Jackie “the fixer” Blue

REAA CEO, and ex-cop Keith “Chop Chop” Manch, apparently a close friend of “Keith the chief” and the corrupt NZ police union’s Greg O’Connor

Jackie Blue is a real nasty piece of work who is right at home making false allegations against honest hard working businessmen in order to promote the business interests of her political parties “financial” supporters.

Even when fellow National party MP’S [who had seen the allegations and the evidence that proved the allegations as false], call the allegations rubbish Jackie “the fixer” Blue uses her close relationship with John Key to exert power over the likes of crooked head of the Real Estate Agents Authority Mr Keith “Chop Chop” Manch.  And we all now know about John “stab the voter” Key, and his best mate John “I cant get a real job” Banks.  But more about those two clowns later.

Un-elected gravy train rider Jackie “I’ll screw you” Blue

We have nick named Keith “Chop Chop” because of his proclivity for destroying official documents so as to hide what he and his masters have been up to. Presently Manch is keeping himself busy trying to destroy the business and career of a man who had the audacity to report the criminal offending of a Real Estate salesman, Mr Martin Honey, to the Real Estate Agents Authority.

Martin Honey, a journeyman residential real estate sales person, had been operating a bogus website which Honey had  fraudulently held out to be operated by one of his local competitors.

Apparently Mr Honey had worked  with the competitors franchise some years earlier and had left it “for reasons unknown to Lauda Finem”.  All we know is that Mr Honey left because he thought the grass may have been greener on the other side of the fence so he joined our very own iconic Australian real estate brand, Ray White.

Needless to say his new career with Ray White can’t have produced grass honey had anticipated because Mr Honey, apparently with the agreement of Ray White New Zealand, paid for the design, building and hosting of a web-site created specifically to defraud a local competing agent, the now falsely accused businessman.

National Party Parliamentary leader, John Key.

This true story goes something like:  After Honey left the largest real estate company in the world, the falsely accused businessman joined the company along with several other businessmen.

These businessmen invested significant amounts of money into building the company’s name and business and for the first year they did very well in commercial real estate due to hard work of the wrongly accused businessman and his associates.

But during a meeting at the commencement of the second year of trade everyone involved asked why, given the brands presence in the market place, there was a sudden slump; with virtually no inquiry by telephone or internet on the local residential front.

These concerns were again aired in a second meeting, a staff member was then tasked with optimising the internet presence in order to insure that business performance improved.  It was during this investigation/solution process that the staffer discovered Mr Honey’s fully operational fraudulent site. A web-site specifically designed to redirect inquiry intended for Honey’s competitor (the company that the falsely accused businessman was involved with) to Martin Russell Honey and his partner Rohan Wayne Thompson’ s Ray White website – Lauda Finem, in all fairness, do not know whether Mr Rohan Thompson was an accomplice or even aware of the fraud.

Minister of Internal Affairs, Nathan Guy

The fraudulent site Honey was running had identical branding to Honey’s competitor business (colour’s logo’s etc), not Ray White branding, as it should have been.  The fraudulent site was fully operational to an extraordinary extent; when you sent an email inquiry to the  “an unidentified real estate agent” about a property listed for sale,  it was fraudulently forwarded to Martin Honey Ray White Real Estate website’s email inbox.

The properties that were listed were actually for sale (at that time eighteen months after Mr Honey had left the competitor company), supposedly under the competitor companies brand and not Martin Honey Ray White Real Estate. The real proof of the intention of the fraud was when you hit a link on a property for sale and, guess what, it went directly to Martin Honey Ray White Real Estate’s own web-site with complete with identical property listing details.

John Banks

The investors in the falsely accused businessman’s company were obviously extremely upset. The  realisation that they had doubtless been duped over many months, defrauded of hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions, by Martin Honey and his Ray White Real Estate franchise was heartbreaking.

Honey had been reaping the rewards of their marketing dollars and the hard work and hours that go into selling anything of value, especially real estate.

The businessmen involved decided to film the fraudulent website in operation, once they had the evidence needed they then telephoned Mr Martin Honey.  Unfortunately Mr Honey wasn’t available, they instead got this fraudsters wife, Stephanie Honey.

Martins better-half, Steph, seemed quite at home misrepresenting the truth to the inquirer She had been lead to believe that it was a potential client).

However on the second call she knew the game was up and then stated that “her husband would never be involved in anything dishonest”.  Why was it that the fraudsters wife automatically assumed a default position of ‘dishonesty’.  A very significant fraudian slip we think.

During this second call she was taken to the fraudulent web-site; soon after realising that the “game was up” Stephanie hung up on the caller, who for all for all intents and purposes had simply been, a member of the public that was reporting a serious fraud – one that had been perpetrated by her husband or a Martin Honey Ray White employee.

