Behind The Yellow Door – Blomfield & The Gang Are Back.

This evening many of us will be celebrating the feast of Samhein and we couldn’t think of a date more fitting, an auspicious night indeed, on which to launch the new


One of New Zealand’s most notoriously corrupt Real Estate Agents, Aaron Drever, now facing multiple charges before the REAA. If only the REAA knew that they have only just scratched the surface. Blomfield has been behind Drever, stage managing Drevers defense and managing media as his “spokeperson”. There is now however evidence linking this pair to a number of frauds that have as yet to be brought to the attention of New Zealand authorities.

But first things first. LF promised readers that we would explain, in a little more detail, the necessity of pulling down, following a spurious legal attack on that site by known individuals, including corrupt New Zealand police officers, who have for some time sought to silence team LF.


The Mr Big of the cabal, Matthew John Blomfield, who first came to LF’s attention when  in 2012 he decided to falsely accuse kiwi blogger Cameron Slater of Defamation.

Of course foremost among this extremely small group of Kiwis, who have laboured covertly to prevent LF reporting on the underbelly of white-collar crime and political intrigue, over time using many nefarious strategies, including attempts to hack the website, are a group of individuals, all either common criminals, white-collar fraudsters and or corrupt Kiwi civil servants, including serving new Zealand police officers and others who, previously having been caught acting corruptly and disgraced, where secreted from police service into various other careers.


Greg Sherriff of Auckland firm Grant Thorton who were under investigation by the IRD for another of Blomfield’s frauds

Key among these individuals was Kiwi serial fraudster Matthew John Blomfield, a man who had also sought to silence Cameron Slater by issuing spurious defamation proceedings, obtaining Slater’s sources, and subsequently setting about attempting to intimidate them using various malicious court actions that ultimately also failed.

Close Blomfield associate, lawyer Bruce Johnson, given a temporary reprieve with the New Zealand Law Societies manipulation of their inquiries and the proceedings.

Kiwi lawyer Bruce Johnson. Johnson has for years been Blomfields right hand man when it come to burying his frauds. Johnson is currently facing a Law Society inquiry following serious misconduct charges flowing from one of Blomfields frauds.

Those now known to be active members of this particular “white collar” criminal enterprise are:

Matthew John Blomfield

Damien Grant

Greg Sherrif

Tim Downes

Bruce Johnson

Craig Rolls

Andrew Gilchrist

Daniel Toresen

Danny Thompson

Martin Honey

Aaron Drever

Ronald Hachache

Eddie Bluegum

Edward Errol Johnson

Mark Richards

Julie Corbett

Ben Pilley

Stephan John Davies

Ritesh Mani

Richard Burrell

Roy Kingsnorth

The known corporate entities include, but are not limited to;

Mayall Properties

Basecorp Finance

Pure Realty Limited

Buy West Realty Limited

Megan Jaffe Real Estate Limited

City Realty Limited

Shelter Realty

Real Estate Associates limited

Unite Realty Group Limited

Marmalade Property Trust

Central Park Legal

NF & PA property Trust

Blomfield Investments

Amokura Developments

CPL Trustee Services

CPL Trustees 77 Limited

Strathmore Trustees

Vangaurd Trustees

Bell Jr Limited

Civil NZ Limited

Ngai Tamawhariua Ki Kati Trustees

DBH Group Limited

MUB Trustee Services Limited

Blomfield Investments Limited

Special Edition Limited (Trustee of Vangaurd Trust)

Maddox Trust

Haruru Trust

Enterprise Australasia Limited

Kahumopa Limited

Tinaria Trust

Lavanya Droun Trust

Bishop Warden Limited

Grant Thornton



Damien Grant, Waterstones, a long-time side-kick of Blomfield’s and all round shyster who poses as an orthodox insolvency specialist when the evidence suggests hes a complete fraudster, aiding and abetting Blomfield, among others, in a number of rorts

There have also been many others assisting Blomfield, although some have attempted to remain concealed, behind the usual veil of secrecy, New Zealand’s now notorious “trusts”; on the periphery, at arms length, from the core group, all old hands at the cabals central business – CORPORATE FRAUD.

