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REAA: A letter to Ms Anna Tierney

Here at Lauda Finem we like the idea of transparency in Government. Government however, especially those corrupt civil servants in New Zealand, the like’s of Anna Tierney, Kieth Manch and their mate Kristy McDonald, often don’t; particularly when it clearly involves an...

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Jackie “the fixer” Blue

Jackie Blue is a real nasty piece of work who is right at home making false allegations against honest hard working businessmen in order to promote the business interests of her political parties “financial” supporters. Even when fellow National party MP’S...

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Conspiracy to Falsely Accuse

Detective Malcolm John Thomas, Stanley Matthew Willcox and Senior Sergeant Alan Davidson had been working together since the 4th July 1987. Willcox had been defaming his subjects for years; telephoning Finance Companies, Insurers Loss Adjusters, Banks and anyone else prepared to listen.

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