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Mike Sabin puts in appearance at Whangarei High Court

Ex cop and National party MP Mike Sabin

Ex cop and National party MP Mike Sabin


Latest Updates (5th April 2016): New Zealand Herald stunt fails, but the fascist state rolls on

Ex New Zealand cop and Member of Parliament Mike Sabin appeared in the Whangarei High Court earlier today before Justice Paul Heath. Sabin has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges, amongst them indecent assault. Heath J has set the matter down for trial in April 2016, 12 months from now. Sabin was excused from having to reappear at a pre-trial call-over in June:

So now we can all be assured that something very dodgy is planned to save Mike Sabin’s arse. Twelve months to trial? Why so long? The police investigation started back in August 2014, then it was moved from Whangarai to Auckland, again why?

National MP Mike Sabin in police assault inquiry

Police have been investigating an assault complaint against government MP Mike Sabin.

The investigation is related to events in Northland, but detectives working on the case are based in Waitemata, north Auckland.

The investigation was moved south from Whangarei because Sabin was a police officer based there until 2006.

The officer in charge, Detective Inspector Kevin Hooper, refused to confirm Sabin was the subject of an investigation.


If police could not trust the Whangarei locals to handle the investigation why is it that they are now holding the trial in a place where Sabin is extremely well connected to the jury pool?

That last question may hold a clue about why the case is to be heard by a jury picked from Whangarei’s finest. Of course the list of jurors Mike’s defense team will no doubt have to choose from (before the obligatory challenges) will undoubtedly read like the Northland National party membership’s who’s who.

For that reason, and many others, the citizens of New Zealand need to keep a very close eye on this particular case, if for no other reason than to safe guard the victims right to justice.

The Sabin case absolutely reeks of political collusion, corruption and cover-up, the judges who have so far been assigned would undoubtedly be able to recognize that fact.

So why are they continuing to conceal the matter and the identity of the man who seriously mislead his electorate, ran in the 2014 election whilst under investigation and continued to sit on a parliamentary committee with oversight of police and justice?

We’ll say it again, why has this case been transferred back to Whangarei? Given the police’s stance earlier this year and the transfer of their investigation to Auckland, and the reasons cited there can only now be one explanation.

It’s often called jury tampering or rigging, the legal term is jury subornation. Of course Kiwi lawyers would argue that it’s rare, but LF knows that in little old New Zealand it has occurred regularly in cases such as the Sabin affair.

Jury subornation is but one in a long lest of strategies the New Zealand police and Crown lawyers have employed over the years to make sure that a jury of their choice returns the desired favorable verdict.

New Zealand now has the opportunity to witness corruption first hand, to do so its citizens just need to watch this case closely as it almost predictably unfolds. That is of course if the bastards are allowed to get away with it!

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  • Not sure why you would include a website that doesn’t exist in your comment info ‘beingmurdered’, but we suspect it’s because you thought you might get a ping-back with a Kiwi IP address, so we’ve given you a few European IP’s to choose from 😉

  • beingmurdered says:

    They haven’t even got M.P. Nick Smith to court for his fiddling with kids. Oh yes he already has a conviction for child abuse. And can’t legally be an M.P. with a serious criminal conviction. Yet he still an M.P. and still fiddling with children

  • Nicola Ruddell says:

    You guys are pathetic, you obviously no nothing about the law,as for how long a case can take,I personally was arrested along with my ex husband, a few year’s ago,and it was Mike Sabin who arrested us,put us through hell,our court case took well over a year,our case was also transferred, we couldn’t live in our own home, I lost my children, and I thought we are stuffed this case is tampered and we were looking at 15 years jail because of the lies that the so called victim was telling, Sabin was determined to put us away, we were found not guilty on all charges by the jury,nobody is protecting him,everyone hates the so called allegations he is going up on.he distroyed my life, but I do not believe for one minute he is guilty of any of the allegations that he has been charged with. And knowing one of the family members of the so called victims and what they have told me,I do believe that justice will be served and Mike Sabin will be found not guilty, and not through corruption but justice.All I can say now is good luck Mike Sabin.But one more thing, karma is a bitch,now you know how I felt going up on false charges.

    • Interesting Comment, Also very Contradictory. You and your hubby were obviously up on drugs charges and must have applied for an out of district trial. In fact your comment provides additional material for the LF arguments advanced in the above and previous posts

      • actually no there were no drugs involved at all.And no we did not apply for a out of district trial,where i live our court does not do high court procedures,not 1 bit of our charges involved drugs.sorry to ruin your theory.