Martin Honey

Letters were sent demanding an apology and an explanation from the fraudsters at Ray White and guess what – the fraudulent website was immediately taken down, but no apology was forthcoming, instead Mr Honey preferred in fact to insult the businessmen involved.

This is where it gets very interesting and with very nasty implications for Ms Jackie Blue MP.  The businessmen involved did not complain to the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) for several months so as have time to gauge the performance difference between the time that Honey, his cohort and wife Steph ran the fraudulent site and when their fraud had been discovered.  The difference in the level of inquiry was  like the difference between night and day, clearly the businessmen had indeed been defrauded.

Armed with the evidence they finally pounced and complained to the Real Estate Agents Authority. In an initial decision the REAA complaints assessment committee (CAC) found against Martin Honey, finding that there was indeed a case answer.

The businessman sent an SMS to Martin Honey,  Honey arrogantly responded with the very menacing SMS:

“big mistake”

What on earth was Martin Honey alluding to with that less than subtle threat?  What the victims of  Honey’s fraud hadn’t anticipated was that Martin Honey was not ” lilly Ray White”, in fact by the looks of it Martin Honey was completely bent.  Marten Honey had a mate in the National Party, a list MP, who was quite prepared to corruptly use her contacts in a bold as brass attempt to interfere in and defeat the course of justice.

The first inimical agreement between the two conspirators Ms Jackie Blue and Mr Martin Honey was that Honey would supply Blue with a “dossier” on the businessman  with an attached document wherein Honey falsle alleged “intimidation” by the businessman Martin Honey had been defrauding for many months.

We at Lauda Finem could not believe that Ms Blue MP  thought that any Minister of the Crown would buy into this. We were very wrong – the, now apparently corrupt, Minister for Internal Affairs, Mr Nathan Guy, was indeed happy to do far more than listen to Jackie’s bullshit complaint.  Mr Nathan Guy wrote to the, we believe utterly corrupt, Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) CEO, Keith “Chop Chop” Manch, demanding that the fraudster Martin Honey be protected at all costs.

Simon Power, Minister for Justice, a man that Jackie Blue MP,obviously, had no leash on!

There is another very odd aspect to Jackie Blue’s letter, that is, it had been addressed and sent to the Minister for Internal Affairs.

Based on our own research, the Minister for Internal Affairs is not responsible for the REAA nor is any obscure section of the Department of Internal Affairs, to us this was beginning to look like yet another case of serious political corruption.

Nathan Guy is only the associate Minister for Justice, not that is any excuse; a politician should not be interfering with due process. So why would Nathan Guy be doing that?

One possible reason, Nathan Guy and Keith Manch are good mates, Manch worked under this Nathan Guy bloke when he was a divisional CEO at the Department of Internal affairs. During Keith Manch’s tenure in that position he was successful in concealing that which his masters wanted concealed, destroying documents that had been the subject of an official information request and appeal to the ombudsman.

What has occurred since the corrupt Mr Manch was given the order to maliciously attack the businessmen defies belief inclusive of his staff lying to the businessmen involved and to various members of the public.

Keith “chop chop” Manch is probably one of the most corrupt government officials that we have reported on since this site went live, and to think that he was put in charge of guarding the public from criminal behaviour when in fact he is a complete criminal himself, and we at Lauda Finem will prove this allegation as true.  We understand that Keith “Chop Chop” Manch wants to make a decision  on the future of the innocent businessman’s career before he moves on to corrupt any remnants of honesty and integrity at Maritime New Zealand as its new CEO.

Terribly sorry Mr Manch, you left your run too late and we intend contacting your new employers, just to make them aware of your “for sale” status as a CEO.  But lets take a good look at the video evidence that Lauda Finem will be making available to our readers within the next few days.

Then of course there are Kieth Manch’s own emails and various other correspondence that should, if there is any justice in New Zealand, have his carreer in tatters. What of Jackie Blue; well we think that her political career might just be destined for the shit house as well, along with the likes of John Key.

We here at Lauda Finem like to think that we make a difference.  In this case the evidence and stench of corruption is so clear that we want to share it amongst our growing legion of readers, most of whom are becoming rusted-on fans.

Note: For our international reader’s, Chop Chop is a colloquial Australian term used to describe illegal tobacco. We here a Lauda Finem, however, believe that a serious “addiction” to chopping up offical records, so as to protect suck-hole Government Ministers, is a far greater crime than a tax free smoko!

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  • What a fantastic story about corruption in the ‘commercial sector” of government regulation. Mr Manch, Nathan Guy and Keith “chop chop” Manch are clearly after this businessman. I look forward to future posts and wish you the best. I remember the reporting of Manch’s criminal acts and wondered who was involved in his appointment to the REAA; an effective policing body. My husband is a real estate agent and he thinks Manch should be sacked from the REAA and not appointed to his new job as he is a complete crim.

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