-HBC183.2009-(5-March-2015).pdf

      If you have information that may be of interest to team LF, or require more information yourself, please use the contact page by clicking the email button located in the top right hand margin of this post

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