    • Frank frost says:

      Pffssst national stooge

    • Frank frost says:

      Lying national party stooge

  • Trevor Mills says:

    I can only hope, that for the justice of the victims, Sabin be found guilty and jailed. I believe that will make a serious dent in Sabins lifestyle, and rip a serious mark on the National party. Dare Sabin get away with this case, it will give Key all the more weight in his power to do as he pleases, and continue to run amok in his political career.

    • Nicola Ruddell says:

      Alleged victims

      • philip humphreys says:

        makes the victims sound like criminals isn’t alleged a word used to describe offenders

    • lawson hale says:

      Well said, as cronyism runs rampant in this govt, as in most govts, so this guy is playing the game and calling in all favours, ergo the fecker must be stopped and put away for his unspoken sins and crimes that has no coverage at all. He,s a nasty piece of dirty work and must nog be allowed to get away with it, and his crony helpers as well. X

    • Frank frost says:

      He just got off today national party child molester gets off just like key did

  • Nicola Ruddell says:

    Innocent till proven guilty. You guys are ready to punish him before he’s been found guilty. I will eat my hat if he is guilty.I’ve known mike Sabin for 15 years.and I think it is absolute rubbish.

    • Have you been lined up for Mikes jury service yet Nicola? You obviously have no probelem with the government treating Sabin to name suppression and hiding their prior knowledge, before an election, and corrupt involvement concealing the allegations do you? You are either incredibly stupid or one very corrupt mongrel yourself.

      • Nicola Ruddell says:

        No I haven’t, and I’m certainly not a mongrel, name suppression, rubbish,everyone knew who and what.he’s not the only one to have ever had name suppression, heaps of people do.And what sort of low life are you to go around calling people mongrels. Dog face

    • Greg says:

      So his accusers are lying, like most victims of similar assault, serious enough for the police to throw one of their own in the pot, and soon to be a cabinet minister.
      Justice delayed is justice denied,if he’s innocent why the unprecedented delay.
      Wheres the justice here, certainly not for his alleged victims.

    • Zarathustra Zarathustra says:

      im a Labour supporter anti-National, I have a law degree. This man, irrespective of what anyone thinks, has the minimal right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty (section 25(c), New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

  • Harry Stottle says:

    It would be convenient for some if Sabin took a permanent holiday overseas. NZD300,000 will buy a nice apartment in Vietnam. Extraditing him from there would be like a horse pissing backwards [Malay proverb]. Does he have a passport?

  • Stuart Mcarthur says:

    Justice stinks

    • lawson hale says:

      It,s called trying to clean up yer embarresing dirty ( literally )political laundry, which will blow up in keys face. I,m surprised he has,nt dumped the arsehole much earlier. But he,s not really much of a stratigest,,,ergo a real uncaring wankstain in NZ politics!! A TOTAL NUMPTY!! Get rid of this blot on the NZ landscape and move foreward in a fair transparent intelligent way! Good luck tnough with that one,,,,snake!!

  • Fred Smith says:

    Keep up the good werk LF.

    I have been “concerned” about Sabin for quite sometime, it was a very troubling development when he was elected to the Parliament. This is a man who wanted to do away with the right to”remain silent” and smarmed his way into heading a Law and Order Select committee….

    if you want a laugh…go look at some you tube videos of that chump in the house reading out patsy questions…he could barely say “mr speaker”…what a chump…

    Back in the day, Sabin doing his Methcon marketing put a lengthy paper before the NZ Parliament on how to solve the meth problem…well the sheeps were alseep, it was a badly argued tripe…mixed metaphor..sheeps….anyway…that paper Sabin wrote, I did bother to read, much to my disgust and because I am not a lazy asshole I looked up Mr Sabins “hyperlinks” in his document…yeap straight to Narconon…Scientology…that made my pony tail stand on end…it was chilling to see that in a document delivered up to the asleep parliament….no questions asked.

    Back then if I remember right Sabin had quite a media profile with his meth message. He was going around high schools with his meth message funded by proceeds from gambling…. the Lion Foundation, I could see how all this was working. Burton Shipley…was the chairman…bunch of crooks anyway…

    Then Sabin started sucking on the Crowns tit big time…Methcon and Sabin infiltrated the Ministry of Social Development and CYPS. I heard from someone that he was delivering very expensive presentations to our vulnerable youth. So I wrote a couple of letters to MSD, because Mr Sabin did not have qualifications to deliver drug prevention advice, he just shoots his mouth off with cliches and bullshit.

    It was very, very chilling when MSD wrote to me in Sep 2011 and said the following…and even more so because it contains contempt and neglect by MSD staff and management.

    “While Child Youth and Family staff were not present at all presentations, there were no reported concerns from any Residence about Methcon attempting to recruit young people for any organisation.”