These 2nd tier players, at least seemingly, haven’t sought to benefit financially in any way from the latest frauds themselves, rather, they have had various other reasons for wanting to prevent team LF from exposing their own activities.


Craig Rolls, manager with Hamilton based 3rd tier finance firm Basecorp. Rolls has lied under oath for Blomfield on a number of occasions and has been involved in a many of Blomfields fraudulent deals that went tits up, resulting in his 2010 bankruptcy and banning as a company director. LF has been advised that Base Corp investors have been advised of Rolls dodgy dealings with Blomfield.

Some of these players include the New Zealand Police, in particular police officers such as Detective Sergeant Peter Litherland, the corrupt cop responsible for failing to investigate and properly prosecute the murder/manslaughter of Kiwi schoolboy Stephen Dudley; Litherland’s sole purpose, being to attempt bring down LF for exposing his own corrupt conduct.


Ben Pilley, Real Estate Agent and cousin of Kiwi political blogger Cameron Slater

Of course Blomfield’s latest attempt failed. LF pulled down the .com site for security reasons; simply because we received intelligence that Blomfield had also been working with the aforementioned corrupt ex cops.


Real Estate Agent and serial fraudster Martin Honey, of Ray White fame

Some, who were also featured on the pages of, having been exposed for unrelated frauds and criminal behaviour, but have now also managed to find a little common ground with Blomfield in other areas, apparently moving on to work on a few new “business opportunities” together; fraudulent property deals which LF will be throwing a great deal of light on in the coming weeks.

This latest criminal activity is of course right up there, an extremely powerful motivation, when it comes to Blomfield desperately seeking to have LF silenced, no matter the expense.


Tim Downes,, managing partner of Grant Thornton, insolvency practitioners. Downes threatened to sue Journalist Cameron Slater when his association with Blomfield was first discovered and exposed, unsurprisingly his piss and wind threats amounted to nothing more than a brain fart.

Interestingly, all of Blomfield’s spurious legal actions have over time collapsed; most notably and most recently, the defamation tort against Kiwi blogger Cameron Slater of Whale Oil fame.

As team LF’s more ardent followers will know, following Blomfield’s success in obtaining the identities of Slater’s sources, Blomfield hasn’t continued the defamation tort; failing to file his substantive case by the date set by New Zealand High Court Justice Asher.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 15.12.27

Detective Sergeant Peter Litherland, New Zealand police corruption personified

This is a failure, which LF, at the outset, had predicted would play out exactly as it has.

LF suggesting back in 2012 that the tort and alleged “defamation’s” were merely an abuse of process, enabling Blomfield to nobble Slater and obtain the identities of his sources, all victims of Blomfield’s various fraudulent schemes; subsequently attempting to gag them.

Now in and around this failure to complete the defamation action we have surmised that Blomfield and Slater have done some sort of deal, the result of which has left Slater’s sources to fend for themselves; not that this possibility is such a bad thing in our honest opinion.


New Zealand Minister Nathan Guy, known to have assisted in covering up at least one major fraud by subverting the role of the REAA

We will, in due course, be providing evidence which supports our belief that a secret deal exists between Slater and Blomfield, a deal that not only jeopardized the welfare of Slater’s sources, but quite possibly saw Slater, or at least one of his own extended family (cousin, Mr Ben Pilley) also benefit financially; despite Slater having used his status as a journalist to guarantee the anonymity and security of his sources.

Toresens Father bent ex cop Dan Thompson

Ex corrupt Kiwi cop Danny Thompson, has criminal convictions (some for violence) and yet still holds a private investigators license. Thompson and his son Daniel Toresen (below) assisted Blomfield in the theft and conversion (kiting) of a local body government cheque, Blomfield pocketing circa $100k

This deal, if it exists, will not have been the first time that Slater has attempted to do business with the devil, Blomfield, leaving his sources to fend for themselves; despite having been paid 8k by one individual for what Slater termed “research” and because, according to Slater at the time, Blomfield could prove to be a slippery customer.

