Phil Kitchin media whore and wanker

Phil Kitchen, as described by Winston Peters, is a lying wanker. We are reluctant to support Winston Peters on most things but unfortunately on his description of  Kitchen he is right on the money. Now before we go to much further the allegation that Peters called Kitchen “a lying Wanker” was actually made by Kitchen in another of his self serving tripe articles Another NZ First donation questioned. The actual words attributed to Peters by Kitchin were:

 “Phil I told you I’m not talking to a lying Wanker like you”


“Phil, I’ve told you I’m not speaking to a lying gripper. Do you know what that is, it is a lying wanker who won’t let go”

Note: the quote has been deleted lol: http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/peters-makes-newspaper-ownership-political-132916

Winston Peters: “I’m not talking to lying wankers like you Kitchin”

Kitchen, as a low rent lying little Fairfax toady in the ilk of Jenny McManus and Fiona Rotherham, is not adverse to printing invention and utter fabrication. It’s a trait preferred by the bosses at the Fairfax porn and prostitution peddling publications. Kitchin has a history of wanting to print sensationalist tabloid dribble, that is ….in between fawning over corrupt ex cop bully boys like Hemi “cheap shot” Hikawai. Kitchin thinks a fine of five hundred bucks was cheap to get away with assault.

Hikawai was one of those low rent east coast crim cops who were charged along with most of the Gisborne CIB with kidnapping and assaulting Dicky “Diesel” Maxwell. Kitchin excuses this clowns criminal conduct and history in assaulting members of the public in his article “Hell Raiser bows out” dated 29th September 2001.

A face like a sack full of arse-holes; Hemi “Hell-raiser” Hikawai aka “Coco-cop”

Hikawai was also a close friend of Detective James Cunningham or “baton boy” as he was affectionately known by the local Gisborne Cops. Cunningham is famous for being caught on film in a nursing home with a large baton threatening to beat the crap out of the owners. Cunningham was later to sexually assault a young Gisborne woman and subsequently flee the country following his arrest, having been charged and bailed.

Before he left however Cunningham had been responsible for false charges being laid against the two innocent men involved in the rest home.  The rest home owners made a complaint to the local Gisborne Police commander Mervyn Derecourt.

Derecourt in a typical “corrupt copper” cover up wrote back to the assault victims and alleged Cunningham had a subconscious habit of carrying large pieces of wood. He also alleged in his report to police headquarters that Cunningham was a well respected member of the Gisborne CIB. He later failed to mention Cunningham’s previous form following the sexual assault on the young women.

Jimmy “Baton Boy” Cunningham

Cunningham, before sexually violating the young female typist employed at the police station, had charged the two brothers so as to mitigate and conceal the real crimes, a serious assault upon one of the men by corrupt, ex-cop’s  Brian McBreen and Peter Carroll. The eldest brother had been bashed by ex-cops McBreen and Carroll, so badly he later required surgery. The false charges against the rest home owners were thrown out of court by the jury. Kitchin would later wrongly report the incident in his defamatory article of May 2001.

Kitchin, however, failed to report Cunningham’s involvement or the result of the ex-cops assault on the elder brother. McBreen in particular had a history of criminal conduct having burgled the brothers restaurant on behalf of dodgy creditors including Hi-lite Industries in an attempt to steal chattels. McBreen was also the CEO of the security company contracted by the owners to protect the restaurant.

Kitchin in his article wrongly alleged that the Restaurants owners owed millions of dollars to Registered Securities Ltd, the truth was that at the time of Kitchin’s article the men owed nothing to Registered Securities Ltd. In fact it was Registered Securities limited who had defaulted on loan advances to the men and along with the defamatory conduct of Jenni McManus another Fairfax/INL journalist destroyed their business. The men finally defeated Registered Securities Ltd in 1999.

Jimmy “Baton Boy” Cunningham; just like his compadres the police rapists Schollum and Shipton accused of shoving it where the sun don’t shine!

In his articles Kitchin also made false accusations against the men’s other family business’s not reporting that a court case instigated by the Northern hotels workers Union and health department had been settled when the men uncovered evidence of substantial criminal liable by the Union representative Paul Martins and competing rest home Te Whirimu House. The content of the letter written by Martins was the allegations that the men had rape convictions were drug runners and involved in the Mafia. Kitchin also falsely alleged one of the men was involved with a thief, allegedly according to unnamed corrupt coppers, dubbed the “Cashmere burglar” and that both men owed $20,000 to the staff of one of their rest homes. All obvious lies perpetrated by corrupt NZ cops who wanted payback for one of the men giving evidence against detective Matt Willcox that resulted in a section 42 conviction for assault.

Kitchin’s response when challenged recently was to hide behind the skirts of Fairfax’s lawyers the same lawyers who presided over a settlement between Fairfax Media and the men in 2009 after yet another low rent Fairfax Journalist, Fiona Rotherham,  printed a grossly defamatory article, having used two of the same sources Kitchin had in 2001. Fairfax’s lawyer, Robert Stewart, of Izard Weston refused to address the false allegations commenting in a letter:

Rob Stewart, Izard Western

“ None of Fairfax, the Dominion Post, or Mr. Kitchin intend entering into a debate over the evidential basis for the historic articles” .

Stewart preferring instead to hide behind the statute of limitations, not that it will provide his dodgy clients with the protection they seek. Kitchin is caught along with Fiona Rotherham and Jenni McManus as a lying incompetent little toady……and yes Mr. Peters, Phil is indeed a wanker. For the record the current Fairfax stable of papers in New Zealand was previously part owned by the Rupert Murdoch controlled News International…….you know the very same group involved with corrupt coppers and politicians in the “News of the world” scandal. The stench of Murdoch’s style is all over this incompetent corrupt company and its tardy, shoddy tabloid journalists.

Hell Raiser Hemi’s old boss Steve Shortland transferred to Auckland and took the Gisborne policing style with him

Of equal interest is that Mr. Stewart’s law firm Izard Western is the same bunch of incompetent bozo’s who deliberately mislead various New Zealand Courts in a criminal conspiracy, to defeat the course of Justice in McKinney v Hillcrest Marketing. This law firm at the time alleging it represented the car dealer Andrew John Gummer who was later charged by the serious fraud office and convicted of 23 counts of odometer fraud. Rob Stewart is an expert in the subtleties of defamation as are his clients at Fairfax Media, although they are not quite so subtle..……Clowns everyone, absolute Clowns!

We’ll close with a quote, an extraordinarily accurate insight into the likes of Phil Kitchin:

Vanity in a newspaperman is like perfume on a whore; they wear it to conceal a dark whiff of themselves.”

Julian Assange

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