    So, of course MSD had no idea what Sabin was doing in his expensive “presentations” because MSD staff were not present…they say so…they gave the ex policeman the keys to front door and said charge whatever you want. $46,000 for six presentations…$31000 for five presentations….$78,000 for another series…no tender, no accountability…just suck on the crowns tit…i know….

    And look at these fancy invoices for “presentations” from an unqualified drug educator who references Scientology….only in new zealand can you get away with that shit!

    and then he blurred the lines while an MP….. in Victoria…

  • Noah Coleman says:

    Great work. Absolutely great investigation.

    What really sucks about this Sabin case is its smack bang within all the other paedophile/child sex assault cases that have occurred in the Northland region over the last 3-4 years.

    I’m not talking about the ones involving family members that depress the public into empathy fatigue. They are absolutely worthy of acknowledgement too. No question.

    But here I’m talking about those ones who, like Sabin, involve men in positions of top-level authority within their communities. Like the teacher in Kaitaia who sexually abused a ton of young boys; the church guy who collapsed in the court docks when he was publicly revealed etc…

    Now Sabin.

    And his political masters did nothing during last year’s election campaign. Frankly he does not deserve name suppression and I am loathe to understand why he’s still receiving it.

    But great work from you guys for covering this and staying on it. Mauri ora!

  • doppelganger says:

    Is it just me, or does that photo of Justice Paul Heath look like Mark Lundy in drag?

  • Who is the cabinet minister offering to step down (Stuff – 4 May 2015), because his bother is facing ‘indecency charges’, and has been afforded suppression and a court injunction to stop his name being published? On what basis did this sex offender get suppression? (…his brother is a cabinet minister?) Is this more ‘Sabin like’ corruption of the Judiciary by National to stop damaging stories getting into the media?

    The best real news forum about New Zealand – keep it up LF!

  • marcuskarlsberg says:

    came across your blog because of hair-pulling but have been enjoying the analysis since. I was surprised to see you link to at the bottom of this post though. From a quick glance through that website it seems that it is properly batshit. It reads mostly like personal vendetta and amateur speculative psychology. Not that I am a fan of the judiciary but associating your own journalism with kiwisfirst undermines the important questions you are raising.

    • Many of the articles on Kiwisfirst have supporting documents and some are even carried by the MSM so I would not dismiss everything on that website with blanket statements.

      You would have to be pretty naive to believe the government’s, court’s and media’s side of events is always the truth (whatever that is); Did John Key lie to the public about dirty politics? Did Judith Collins not use her ministerial position to feather her own nest and was sacked? Did John Banks get prosecuted for fraud? Did a Supreme Court Judge get sacked for presiding with a conflict of interest? Its going on and we the public only get glimpses of it via the brave souls who dare to publish blogs about it.

      • marcuskarlsberg says:

        I dont think what I said requires me to naively believe the government’s/court’s/media’s side of events, or to answer no to any of your questions. Just because it isn’t a main stream source doesn’t mean I have to be uncritical though. The judge’s profiles on that site are about as useful as horoscopes, clearly just someone venting.Doesn’t lend credibility to the article imo. what’s MSM?

  • Tane says:

    Does this mean Mike Sabin was,”A prominent New Zealander facing multiple charges of indecent assault” and this is the appeal referred to in the NBR’s,”the A High Court this afternoon confirmed the man is appealing the lifting of the suppression, which automatically means the suppression is extended until the appeal is heard.”?

    • The defendants solicitor John Westgate practices in Dunedin, it not hard to guess who the local Cabinet minister is.
      Nothing further has been published about the trial, which suggests a guilty verdict and cover up.

  • Andy T Swagman says:

    It’s relatively standard practice for a trial to be held in the area the alleged offending took place. A person accused of robbing a Wanganui bank wouldnt usually stand trial in Auckland – even if they were caught there. They would be transferred back to Wanganui. As for the time delay, it depends on the relative backlog of cases to be heard and the ability of the prosecution to deliver upon its burden of proof. They may in fact be seeking out more witnesses/victims. I for one will still be watching the case very closely, if he is found guilty, given his position within the police force and as an MP would be a terrible abuse of power and I sincerely hope it is punished severely enough to act as a warning to others contemplating the sacrifice of trust for personal greed.

    • “It’s relatively standard practice for a trial to be held in the area the alleged offending took place” – Yes under normal circumstance all matters are tried by local courts, however under abnormal circumstances, as this is. and as YOU “Andy” know it is, the law provides for the matter to be transferred out of the district to ensure a fair trial.