What should however be noted is that over the four years that Blomfield’s “on again, off again” litigation has unfolded, LF have also been reporting on the case, covering much of what Blomfield had falsely alleged had amounted to defamation.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.14.32 am

Daniel Toresen, wannabe television starlet and thoroughly incompetent private dick. Toresen wanted to follow his father into the NZ police force but; now that’s a hard ask.

LF has however been far more thorough in our own investigation and reporting than Cameron Slater was even capable of. Slater is a political animal, who ran a successful political blog, which drew the ire of his competitors, for both political and ideological reasons and just good old fashion jealousy.

Team LF on the other hand are not at all politically motivated or aligned to any political party, ideology or agenda; beyond obtaining justice.

Ray White New Zealand CEO Carey Smith

Ray White NZ CEO Kerry Smith. Smith has turned a blind eye to the many frauds of his Ray White agencies and continues to do so as Blomfield works his Majick

We try to focus solely on establishing the truth. For this reason we have garnered quite a substantial following among those who are in fact qualified to understand the often complex frauds that have transpired; many of those same individuals having in fact subscribed.

It is that subscription base and our Twitter following that ensures that Blomfield’s latest strategy to conceal his current behaviour will inevitably fail.

It must be noted that Blomfield, unlike his attack on Slater, has never contacted team LF at any time beyond a somewhat strange, arrogant and threatening email we received in 2012, following our very first story; which was simply disagreeing with Blomfield’s attack on Cameron Slater, journalism and free speech.

The primary reason that Blomfield hasn’t bothered getting in touch and putting his case, or specifying any alleged defamation, is two-fold.


Drever and Blomfield associate, Martin Honey Ray White shyster Ronald Hachache

The first part is that Blomfield has NOT managed to establish that anything Slater posted back in 2012 was in anyway false or defamatory; Blomfield being aware that he would have absolutely no success at the substantive hearing.

The second part is therefore axiomatic. Being that LF have done a far better job at detailing the many historical frauds Blomfield and how they worked, we’ve also linked every posts narrative to the documents that prove the allegations.

Blomfield is now clearly relying on his idiotic belief that posts were uploaded from New Zealand, that some mysterious Kiwi, resident in that jurisdiction, had been responsible for uploading content.

This can be the only possible ground on which New Zealand High Court judge Peter Woodhouse could have possibly even entertained the application.

Blomfield has also, undoubtedly deliberately, withheld the affidavits he produced in support of his spurious claims. This then indicates to us that the claims made in the missing affidavits are false, and more likely than not, very easily rebutted given the opportunity….hence no affidavits being supplied.

In short, LF has never allowed anyone resident in New Zealand to upload from that country, for the reason that no Kiwis are involved in LF’s core team; and that’s for what should be very obvious reasons.

Therefore, Blomfield’s spurious application for interim injunction will ultimately fail, leaving both him liable for damages, and in particular New Zealand’s High Court, wide-open to ridicule, generating more than a little international interest; with LF’s assistance of course.

So what is it that Blomfield & Co have been up to recently, what was it that would have caused him to take such a risk, to humiliate a New Zealand High Court judge?

Soon enough we will be posting a series of stories that will shed more than just a little light on Blomfield and this cabals latest criminal antics; truly Machiavellian skulduggery that is set out in a series of emails we have received from yet another anonymous whistle-blower.


keep checking back, over the coming weeks members of team LF will be going through every article ever written on Blomfield and his associates and inserting the new .org urls for our readers convenience.

Readers who are interested in this subject, perhaps for professional purposes, are also reminded that the search function in the top right hand corner of this page will also assist in finding any specific material that they seek.

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    LF there is a term now in NZ, its called the Crim Rim – have you heard of it? Its where Blomfield gets the likes of Greg Sherriff or Bruce Johnson to lightly rim your arsehole before Matt Blomfield does you anally and completes a full “defraudation” of your entire self. #crimrim

  • Still the best image on the internet where you’ve proven the Thompson reverse Darwinism gene. I’m told they are a direct descendant of the RapeApe who were spawned by the SodomApe – the only animal to create children anally

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