Happy New Year 2017

The team at Lauda Finem wish all of our readers and supporters a fantastic 2017. For our part we certainly look forward to bringing you all more investigations, exposes and opinion over the coming twelve months. Enjoy the remaining holiday period and stay safe folks.


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  • H Stottle says:

    Christmas from Salzburg and New Year from Firenze. You guys on the Grand Tour or what?

  • Harry Stottle says:

    Happy New Year to all at LF.

  • Not MB or PG says:

    Happy new year to the LF Crew. Whichever NY you celebrated!

  • Got a 2% pay rise, so already good, n having a mac’s green beret beer.

    Heard anything about the complete shutdown of the allegations of Auckland police officers raping runaway girls, n paying underage girls for sex.

    All reports of the allegations from the master student thesis in the media has been wiped.

    its a case of no news is bad news,
    like the Cabinet ministers brother in court on child sex charges,

    easy enough to identify the region where his lawyer is,

  • hope Matt loser Blomfield enjoyed his last xmas a free man. no doubt he spent it blowing Craig Baker, getting much needed practice when he hits the big house !

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