      The fact that the police themselves transferred their own investigation away from Northland is evidence that local police had NOT conducted the initial investigation properly, which would explain the seriously long 7 – 8 month delay in that process. Unlike you “Andy” LF is familiar with the High Court’s criminal schedule, their is NO fucking back-log “Andy”.

      As for the argument that police may be seeking out further victims, that would be a bit hard given the name suppression “Andy”, if the public do not know it’s Sabin then how do you propose the police will be better able to locate these other victims? Are they all going to come forward after consulting their fucking clairvoyant?

      This bullshit occurred when police attempted to conceal the sexual offending of Christchurch cop Gordon Stanley Meyer in November 2013, that investigation was also deliberately bungled by LOCAL police, banjo playing mates. In fact had it not been for a victim who was unusually persistent and fought police it too would not have seen the light of day!!!

      It was not until Senior Sergeant Gorden Meyer had been convicted of those sexual offenses and extortion, with police no longer able to continue name suppression, that his other victims started coming out of the woodwork. Only then were those additional victims able to come forward as it was only then did they knew who the pervert was.

      So what exactly was the purpose of your comment today Andy? Were you perhaps hoping to persuade us all that this case is somehow unfolding in a normal way? That there will be a fair trial? That this matter has been conducted in the same open and honest fashion that is expected of the courts in a Westminster democracy. If so Andy, we would suggest you think again, Think very hard and if you’re still getting the same answer perhaps you just might like to take a crash course in law and ethics before commenting further. Perhaps you might like to start your education with this Andy

      • I dont wish you to be nasty again,but if the town where Sabin lived at the time did not have a high court and did not do jury trials then it would be transferred to another town,(court) right?

  • Mooloo magic says:

    Everything we used to believe that once made this country great has been eroded by this corrupt Key government. I have no doubt Sabin will be acquitted and justice will be denied his victims. We have become a two tier country that only benefits the few in the top tier. The Establishment looks after its own no matter how vile they may be.

    • Stoat says:

      The rot of corruption has been corroding New Zealand for a long time. Muldoon’s politically corrupt actions (not making reforms which would have disadvantaged his supporters) is one glaring example, as is the blatant cronyism which has infected the country for decades.

      The point about corruption is that it starts at the top and works its way down. By the time the average citizen sees it, it’s already well-entrenched.

      The Average Kiwi regards corruption == bribery because that’s about the only thing that’s on the books in NZ. Everything else is regarded as perfectly ok, because it’s not illegal, despite being on the OECD definitions of corrupt behaviour, so as long as they don’t see cops taking bribes kiwis waft along thinking that they live in a perfect Pavlova Paradise

      Don’t bother looking to Transparency International. The NZ branch is 100% govt funded, totally opaque internally and has kicked out many of the activists who founded it. By continuing to say that NZers _perceive_ the country as corruption-free, it’s possible to ignore the many cases of corruption which show through the curtain.

      One of the reasons I left the country was that I was continually shouted down when pointing out instances of corrupt behaviour such as the accidental discovery of IRD and DSW employees selling personal data to private investigators that happened in 1999 whilst contractors were investigating a computer glitch. Those contractors came under _extreme_ pressure not to go to the police but did so anyway.

      In the end, thousands of staff were investigated, dozens fired and many faced charges, but only a few were convicted under data protection laws. This practice was found to be happening at virtually every branch of the DSW in New Zealand, but supposedly no management were involved (yeah right).

      To this day this, it is characterised by those seeking to excuse it as “isolated examples of employee fraud” – I wonder why.

  • Between them all they obviously will not and have no intention of dealing with this correctly – the whole case should be taken over by Scotland Yard ! They are deliberately buying time – innocent peoples lives are still at risk because of this – Its a job for Scotland yard they have made it that way !

  • Jane says:

    New Zealand is a haven for paedophiles like Sabin. Its institutions and agencies only too willing to turn a blind eye to child sex abuse because no government is yet prepared to tackle the problem.

  • richandrenee says:

    Welcome to the shitty little fascist milk republic.

  • Jarno says:

    Jesus so far out….

  • robby says:

    A whole year for the public to hopefully forget about why a by-election was needed in Northland. And most of them probably will. Until we remind them…..

  • Dave Head says:

    One law for the rich and connected [& their puffed up lawyers], and another for the poor,who have trouble getting legal aid & then have someone on their backs to pay it back. It’s about time this Country had a serious debate [yeah I know sheep don’t debate] on our system. Many top legal men like the French system where Judges are actively involved in seeking out the truth! But John’s mate will slide away like a snake in the wet grass [I stole that from John Campbell -who used on JK once]. Just another nail in national coffin if there is any justice.

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