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Merry Christmas Mr Slater, your enemies have stuffed up again!

On Christmas Eve in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen Director Humans Rights Proceedings Robert “thick as pigshit” Kee joins the conspiracy to destroy Cameron Slater and his Whale Oil blog.

Nazi- well fuck he looks like one?  No, far too nefarious for that title, but like a Nazi Kee is bringing proceedings against those that have brought his crooked lawyer mates into disrepute, and thus now have to be eradicated.

Nazi – well fuck doesn’t he look like one? No, far too nefarious for that title, but just like a Nazi Robert Kee is bringing proceedings against those that have brought his crooked lawyer mates into disrepute, and thus now have to be eradicated.

Kee’s goal, as is the goal of the entire conspiracy involving the judiciary, the executive, and the mainstream media is to invent common law, through an impossible interpretation of what constitutes journalism, to constrain the blogosphere from becoming more important and influential than the mainstream media, and it is not Cameron Slater that is the target of the end game.   Once the corrupt common law exists, the corrupt pollies will want to legislate, but in doing so will merely force the hand of the blogosphere and it will be all on, and maybe the blogosphere will have its finest hour.

All Cameron Slater now represents is an opportunity for the clowns that hide in the corridors of power to have the judiciary come up with a bullshit decision making Slaters style of journalism unacceptable to those that allegedly represent “fairness” and “impartiality” in New Zealands system – the Courts.

But unfortunately for these Judicial morons that pretend to be real judges Slater is fast becoming a hero and any attempt to silence him will instil in the people that contribute to the blogosphere, and the millions in New Zealand that flock to it, the realization that the shift in power from the mainstream media is virtually complete, and the Courts of “Aoatearoa” have been corrupted in their function to protect those that want change for the sake of all, from those that want to keep a status quo that is beneficial only to their interests.

In bringing Human Rights proceedings against Slater alleging pursuant to section 66 of the Act, a breach of Principle 11 of the Privacy Act 1993, the corrupt Robert “thick as pig shit” Kee is relying on the incompetent judgment of District Court Judge Blackie. Section 66 provides;

66 Interference with privacy

 For the purposes of this Part, an action is an interference with the privacy of an individual if, and only if,

in relation to that individual,—

the action breaches an information privacy principle; or

District Court Judge Blackie moronically decided that he was a High Court Judge, and therefore was in jurisdiction to decide that he could, pursuant to section 68 [2] of the Evidence Act, rule that Cameron Slater and his blog were not representative of being either a journalist, or “the media”.

This opened the floodgates for the likes of the corrupt Kee to bring misguided and vexatious proceedings against Slater.  Vexatious proceedings that can be struck out as an abuse of process, and which proceedings will by their continuance bring the Courts and the Privacy and Human Rights Commission into significant disrepute.  But in the end it is the likes of corrupt or incompetent Kee and Flahive that will be brought into disrepute.

Robert Kee has alleged in his misguided and vexatious pleadings that Slater had no right to hold and disseminate personal communications from ex bankrupt, blackmailer, fraudster, and serious wanker, Matthew “bullshit” Blomfield, to mostly those that Blomfield stole from.  Kee has attached to his pleadings a document authored by the corrupt Privacy Commissions investigator Mike “teabagger” Flahive;

Machiavellian muppet Mike Flahive and his so called Privacy Commission Certificate of investigation

Machiavellian muppet and ex-cop Mike Flahive and his so called Privacy Commission Certificate of investigation

LF has been given a copy of the imbecilic proceedings issued by Robert “thick as pigshit” Kee, Director of two pieces of fuck all, and part time idiot in charge of issuing misguided proceedings against members of the blogosphere media.

LF has also received the moronic “report” of ex bent cop Mike “teabagger” Flahive, which allegedly establishes that Slater has breached the Privacy Act 1993, when disclosing documents belonging to ex bankrupt, banned director, blackmailer, and fraudster, Matthew Blomfield, in an attempt to get Blomfield put behind bars where the wannabe “Machiavellian muppet” belongs.

As stated the foundation of Kee’s argument is that there exists a ruling from Judge Blackie that Blogs are not the mainstream media.  If blogs are considered the mainstream media they would be excluded from breaching Principle 11 by section 2 [1] (b) (viii);

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 7.01.57 PM

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The key words that exclude the media from being covered by Principle 11 of the Privacy Act 1993 are “in relation to its news activities, any news medium”.   Arguably some blogs are just personal web platforms no different from a facebook page, but Slaters role as a news breaker and former editor of “The Truth” newspaper is well settled with his considerable success at breaking news stories well before the mainstream media have a chance to get out of bed.

