Matt Blomfield, has he been whispering in Pete's are on behalf of Lynn Prentice?

Personal Assistant Required, Winner Takes All Attitude & Clinical Insanity Viewed Favourably

It never ceases to amaze us just how gullible people can be when confronted with a professional fraudster and promises of financial rewards. Of course greed plays a huge part in creating the most pitiful gullibility and often that greed is prepared to overlook the obvious, whether that be the statistical odds or just good old fashioned likelihood of success.

It is this gullibility that enables the fraudsters survival. Now its one thing to be naive or just down right greedy both are pretty predictable excuses for those who have been parted with their money, money that in some cases was not theirs to play with in the first place.

It is individuals in the last category that have often been the victims of the “business Guru” type fraudster, who then through a process of manipulation, misplaced trust deceit and often ultimately extortion manage to extract wealth and compliance from their unsuspecting victim.

In the worst cases this is achieved simply because the victims, thinking that they could trust an accomplished con-artist, have inadvertently or in some cases deliberately, had cause to commit acts that are in potentially criminal themselves.

That brings us to the subject of Matthew John Blomfield, a master of exactly this type of con-job. Blomfield and his exploits are of course well known to LF and Whale Oil’s regular readers.

In fact LF has been the only media organisation that Blomfield has not bothered trying to intimidate, primarily because we don’t buckle just because he’s a nasty peice of work, a vexatious serial litigant, a fact that has become more than evident with his reluctance to move to the substantive defamation allegations he has repeatedly promised to bring against Cameron Slater.

Instead, Blomfield has deliberately preferred to employ his strategy of harassing Slater and any witnesses with smaller completely unrelated actions, largely leveraged off the interim orders the court has seen fit to grant pending the substantive hearing.

Blomfield has applied the same strategy in his dealings with New Zealand authorities, the threat of litigation apparently enough to scare them all off despite there being more than sufficient evidence of criminal offending to prosecute Blomfield.

In many cases Blomfield has, according to his victims, posed as a lawyer in the process of obtaining their trust, cash and assets. It’s this allegation that New Zealand Law Society has apparently refused to investigate, despite ample evidence of the offending, on the pretext that it did not come within their purview.

This decision was despite Blomfield having been supported in these particular frauds by at least two Auckland lawyers, Bruce Johnson and Graham Hare, both of whom are currently under investigation by the Law Society, with one refusing to hand over trust account statements that would very likely prove the crimes complained of. Of course this could be reported to the police, but they have shown a reluctance to do their job and New Zealand’s IPCA is all but useless at complying with its statutory obligation to investigate such police failures.

It is with this background in mind, the ample evidence against Blomfield and the outrageous behavior of halfwit bloggers such Lynn Prentice and Pete George in continuing to run “interference” on behalf of Blomfield that we take a look at Blomfield current activities, some of those “activities” relating to those same bloggers and their own criminal behaviour.

LF is aware that Blomfield has set up a sideline enterprise, again based around the law. In fact LF supporters came across a number of advertisements that have been taken out by none other than Matt Blomfield:

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 21.01.15

The first question that comes to mind is just who is it that Blomfield thinks need to be treated as if they are “the most important person on the Planet”?

What we do know is that Pete George and Lynn Prentice are among Blomfield’s “most important”, along with Ben Rachinger, real estate fraudsters Martin Honey and Co, aka Aaron Drever and Ronald Hachache.

So what exactly is it the Blomfield has been doing for this group, in particular Pete George and Lynn Prentice? The mind boggles as to what Blomfield could offer these individuals beyond the trouble he has already caused them.

Perhaps it was the legal genius Blomfield, wearing his spin-doctors hat, that had the bright idea to contact Martyn Bradbury and have him run this little ditty a day or so ago:

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 21.29.12

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 23.46.23

If not Blomfield why then did Martyn Bradbury run this little number? What was the reason? Where is the context? What exactly is the hypocrisy he speaks of?

Of course needless to say to the uninformed among Bradbury’s reader’s there is neither context nor has he presented any evidence of hypocrisy.

Martyn Bradbury, arguably New Zealand’s largest political ego, certainly New Zealand’s biggest political bullshit artist….but is he the most important person on the Planet?

No, this little post was written by Bradbury for the sole purpose of  obtaining bragging rights. It had a distinct and very small target audience, only those in the know.

What is clear enough however is that Bradbury too is receiving information from Blomfield, and in all probability has unwisely aligned himself with Lynn Prentice.

Getting back to Blomfield’s job vacancy above, in our humble opinion he appears to have omitted a couple of pretty important qualities, traits that any assistant working with him would almost certainly need to possess in order to be successful in working for Blomfield. The first and most important would certainly be the ability to field phone calls from deep-throated heavy-breathing individuals that refuse to give a name or leave a message, and the occasional death threat, without getting too emotionally involved or distraught.

The ability to maintain a poker face when interviewed under caution by police or other officers of statutory bodies such as the Serious Fraud and Official Assignee’s Office. The distinct and complete absence of a personal moral compass, and or ethical consideration. A leaning toward personality traits such as psychopathy…no doubt Blomfield will test short listed candidates… proof of their clinical insanity may also give applicants a head start.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 23.16.41

The fact is that this advert clearly signals the end of Blomfield’s close relationship with lawyers Bruce Johnson and Graham Hare, the two lawyers who had until recently aided and abetted Blomfield’s criminal exploits

So what exactly is it that Blomfield has offered his new clients? We here at LF suspect that in the case of Pete George and Lynn Prentice Blomfield will be endeavouring to get them out of the shit storm that he created for them both, but in a way that does not involve them, or himself for that matter, having to come clean and admit that he had been the source of the misinformation that George and Prentice had both relied on when attacking LF. The same misinformation Blomfield had supplied the New Zealand Herald.

Now it has also become pretty clear that Blomfield has started to believe his own crap; that he actually has some latent legal talent with which he can make a name for himself, and few quid on the side.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 17.48.38

Blogger Pete George….the most important person on the Planet?

The fact is that Blomfield has only ever been successful, at least to date, in minor matters and only by employing a series of strategies that extremely bad lawyers use, often to conceal their incompetence. The first, where available, is to use the media to run smear campaigns, this is a crown law favourite. The second is to bankrupt opponents, which if successful also has the effect of silencing them, albeit, in some cases, only temporarily.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.49.28

Wannabe blogger and nut-job Ben Rachinger……the most important person on the Planet?

Blomfield has also been known to actually threaten lawyers with Law Society sanction, often when they belatedly try to extract themselves from the web of criminal intrigue he manufactures to cover his tracks. All of these tactics when and if effective only ever have a short lived efficacy and will ultimately be seen for what they are, set aside under the direction of a competent legal mind, and the truth eventually exposed.


Blogger and Star Ship Enterprise’s greatest SYSOP Lynn Prentice…..the most important person on the Planet?

Blomfield has yet to win anything of significance, anything beyond the odd interim ruling, which Prentice and George have often bragged about; all of which are a long way from anything that truly endure the tests of close scrutiny and time or raise the bar, creating new law.

Real Estate con-artist Aaron Drever……..the most important person on the Planet?

Then there are of course the secondary tactics Blomfield employs, filing spurious complaints against his opponents with the New Zealand police and others, thus bogging his apponents down and with some creating fear. As we have noted before in the case of Blomfield the police for quite mysterious reasons that escape scrutiny have been more than happy to indulge his behaviour, the making of obviously false complaints, which is in itself somewhat strange.

There is of course more to this story, but we’ll leave it for another time.


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