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Corrupt and fraudulent Paul “the perp” Barber dies of KGYB.

Paul Franklin Barber wasn’t much chop as a Judge. But he was even less chop when he was a corrupt puppet for his criminal master National Party Minister Nathan Guy.


Paul Barber was a drunkard, as was proven by Cameron Slater. Paul Barber was a fraudster, as proven by Cameron Slater. Paul Barber pretended to be a serving District Court Judge, when he did not have a warrant, as proven by Cameron Slater. Paul Barber misled Parliament that he was a Judge, as proven by Cameron Slater, Paul Barber misstated facts in order to clear criminal and corrupt real estate agents and National Party Politicians as proven by Cameron Slater;

There have been those that have tried to protect this corrupt arbitrator, and his Tribunal criminal cronies. These have included Crown Law, the other members of the Tribunal being John “Judas” Gaukrodger, Garry “denseasfuck” Denley, and Kate “pollies mate” Davenport QC.


Justice is regarded by those that have never required it as being true, by those that have required it, as false, and those that make a living from it, as useful. The three fucks above are “useful” to the dark side of the National Party.


Monosyllabic, Monobrow, Monochromosone, with only one side of his braining working – the dark side. Nathan “anal-invader” Guy



Paul Barber had a deep impact on his READT staff as seen above. Staff going to work, not having got home, or having left work to meet at a local hotspot to have what they referred to as a “barberQ” [Barbers – quotient – for a day at the office].

So Judge Barber finally got his just deserts and is now in Hell, where the smarmy corrupt prick belongs.

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  • The Man With The Golden Gun says:

    REAA is just one big joke. To get an appointment at the REAA is a clear indication that you are absolutely fucking nowhere in life. As far as Govt appointments go this is right at the bottom of the barrel. Thats why pissed old Paul Barber had the job – its all the old soak could get. It is not a well known fact but Barber had Motor Neurone disease – not to the mistaken with Drunk Moron disease which was what it sounded like in the audio recording that was made by that cunt at WO. It will be interesting to see how many of his judgements are overturned and at least re-looked at. Still i suppose with the guy now taking a long version of sleeping, all the corruption will again be nowhere to be found!

  • Thats really funny about him being a drunk. I read the Whale oil stories and it really made me think about what has gone down with the REAA.

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