The reason for this is because Slater tells a version of the events in a far more direct way than the likes of particularly the Herald and TVNZ’s TV1, and whistleblowers know that “their story” will get to a hungry public that flocks to Slaters blog giving him allegedly 1,000,000 hits a month.

Now this ludicrous decision was aided and abetted by Slater not being represented by competent counsel, which is a major problem in New Zealand.  The height of most New Zealand lawyers ability is when they pass their degree with a C-.   Its all down hill from there. However LF intends to resolve this by assisting Slater in understanding that he is being rolled, bowled and arseholed by a conspiracy involving the Courts.

But LF has been given the opportunity to critique Kees pleadings, and the conspiracy against the blogosphere is beginning to come off the rails, at least in little New Zealand, home of the Dotcom case.

Flahive has spent his working life being crooked, so like Kee, wants to do the dirty work on Slater, but unfortunately for these thick cunts, LF is on Slater’s side because of the following facts.

Fact 1: Slater is a National Party toady, but this campaign runs directly against his political leanings and is solely justice based.  His decision to publish was conscience alone, nothing to do with ratings – after all who the fuck is Matthew “dumbcunt” Blomfield.  Well Slater described him as a criminal lying blackmailing fraudster, and supplied documentation that evidenced this.  Now the last time we looked in the Crimes Act 1961, these still amounted to high crimes.  LF has gone a lot further than Slater and prima facie proved that Blomfield is also a perjurer, and a conspirator in numerous conspiracies to defraud elderly persons, and in doing so perverted and defeated the course of justice.  Blomfield fooled Randerson J, but not Slater or LF.

Fact 2: The people like incompetent or corrupt Judge Blackie, and incompetent or corrupt Robert “thick as pigshit” Kee, know something that we know; – that being that Blackies decision is in want of jurisdiction because only a High Court Judge can decide whether Slater is a member of the media, [see section 68 [2] of the Evidence Act], so they must somehow, in advance, be privy to the fact that a High Court Judge is going to “determine” that Blackie DCJ was correct.  In short LF believes that Slaters being set up.  Human Rights Proceedings should not have been brought against Slater under the cloud of the appeal, which if it is before an honest High Court bench will succeed on the ground that Blomfield brought his proceedings in the wrong jurisdiction if he wanted a ruling pursuant to section 68 [2] of the Evidence Act.  Who has Kee been talking to at the Auckland High Court prior to the issuance of his flawed proceeding’s?

Just to make certain that our readership understands – fucktard Blomfield is not that well connected.  No, this is all about an opportunity that has come along unexpected to those that want to destroy or control the blogosphere, like they control the mainstream media, all because Slater was badly represented in Court before Blackie, and LF believes that Blackie then took advantage of that fact.  Our reasoning for this accusation is quite simple.

Another of the faceless men and women involved in the persecution of Slater Katrine Evans. Katrine might yet get to eat her own words; "If we get it wrong we don't look good"

Another of the faceless men and women involved in the persecution of Slater, Katrine Evans. Katrine might yet get to choke on her own words; “If we get it wrong we don’t look good”

Background to the hard drives ownership and dissemination

Kee must have been misled by the Privacy Commisions investigator Mike Flahive of the factual background surrounding the ownership of the hard drive, how it was released, and how widely it has been disseminated.   Blomfield had obtained the hard drive that contained a massive amount of evidence that proved his criminal behaviour from the Serious Fraud Office.  It had been given to the Serious Fraud Office annexed to a complaint by numerous parties affected by Blomfields criminality.

LF believes that the complainants did not clearly explain the offending, or necessarily understand Blomfield’s offending but foolishly thought or trusted that the Serious Fraud Office would be able to get to the bottom of it all.  The truth is that the Serious Fraud Office prosecutes only that which is put into its hands, served up on a platter, so to speak; accompanied by the manual “fraud for dummies“.  Such as in the recent case of the now convicted Mr Malcolm Mayer.

The real hero of that successful prosecution was not the SFO but rather justice crusader Dermot Nottingham who had Mayer confess in the media to a $50m dollar swindle.  Nottingham was also involved in discovering the documents referred to by the SFO as “the foundation” of their prosecution – “the forgers kit”.

The SFO similarly failed to charge five criminal car dealers in the 1990’s based on irrefutable evidence of their criminal offending that Nottingham had obtained in Japan, whilst rubbing shoulders with the Yakuza, in effectively an undercover operation that was covertly recorded, and then handed to Television New Zealand.

Effectively the complainants placed far too much faith in the abilities of the Serious Fraud Office.  Nottingham charged the then director of the Serious Fraud office and Douglas Graham with conspiring to suppress evidence, and defeating and perverting the course of justice.  The Solicitor General stayed Nottinghams private informations but made the SFO’s director prosecute the dealers involved.  All were found guilty.  And look at how Nottingham got it right with respect to the dishonesty of Douglas Graham.

But the importance to the proceedings brought by Robert Kee is that a complaint was made to a “Policing Agency”, being the SFO and the hard drive, or moreover the material on the hard drive was not the property of Blomfield at all, because Blomfield had placed it on a hard drive purchased and owned by another person, which person still has a receipt for that purchase.  The information complained about has two persons who need to state that they are unhappy with its release – not just Blomfield.

Further the information is now stored in many separate cloud storage facilities, and can be downloaded with a password that befits Mr Blomfield and the havoc and destruction that his dishonesty has wrought on good peoples lives and the reputation of New Zealand’s Courts

With the release of that password Matthew Blomfields criminal behavior would be out there for everyone to see, or would it?   A large number of incriminating communications would be released, thats certainly true, but it needs a group effort from the likes of LF to piece it all together then serve it up on a silver platter to the SFO, hanging Blomfield on his own petard.

As already stated, Kee’s entire case is based on the errant judgment of Judge Blackie and so should never have seen the light of day until such time as that matter had run out of appeals.  But the fact that there was a complaint made to the SFO invokes another indefatigable defence, in that Slater genuinely believed, and stills holds the belief, that Non-Compliance with Section 66 and Principle 11 was defensible on the grounds stated at Paragraph 21 [e] of Kee’s misguided and vexatious pleadings immediately above;

“Non compliance was necessary to void prejudice to the maintenance of the law by a public sector agency, or for the enforcement of a law imposing a pecuniary penalty, or for the protection of the public revenue, or for the conduct of proceedings before any Court”

LF is certain that Blomfield committed perjury before Brewer J in the matter of:

Mangawhai Developments Ltd (in rec) v Rolls HC Auckland CIV-2009-404-4253 [2011] NZHC 1503 (10 November 2011)

And that he did so in order to pervert and defeat the course of justice.  LF is certain that Blomfield was involved in a conspiracy to defraud and defame Boris and Jean Yelcich:

TVNZ, John Hudson, Matthew Blomfield and the Ruawai Property Scam – Part Two

And again was involved in misleading yet another High Court judge, Randerson J;

TVNZ, John Hudson, Matthew Blomfield and the Ruawai Property Scam – Part One

LF is currently investigating the matter of GST fraud surrounding the Ruawhai properties scam –  the list goes on.

So there you are Mr Slater – you should apply to strike out the proceedings as an abuse of process, having been brought without proper foundation in law, and fact.

In conclusion Mr Kee should withdraw the proceedings on the grounds that the Judgment of Blackie is ultra vires, as a result of Blomfield bringing the defamation proceedings in the wrong jurisdiction.  Further Mr Kee should withdraw the proceedings on the basis that the information was disseminated so widely on the net that Blomfield cannot allege that the actions of Slater amounted to a breach, and particularly because it was Blomfields own idiotic actions that led to the massive dissemination, and he did so using many hard drives owned by numerous other people, whilst Blomfield himself was in the process of committing yet another offence.

Finally Kee should withdraw the proceedings because the reason for Blomfield trying to get the information “secreted” is because Blomfeild knew that someone “out there” who had the knowledge and ability would put one and two together to make three and criminal charges would inevitably ensue.

Mr Slater please feel comforted that LF will be releasing all of the material it has found in the “clouds” over Aoatearoa, and that by the middle of next year that release will lead to Mr Blomfield facing his “just desserts”.

And New Zealand will owe, yet another debt of gratitude to the Blogosphere, and the men, women, boys and girls that contribute to it.


Human Right Commission Statement of Claim (pleadings of Robert Kee, Director of Human Rights Proceedings)

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  • What a scumbag this Blomfield is. I just wonder how he could have fooled the media for so long given that he talks like a poorly educated and possibly lightly retarded individual. And he looks bloody dishonest. His wife should be charged along with him if she held the office of director. You guys are doing a great job explaining what Cam didn’t seem capable of doing.

    • Bus Driver says:

      we know she was a director – the companies office clearly states that – so she is either going to be eating just as much pussy as Matt is going to be fucked up the ass like his brother is in jail or she is gonna bury him good and proper as an innocent women or just maybe a plea bargain for sake of the kids

  • David Jessop says:

    Giving out the password would be justice for Blomfield as he is clearly a really horrible person. I would not expect his marriage to last and I would expect his kids at school, if he has any, would be subject to ridicule. The embarrassment and stress seem to be of his own making when he made the one error that fucked him over, and he did it. Now thats justice indeed. We will be reading the next posts expecting much more good “tasty” revelations like he did to those poor old pricks up north. Matthew Blomfield you belong in prison.

    • We do Not Agree says:

      Why would anyone expect Matthews marriage to come to a end? She has stuck around all this time and when you look at the Companies Office she is a Director or has been a Director and / or Shareholder in lots of the Companies that are up to the mischief so well set out by LF.

      Kids getting ridiculed, why, Matthew is not in the MSM yet, he is not in prison yet, he has not had charges laid YET (yet)? But regardless, of why, Matt has been the person putting MSM article after article in the papers getting others ridiculed to Matthew’s great delight. Take Boris as a example, Boris was on TV thanks to Matt, Boris was one with the gangs according to Mr Matt Blomfield.

      One error? One thousand unethical, immoral actions maybe, calculated acts to destroy others and cash in on his greed maybe, attacks on others maybe, one error, ah, NO,

      One error is what Mr Blomfield would like people to think. Sorry Mr Blomfield, maybe this time you won’t escape to carry on your ways.

      • Bus Driver says:

        With regard to his wife – if she is in fact actually that by legal marriage terms as she often uses her maiden name – she is really only 1 of 2 things. Completely unaware of her real circumstances in any of this – IE MB has simply had her sign unknowingly many docs, or he has forged her signature (that would implicate many lawyers etc as the docs still need to be filed) or she 100% complicit in the whole affair and they are a couple who have scammed their way thru life. Time will tell, but given MBs what can only be called absolute desperation to get Slater thru the court system it would seem more that she is living under MBs spell that he has done nothing wrong at all – after all why would he in all honesty keep going like this?????????? He has nothing to gain, and certainly a lot more to lose based on the stories laid for all to see here. Perhaps its not just her he is trying to keep convincing, but other wider family members as well???? 2014 Prediction – MB will see the inside of a jail cell

  • Hi, Mr Kryptonite

    We here at LF certainly don’t expand on anything, we deal in nothing but the truth, especially when confirmed by High Court judgements. We are however about to “expand” in our presentation of the ‘evidence’, that we’ve located in the aforesaid High Court judgements, that inculpates Blomfield in having screwed over many of his close mates, starting with Kiwi rugby legend Mark “Sharky” Robinson!!

    So stay tuned to LF

  • Here is the thing, Matthew Blomfields judgement day is the day he has to go to court. Matt will have all his ex business partners, suppliers and ex friends presented in front of him telling the truth. If Matts past is any indicator Matt won’t turn up. Judgement day, Merry Christmas Matt.

    • Bus Driver says:

      I suspect Matt will have to turn up – whether he likes it or not. Its all a bit late now as this has twisted and turned way further than he thought i would suggest. From here it just gets real ugly, and fast. From what i have seen here at LF this is just the beginning for him. He has overplayed his silly masturbating little wank mitt. His family, and the entire world will finally see Blomfield exposed for what he is – he will be years thru the courts as all those he fucked over seek redress. All will play out in the media, and he will know how karma finally catches up. There are those who think they are safe from this – lawyers, accountants, liquidators, friends and family – all will turn on him to save themselves – however some of those that turn on him will also find out what its like to become outcasts – take for instance the lawyers he has used – they will turn to save themselves and they themselves may escape conviction, but not before they are disbarred. All that work most of them did for free in the hope of getting paid will never make up for the public humiliation and loss of income they have coming their way. You know who you are – Bruce Johnson, Mike Alexander and your able bodied helpers. Then the media like John Hudson, Maria Slade, and Bevan Hurley will all see their careers in tatters – all for a wannabe loser Matt Blomfield – he sucked you all in, and your dumb enough to have taken the bait. To those who have been threatened by Matt, he is just a fucking nancy boy pussy with no spine, no cock, no balls – just a tiny dick with a laptop and mobile phone where he can act tough with his frivolous threats. Matt be careful what you wish for – your dreams are now broken and your reality is everything you never wanted. A good public flogging is what you are going to get – enjoy it as it will last forever.

  • Thanks Mr Kryptonite says:

    I have been told the password for the cloud that contains all Mr Blomfields communication has been requested by several agencies and a few banks (not John Banks).

    They are looking forward to your investigation into Mr Blomfields Affairs. A certain John Price should be considering his limited options along with others.

    Thanks Mr Kryptonite, maybe expand some hash tags, John Price, ANZ, Bruce Johnson but you are way ahead of us all so PLEASE carry on.

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